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Devanshi 18th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gopi asking Devanshi to pack her bags, she has to leave. He goes. She cries and takes her parents pic. She thinks why does she not stay at any place, I loved Sakshi and Lord got me here. I love Ishwar and Vardaan and Lord is sending me to orphanage, why are you not with me, I miss you a lot, I got alone. Rajjo sees her and cries. She says everything will be fine, trust me. Devanshi asks why shall I trust you, when no one trusts me, I don’t want to listen to anyone or talk, go from here. I will go away and never come back.

Vardaan asks Geeta why did she not stop Devanshi and say Mohan’s truth, when she knows it. He says I will tell Mohan’s truth to everyone. Geeta stops him from saying truth and says Devanshi will be more safe in orphanage, let her go, its happening right. He says its not right and goes. She says till I find Mohan’s secrets, Devanshi should be away, when Mohan’s secret comes out, the night secret will come out.

Devanshi is taken away. Vardaan looks on. Devanshi cries. Sakshi comes and asks where are you taking Devanshi. Devanshi says I m going orphanage, where orphans stay. Sakshi asks will we never meet now. Nutan says never. Geeta and Rajjo cry.

Kusum laughs and tells Ishwar that she is sending Devanshi to mental hospital. He gets shocked. Sakshi asks Devanshi not to go and hugs her. Kusum asks Ishwar to remember, I have sent you there, you came back handicapped from there, history will repeat itself, this will happen with Devanshi now, she is coming in my success way like you, so she will become helpless like you. He gets angry.

Nutan makes Devanshi sit in jeep. Vardaan says I will come along. Devanshi says no, you have parents. He says there should be someone to save you. Gopi stops Vardaan. Devanshi says don’t come, else who will take care of Ishwar. Vardaan and Devanshi ask each other to take care. She says I will miss you a lot. He says I will miss you too. Nutan asks servant to take her. The car leaves. Vardaan holds Devanshi’s hand and runs. The car gets away. He gets left behind. Devanshi cries. He shouts Devanshi.

Kusum says there is one way to succeed, to move everyone who comes in the way, Devanshi was creating hurdles, now she will return as your state. Devanshi asks driver why did you get me to hospital, you had to take me to orphanage, answer me. The ward boys take her. She asks driver to save her.

Sarla says its good I won’t see Devanshi’s face now. Ashutosh says I don’t want to see your face. Sarla argues and says its good you went to orphanage. Sakshi says we are Devanshi’s family. Sarla scolds her and says Devanshi is no one to us. Ashutosh says Sakshi and I will get Devanshi back. Sarla says Rajjo is marrying Malik, and you are wasting time after Devanshi, Omi is in jail because of that unlucky girl, whatever happened is good.

Sakshi thinks to talk to Vardaan, he will help me in getting Devanshi back. Vardaan sees the jeep and thinks its same jeep which left Devanshi. He hits on it and hears ghungroo sound. He gets a ghungroo and says its Devanshi’s ghungroo which she wears in neck, was she forcefully dragged from jeep, but why, she was going orphanage. He checks jeep. He gets a paper and gets shocked seeing hospital parking slip. He says is Devanshi sent to hospital, but why, I will ask Kusum, no Mohan is behind this, if Mohan knows I m doubting, he will know everything, I have to find out why is Devanshi sent to hospital. Devanshi is caught up and tied. Doctor gives her injection. She cries and falls asleep.

Devanshi says leave me and bites nurse’s hand. Devanshi reads Ishwar’s message on wall, that someone is trying to kill him on pretext of treatment. She gets shocked and thinks who is behind all this.

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  1. Lavanya A/P Prabakaran

    More interesting.. Devanshi see the messagr that iswarar writing.. Waiting for next episode

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