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Devanshi 16th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kusum asking Sakshi to kill Devanshi and then Vardaan will be hers. She promises to get Sakshi and Vardaan married. Sakshi joins hands with her and goes. Kusum says once Sakshi kills Devanshi, she will go jail, then all my enemies will be gone. Devanshi talks to Vardaan and asks him not to get angry, Shikhar is just helping us. Sakshi looks on and comes inside the room. She shuts the room and apologizes. She gives laddoos to Devanshi. Devanshi smiles and takes laddoo. Sakshi throws the laddoos box.

Sakshi says Kusum does not know I m just acting to be with her, I m with you always, forgive me, I could not help you. Devanshi says this was our plan to know Kusum’s plans. Sakshi says I was angry with you in starting, but how could I forget your favors, you and Vardaan loved each other since childhood when you both did not know what’s love, I came in between. Devanshi says no, now everything got fine, forget this. Sakshi says I forgot it, how to forget what I recalled after 14 years. She recalls about Kusum killing Geeta and Ashustosh. She says I would have killed Kusum.

Devanshi says I also thought so, but if I killed Kusum, she would have died as Devi, I want her to die such that village celebrates on her death.

Kusum gets angry and says I m so foolish. She recalls hearing Sakshi, saying its good Kusum gave poisonous laddoos to me, else Devanshi would have died. She says Sakshi fooled me, I have to do big things, I will not lose so soon, Devanshi used Sakshi to fail me, its fine, now I will use Sakshi to break Devanshi, its my mistake, I forgot Devanshi will do something, I have to punish Sakshi for cheating me.

Ishwar asks Vardaan to keep the wheelchair, I have memories with it. Vardaan says I want to forget all those days when you were helpless. He sits on the wheelchair. Ishwar makes him get up. Vardaan says I sat with my wish and could not sit for more than a minute, you have spent years on it, now we will just have celebrations in this house, none will come between our happiness. He hugs Ishwar.

Devanshi asks Kusum why did she call her here. She falls down by the string. Kusum asks her to be careful, you lost. Devanshi says I don’t have habit to get cheated, so I stumble, but I have courage when I manage myself, I end the root of cheat, I tried to explain you by love, maybe you don’t know love. Kusum says you have trust on yourself. She asks what’s your biggest weakness, its easy question, everyone knows it, I will help you, its Sakshi.

Devanshi says don’t get Sakshi between our fight. Kusum says Maiyya came in my dream and said Sakshi is in trouble, so I m telling you, go and save Sakshi if you can, else your marriage celebrations may ruin. She says you made me fooled by Sakshi. Devanshi asks her not to do anything to Sakshi. She begs Kusum. Kusum says solve my riddle and save Sakshi. She tells the riddle. Devanshi gets shocked.

She says I did not understand. Kusum says you wanted to become my bahu, go and save Sakshi. She sends Devanshi and laughs. Devanshi prays to Maiyya and thinks where to find Sakshi. She calls Sakshi and says nothing can happen to Sakshi. Vardaan collides with her. Devanshi says Sakshi disappeared. She thinks she can’t take Kusum’s name, there will be danger on Sakshi. He asks since when is she missing, maybe she went somewhere hearing about our marriage, I will find her, don’t worry. He calls police station. Devanshi says I won’t let anything happen to Sakshi. Sakshi is tied to the chair, with a rope in neck. The rope is fixed to the door. Sakshi fears to get hanged when anyone opens the door.

Shikhar meets Devanshi and tells about his new disguise. Devanshi says Kusum has kidnapped Sakshi and her life is in risk now. He asks did you find her in house. Devanshi says no. She tells Kusum’s riddle. He says we have to find that place fast, she would be at home. They find the place. Sakshi gets tensed seeing the door opening. Devanshi recalls Kusum’s words.

Devanshi meets Shani dev. Kusum shows the place where Devanshi will take Samadhi and save them from coming problems. Devanshi lies in the grave. Kusum puts soil on her.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. what,s happening Ido not know,anyway Iam tensed for devanshi and sakshi..

  2. so much the upcoming epi..

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  4. waaw nice going… sakshi also vd devanshi

  5. Mica

    Thank you Amena mam…
    omg!!. please save Sakshi.. Devanshi… you hide too much secret from Vardhaan, i donno what will happen later if only Vardhaan knowing the truth.
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