Devanshi 14th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Devanshi proves Kusum and Mohan’s crimes

Devanshi 14th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mohan pulling Devanshi’s saree. She bites his hand. Vardaan fights with the goons and leaves in his jeep. Pavan shouts for help and knocks door. He fears for Devanshi in danger. Devanshi asks Maiyya why is she not helping her, till when will she see all this silently, she never did justice. Kusum asks Mohan to take revenge. Nutan and Gopi ask him to stop. Devanshi asks Mohan to leave her. Mohan pulls her saree. The storm comes. Everyone gets shocked seeing the storm. A little girl comes out of the hundi. Everyone looks on and thinks how did this girl come. Maiyya’s idol is seen. The little girl asks them why do they want to kill Devanshi.

Mohan asks who are you, how did you get inside hundi. The girl says I know everything, I m more clever than you two, I come whereever anyone calls me, I knew your plan, I heard it by hiding in hundi. Nutan asks her who is she. The girl says I m Kalki, I stay in orphanage and came here to find them. Devanshi recalls same things happened with her. Kusum thinks I went there to deliver my and Mohan’s child, that was also a girl. She fears that this girl is her daughter. She thinks who is this girl. Mohan falls down. The girl laughs and asks them not to try to kill Devanshi. Pavan comes there shouting Kalki. He asks her is she fine, did they hurt him. Devanshi asks him to listen.

Vardaan comes. Kusum says Devanshi is alive, see she is real Devanshi. Vardaan gets shocked seeing Devanshi. Pavan says I will tell you your mum’s truth, I will play it in front of everyone. He shows the recording. Vardaan hears the truth and gets shock. Everyone gets shocked hearing the truth. Devanshi says Kusum has forced Ishwar to lie, she killed Ishwar, she cleverly fooled you and changed the game, you call her Maa and love her, this woman’s truth is such bad, there is one more truth, I m Kalki, I have come here to take revenge of my child’s death, I had to take revenge from everyone because of whom I lost my child, so I did all this.

Gopi says Kusum was doing another crime, they were doing Devanshi’s Vastraharan. Vardaan and Pavan get angry. Pavan says I will kill Mohan. Inspector says stop Pavan ji, you can’t take laws in hand. Vardaan shatters and says what did I do, I doubted on you, my love. He apologizes to Devanshi. He cries for his child. Pavan looks on. Vardaan takes knife to kill himself. Devanshi stops him and asks did you go mad. She cries and says I got my lost Vardaan back, did you not think what will happen to me. She hugs him. They both cry. Pavan gets shocked and stares at them.

Kusum says this girl’s tears are fake, this is big planning against me. Vardaan shouts enough….. don’t dare to use Maa word by your dirty tongue, you have killed my mum for greed and money, you killed my dad, don’t say anything now, none will stop me if I kill you. Gopi says I will not leave her, I will punish her. People get angry on Kusum. Devanshi stops everyone and says laws will punish Kusum and Mohan. Kusum says Devanshi is a sinner. Devanshi slaps Kusum. She says I wish I was like Kalki, not Devanshi, I would have punished you like always, my values come in between. She asks inspector to take them. Vardaan says stop inspector, tell me along, I m also a sinner. Devanshi asks what are you saying, real culprits got punished, you did not do this intentionally. She stops him and gets an aarti plate. She says colors came back in my colorless life, none can snatch it from my life now, not even you. She makes him take sindoor in hand. Vardaan fills her maang. Pavan gets shocked.

Vardaan and Pavan beat up Mohan to death. Devanshi comes and asks what did you do, who killed Mohan. Pavan says I killed Mohan. Devanshi says Vardaan has killed Mohan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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