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Devanshi 20th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vardaan playing Kusum’s voice recording to Sakshi and says now Devanshi will come out by this recording. She calls him genius. He wonders how Devanshi passes the night. Kusum asks Mohan about Devanshi. He says she is caged, doctor is giving same medicine which he gave to medicine. She asks him did you call and check. He says I will call later. She says find out about Devanshi, I m going to announce Rajjo and Malik’s marriage tomorrow, its big day, he will give me ticket, I don’t want anything wrong to happen, Devanshi should not come out.

Vardaan and Sakshi play recording and ask doctor to leave Devanshi, as Kusum said this. Doctor says yes, but I have to talk to her once. Sakshi says he is calling Kusum. Vardaan says its her dhyaan time, don’t call her. Doctor says she did not answer. Vardaan says if her dhyaan breaks then… Sakshi says she will curse you. Doctor asks why did she not come to get her. Vardaan says why will she come for small thing, come Sakshi we will leave. Sakshi says no, Kusum will get angry. They scare doctor of devotees insulting him. Doctor asks the staff to get Devnshi fast. Vardaan and Sakshi smile.

Devanshi thinks who has tried to kill Ishwar there. Vardaan and Sakshi meet her. Sakshi hugs her. Vardaan asks are you fine. Devanshi says they are bad people, they gave me treatment as if I m mad, they made me faint, and locked me. They ask her to come with them, whoever has sent you here will get punished, come. Vardaan asks her not to worry. Sakshi says you are so good to save her. Devanshi says Ishwar has written message on wall. He asks what. She says he has wrote that someone is trying to kill him in hospital, and the person behind this is…. I could not read it as someone has put color on it. Vardaan says no, this can’t happen. Devanshi says I will show you, come with me.

She takes Vardaan and Sakshi and asks them to see. Vardaan says there is nothing written here. Devanshi checks the wall. She says I have seen it. He asks her to come now, they gave you such injections to make you mad. She says I have seen message written. Sakshi says Vardaan is saying right. Devanshi says no one will believe me.

Vardaan and Sakshi take her. Doctor looks on holding the paint brush and says I got saved by hearing them, if Kusum knew this, she would have punished me. Kusum is at temple and tells everyone that Maiyya will come on auspicious day, that day is Rajjo’s marriage day. Rajjo gets shocked.

Kusum says whoever will put bad sight on my Jwalapuri people will get punished. She prays to Maiyya. Kusum starts feeling unwell and faints. Mohan and everyone get shocked. Doctor says Kusum has disease happening by over drinking wine. Gopi asks are you mad. Doctor says there are other reasons for disease too, she needs blood transplant. Kusum says my body is of human, so we have to do as doctor says. Mohan says arrange blood and give all bottles to her. Doctor says but I have seen her reports, her blood group is very rare. They all get worried.

Nutan says Devanshi’s blood group is same, when medical checkup happened in her school, doctor wrote this. Rajjo says yes, but she is a kid, her blood can’t be taken. Doctor says yes, her life can fall in risk. Nutan says saving Kusum is imp, let anything happen to Devanshi. Geeta says what are you saying. Kusum says its better that I give my life to Maiyya than risking Devanshi’s life, she is in oprhanage, I don’t want to trouble her. Gopi says you are great. Everyone go. Kusum asks Mohan to go to hospital and get Devanshi’s blood. Mohan goes to everyone. Vardaan brings Devanshi home. Everyone get shocked. Gopi asks Vardaan why did you get her back from orphanage. Vardaan says I got her by my wish, I got to know driver admitted her in mental hospital. They all get shocked. Geeta says on whose saying can driver do this. Vardaan names Mohan. Mohan signs no. Kusum sees Devanshi.

Devanshi tells Ishwar that she got to know about someone who did his bad treatment, tell me that person’s name. Kusum comes. Ishwar sees Kusum.

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