Devanshi 21st January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Devanshi 21st January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kusum acting sweet to Devanshi. She asks how did driver drop her to mental hospital. Vardaan says I got to know about it and saved her, else don’t know what would have happened. Mohan thinks Vardaan is really Kusum’s son, he is very clever. Vardaan says Mohan is behind this, Devanshi told him about lighting temple diya by remote, he maybe taking revenge. Mohan says enough, I m getting much insulted and feel to die, I was annoyed with this girl, but I m not so cheap to send her to mental hospital. He acts good. Vardaan says who can tell driver to do this bad thing. Vardaan asks him to say who has done this.

Kusum asks Vardaan what do you mean, Mohan did this to take revenge, then we can doubt on you, that you hate Mohan and did this to blame him, now Mohan is not just servant, he is son in law, he is Geeta’s husband, forget all this and try to catch the real culprit. She asks Gopi to find driver and know truth, whoever did this will get punished, orphan kid was sent to mental hospital, Devanshi don’t worry, I will drop you to orphanage in morning. Vardaan says no, Devanshi will not go to orphanage, if she goes, I will go along. Everyone go. Devanshi thinks to ask Ishwar about the message he has written.

Its morning, Ishwar is worried thinking Devanshi was in mental hospital all night. Devanshi comes to him. She hugs him. He smiles. She tells him that she has read his message which he wrote in mental hospital wall, I could not read the name. He thinks she is Maiyya’s blessing, she has read that message which none read in all these years, it means Maiyya wants her to bring truth out. She asks did you write that. He winks. She asks the name of the person, who did this and made you so ill. He tries to sign. She asks him to say, how will everyone know who did wrong with you. Vardaan comes and gets angry seeing her shaking Ishwar. She thinks not to tell anyone, as Vardaan has not believed her before.

Vardaan argues with her. He praises Sakshi and makes Devanshi angry. She asks him to go to Sakshi. Sarla scolds Sakshi and beats her. Sakshi says Devanshi is my sister. Sarla gets angry and says you should never take her name now, Devanshi is orphan, she is nothing to us. Sakshi cries.

Kusum asks Devanshi where is she roaming now, she should have slept by now. Devanshi says I did not have food. Kusum calls Nutan and asks why did you not give food to Devanshi, are you not taking care of her, you give her gond ghee laddoo, make food for her and feed her, I feel bad for Devanshi for bearing all that in mental hospital, next time don’t raise questions on Maiyya’s miracles. Devanshi nods and thinks sorry to doubt Maiyya, I have reached mental hospital instead orphanage. Nutan asks Kusum why are you showering love on Devanshi. Kusum asks her to just go and get food. She thinks I have to take blood from Devanshi’s body.

Devanshi goes to Ishwar and says I will do the same thing, when I kept ice under your neck, you moved ice, I will make you fine. She keeps ice under Ishwar’s leg. Vardaan comes. Devanshi says I m trying to make Ishwar fine. Vardaan helps her. She says do this way, understand. Vardaan says you are scolding me. She asks why did you do wrong. They argue. Ishwar smiles. She says I remember what doctor uncle told. Vardaan says she talks a lot, and ties cloth to her mouth. She throws it and pushes him out. He says I will see you and goes. Devanshi asks Ishwar to hold the ball and try to move hand. She says once you get fine, tell me name which you wrote in hospital.

Rajjo meets Ishwar and says I know Kusum can’t take wrong decision for me, what about my heart, I don’t want to marry Malik. Devanshi hears her and smiles. Rajjo cries and says I don’t like Malik. Ishwar signs her. Rajjo goes. Devanshi asks Ishwar to get Rajjo married to Ashutosh. Vardaan says you started saying same thing again, Rajjo does not love Ashutosh. Devanshi says no, Rajjo does not like Malik and she told this to Ishwar. Ishwar nods. Vardaan looks on. Devanshi asks Ishwar to tell this to Vardaan and clear this doubt. Vardaan argues and goes. Devanshi asks Ishwar to start speaking, if anyone does not understand his signs, tell everyone, tell the bad person’s name, I will get that person punished.

Devanshi sees a man and gets shocked. Geeta gets shocked seeing Sarju.

Update Credit to: Amena

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