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Devanshi 17th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sarla insulting Kusum and returning the coin. Kusum gets angry and holds her neck. She says your girl will talk my language, see how I use her for my benefit, you stop me if you can. She pushes Sarla and leaves. Sarla looks on. Everyone see Kusum coming out. A Rishi comes there. Kusum collides with him and walks off angrily. Rishi sees Devanshi and smiles. He thinks justice will win over injustice, Mahabharat will start in Kalyug, Bal roop Krishna and evil Kans’ story. He sees Devanshi and Kusum. Devanshi greets him.

Omi tells Sarla that Kusum has threatened you, have medicines, why are you laughing. Sarla laughs and takes medicines. She says she threatened me, but her face was shocked, I got soul peace, let me live the moments. He says Devanshi’s life has danger now, Kusum knows Devanshi is hundi girl. Sarla says Kusum will do something, but I know my enemy, she will not be foolish to hurt Devanshi, if anything happens to Devanshi, village will doubt only on Kusum.

Omi asks you think this is game, if anything happens to Devanshi, I will not forgive you. Sarla does not understand. Omi prays for Devanshi. Devanshi plays with the doll and names her Guddi. Sakshi gets jealous and criticizes the doll. Devanshi says I liked it and was thinking to give you. Sakshi gets glad. Devanshi says I did not give you Diwali gift and was giving this, but you don’t like this, I will keep it. Sakshi says its mine now, you get away and sit. Sakshi plays with doll.

Nutan cries and tells Geeta that she has no money to give her brother. Geeta says sorry, I have no money, I can’t break Kusum’s trust. Nutan asks did you see my respect in inlaws, forgive me, I have nothing to give you. Geeta feels bad. Nutan says Kusum will be angry because of Devanshi, now its bad to talk to her about money, I think Kusum’s sun is getting set. Rajjo asks Nutan to control her tongue. She scolds Nutan and praises Kusum.

Omi wakes up Sarla and says get up fast, Devanshi and Sakshi are not in their room. Sarla gets worried for Salshi and gets up. Omi says they are not at home, I told you not to invite problems. He prays. Sarla says nothing will happen to Sakshi and runs.

Kusum gets injections. Kusum and Mohan go to Ishwar at night. Mohan says it looks you decided today to end game. Sakshi and Devanshi are outside. Devanshi asks why did you get me here. Sakshi says to throw the Mata clothes, if you throw this, none will call you choti Mata. Devanshi says if Sarla knows this, she will scold me. Sakshi asks her to have common life and throws all this. She throws the clothes. Devanshi runs and catches the clothes. Omi and Sarla come there. Sarla asks what are they doing here. Sakshi says Devanshi came to throw Mata clothes, she said she does not get time to play. Sarla beats Devanshi and scolds her. Devanshi says no, Sakshi is…. Sarla does not listen.

Mohan shuts the door. Kusum asks Ishwar did he get glad when Devanshi made her look small infront of everyone, its like cheating me. She says Rajjo told this to me in innocence, else I would have not know this, you will know what I do now. She gives the injection to him. Ishwar faints. Kusum says you were smiling, now die and smile there. She asks Mohan to inform all women to reach temple in morning, I called them. Mohan agrees. She thinks he will know in morning what she is going to do.

Kusum is going to give sacrifice of Ishwar by burning him alive.

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