Devanshi 25th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Devanshi 25th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kusum and Mohan laughing on the foolish villagers. She says the ink dried and they thought its miracle, when kajal fell over me, they thought Maiyya did miracle, I have done all this. She says the key which I got from the well, I had it, even that sindoor, it was not any miracle. He says you don’t tell me anything these days, you tell me how did you get sindoor, your mind is very fast, you do things so quickly. She says because I believe in doing than thinking, Devanshi was flying and I made her fly high, I will see how the girl does good to the blind believers without doing any cheat. Omi asks Sarla to be happy now as she wanted this.

Pandit does tilak to Devanshi. Devanshi sits sad. Kusum says when villagers know Sarla can’t do anything by Devanshi, they will shout just I m their Mata, Sarla wanted to show me down, I will take Devanshi to heights and then push her down, villagers will call me back. Mohan smiles.

Kusum says poor Devanshi will get killed in this war and laughs. Sarla looks at Devanshi. The men apologize to Maiyya and say just Kusum is our Mata, she did a lot for village. The ladies also agree that Kusum is their Mata. Sarla and Omi hear them.

Sarla says Kusum has attacked on their hearts by doing this, you are very innocent, you don’t know this, Kusum’s affect started, they are not letting us go to Devanshi, we have to do something, I have to find some solution, but how. Devanshi runs. Sarla asks her to stop. Kusum shows her jogan avatar to Mohan and dances. She laughs. She says I left all desires, now I m Jogan, stay away. Hee asks did you think I m mad like others. She says no, else would I make you sit in heart, I will miss you, I can’t take you along, someone should be here to workout my plan, take care, and give me all updates. She finds the door locked and asks Mohan who locked it.

She calls out and says open the door. Gopi says this door will not open, I will not let you go. He lies on the floor and cries. He sings jaane nahi denge tujhe…. Kusum and Mohan look on. Mohan calls Gopi and fools him. Kusum laughs. Mohan calls him somewhere to meet. Gopi says I will come and sing songs. Mohan says fine, I will make contract. Nutan asks what happened. Gopi sings bhajan and goes. Kusum says you did right Mohan, go now. Kusum asks Gopi to open door. Nutan acts to cry and opens the door.

Kusum walks downstairs. Geeta takes her blessings. Kusum says I will pray for everyone, I will leave now. Rajjo cries. Devanshi comes running and says you don’t go, I don’t want to sit on your throne, I don’t want to become Choti Mata. Kusum and Mohan smile. Devanshi says all villagers are crying. Kusum says calm down. Devanshi says just you will remain Mata. Kusum says fine, come with me and listen to me, then I will accept your decision. Sarla calls out Devanshi. Kusum signs her to stop. She takes Devanshi to room and asks her to close eyes, and understand why Maiyya has chosen her.

She takes a laddoo and shows her. Devanshi asks how did you get this laddoo. Kusum says this came for you by magic, you can also do such magic. Devanshi calls laddoos. Kusum says not so easily, you will get powers, when you sit on my throne, your mum also wants this, she tells you that you are Devi ansh. Devanshi says yes. Kusum says I know everything about your powers, I have seen how you saved Ishwar, you sit in my place, Maiyya wants this too. Devanshi eats laddoo and agrees.. Kusum thinks you don’t know you agreed to sit on your funeral, not throne.

Kusum laughs and says sorry Devanshi. Mohan says the village is struck by epidemic. Devanshi cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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