Devanshi 14th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Devanshi proves Kusum and Mohan’s crimes

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Devanshi 14th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mohan pulling Devanshi’s saree. She bites his hand. Vardaan fights with the goons and leaves in his jeep. Pavan shouts for help and knocks door. He fears for Devanshi in danger. Devanshi asks Maiyya why is she not helping her, till when will she see all this silently, she never did justice. Kusum asks Mohan to take revenge. Nutan and Gopi ask him to stop. Devanshi asks Mohan to leave her. Mohan pulls her saree. The storm comes. Everyone gets shocked seeing the storm. A little girl comes out of the hundi. Everyone looks on and thinks how did this girl come. Maiyya’s idol is seen. The little girl asks them why do they want to kill Devanshi.

Mohan asks who are you, how did you get inside hundi. The girl says I know everything, I m more clever than you two, I come whereever anyone calls me, I knew your plan, I heard it by hiding in hundi. Nutan asks her who is she. The girl says I m Kalki, I stay in orphanage and came here to find them. Devanshi recalls same things happened with her. Kusum thinks I went there to deliver my and Mohan’s child, that was also a girl. She fears that this girl is her daughter. She thinks who is this girl. Mohan falls down. The girl laughs and asks them not to try to kill Devanshi. Pavan comes there shouting Kalki. He asks her is she fine, did they hurt him. Devanshi asks him to listen.

Vardaan comes. Kusum says Devanshi is alive, see she is real Devanshi. Vardaan gets shocked seeing Devanshi. Pavan says I will tell you your mum’s truth, I will play it in front of everyone. He shows the recording. Vardaan hears the truth and gets shock. Everyone gets shocked hearing the truth. Devanshi says Kusum has forced Ishwar to lie, she killed Ishwar, she cleverly fooled you and changed the game, you call her Maa and love her, this woman’s truth is such bad, there is one more truth, I m Kalki, I have come here to take revenge of my child’s death, I had to take revenge from everyone because of whom I lost my child, so I did all this.

Gopi says Kusum was doing another crime, they were doing Devanshi’s Vastraharan. Vardaan and Pavan get angry. Pavan says I will kill Mohan. Inspector says stop Pavan ji, you can’t take laws in hand. Vardaan shatters and says what did I do, I doubted on you, my love. He apologizes to Devanshi. He cries for his child. Pavan looks on. Vardaan takes knife to kill himself. Devanshi stops him and asks did you go mad. She cries and says I got my lost Vardaan back, did you not think what will happen to me. She hugs him. They both cry. Pavan gets shocked and stares at them.

Kusum says this girl’s tears are fake, this is big planning against me. Vardaan shouts enough….. don’t dare to use Maa word by your dirty tongue, you have killed my mum for greed and money, you killed my dad, don’t say anything now, none will stop me if I kill you. Gopi says I will not leave her, I will punish her. People get angry on Kusum. Devanshi stops everyone and says laws will punish Kusum and Mohan. Kusum says Devanshi is a sinner. Devanshi slaps Kusum. She says I wish I was like Kalki, not Devanshi, I would have punished you like always, my values come in between. She asks inspector to take them. Vardaan says stop inspector, tell me along, I m also a sinner. Devanshi asks what are you saying, real culprits got punished, you did not do this intentionally. She stops him and gets an aarti plate. She says colors came back in my colorless life, none can snatch it from my life now, not even you. She makes him take sindoor in hand. Vardaan fills her maang. Pavan gets shocked.

Vardaan and Pavan beat up Mohan to death. Devanshi comes and asks what did you do, who killed Mohan. Pavan says I killed Mohan. Devanshi says Vardaan has killed Mohan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Mars

    Ohhhh devanshi forgive vardaan very soon. But it was nice. Finally kusum’s truth is out. Will be waiting what pavan will do now.

  2. Fenil

    Aflatoon episode.
    Truth came out….KS has child also.
    Precap is now unnecessary….hope they don’t make pawan negative and Happy ending along with Pawan’s friendship.

  3. I think devnshi is taking revenge from vardaan for murdering hrchild by arresting for killing mohan but pawan will kil him but devanshi said vardaan

  4. nice episode but precap oh….but really devandan pair is better than sanveer(sanchi and veer).hey…how are you all?I am from sdch.I like helly so much but I am varun fan.I heard that news devanshi is going to air off.Will you like if helly join sdch for varun ?it is my first comments in this not know you guys will reply me or not.I have come here as a devandan fan please reply me..are you want to see vahe again?

    1. MAHIRA

      Dear it’s dream of any swasa

    2. MAHIRA

      Dear it’s dream of any Swasan fan but it’s impossible due personal issues between vahe so for the moment it’s impossible 🙁
      I like varun too and helly would like breathtaking in doctor avatar but kya karo rude time for us fans waiting

    3. MAHIRA

      Btw vahe moment during maha sangam episodes were more bright and magic than the whole devdaan or sanveer moments

      1. Very true

    4. Neptune

      hey dear i saw you may times on sdch page.. well welcome on this page. you are right devanshi is going off air and almost everyone present here is a swasan fan and is mad on vahe…

      but i don’t think we or helly anyone wants to see vahe back again after what varun has done to helly.
      i like varun too and i will be the happiest if vahe work together.
      well lets hope and pray for the best…

      1. When ever I think about this matter I remember one celebrities iv….
        Where host asks hero’s real wife that “don’t u feel insecure when people praise ur hubby with his co-actor as best jodi”
        Her answer made me speechless.
        She said “if I feel insecure with his colleague then its insult for my love which m having towards him. I feel proud when people praise him as good actor or good jodi…coz of his excellent acting he made people believe them as jodi…

    5. Welcome dear? U no I also varuns fan from the begining where he did shourya’s role in na aana is des lado… diya n shouraya my first fav jodi. In that show shourya ditched diya after marrying her coz of some miss understandings…n his dad’s evil plans…my sisters hated his character for that. But I really liked his face. Coz of character they’re doing we cant hate them ryt. I was all set to meet him in saraswathichandra set coz of some reason it cancelled I always regretted that I couldn’t meet him. But after visiting insta,Twitter and collecting all info m regretting that how can I love (as fav) him??
      Sorry if I said anything wrong but its total my pov

      1. MAHIRA

        So well said about Jodi abd Hubby’s wife insecurity… How I wish someone teaches that to Mrs kapoor ji … But until then we’ll keep hoping and dreaming

      2. MAHIRA

        And I’m a huge fan of saraswatichadra too where I discovered him there and it was for him that I watched swaragini… God bless that day I saw by coincidence the episode of his mad entry… OK we’re far away from devanshi lol… Why not a dream can come true who imagined that there will be a vahe scene in the maha episode some months ago ( and moreover a real Swasan scene !!)

    6. Sorry for long comment. But I always wanted to share this with u guys. As sanskar he’ll be always in my heart….But I really don’t want to see them together….

      1. MAHIRA

        You know dear, there was a very known and loved couple in Hollywood during 2000 huge grant and Sandra bullok who gave some beautiful romance/comedy blockbusters and you know what the two of them hate each other like mouse and cat, promotion time was always full of public clashes but they were professional enough to use that at there advantage and make it their trade mark…
        Things went bad even before the end of SR per some reports still Swasan magic on the screen remained intact from which we had a glimpse during the maha episode so believe me producers should be intelligent enough vahe is trademark already making free adds without anything a project for the 2 of them together will sure make the new blockbuster of tellywood and both the actors are able to put their problems aside in front of camera…. But dreaming dreaming… *shaking my head sadly*

      2. Don’t u think guys raglak fans r lucky than us (swasan fan).they can imagine them together again but for us it’s a dream which is not going to fulfill. whatever reasons may be but we should except truth .I whish helly will get big project n her popularity increases more it will be good answer for her haters whoever they r .

      3. Dont feel bad whatever happened it happened we cant change…we got swasan that’s enough…n i don’t think themish can work together as couple…Coz theju called nami as small brother…he’s smaller than theju…..then I don’t no

    7. Mica

      welcome here Abc.. waa… another Swasan fans *hug
      Well…. we are (some Swasan fans in Indonesia) have some imagining plot as you already 😀 😀
      we are imagining that Sanveer with their love problem, made Sanchi to back to Kabeer, meanwhile broken heart Dr Veer should caring broken Devanshi who shocked about Vardhaan’s death as he was too regretful to lost his own child.. 😀 😀 😀 , how is it ? 😀 😀

      But, i don’t think they (VaHe) can work together, even for coming together to Indonesia to promoting Swasan or to fulfill Swasan’s demand, they can’t by the lame excuse “busy schedule”
      Meanwhile, there is also a paranoid person out there na 😀 😀
      You know what ? she is sooo busy to blocked us only by comment, “hi’ i’m Swasan fans” ,
      Firstly, when we heard that news, we didn;’t believe that , so, we try it 😀 😀 .and boom….
      massive blocked happen..
      Nowaday, even she is more paranoid, she deleted/erased almost all comments in Indonesia language no matter what the contents 😀 😀 ONE BY ONE, even when a fans asked “when exact time Vk will come to Indonesia ? ” SHE BLOCKED.. omg!!!!! full job !!!

      Lucky him, Vk soo handsome na, they can’t do anything 😀 😀
      but this Mrs….. become………… (omg! i can’t even mention it )

      1. She calls us(swasan) as immature coz we love reel jodi,if that’s true then whole world is immature coz people loved simran n raj jodi like anything still people want to see them together… but who Will make her understand…

      2. MAHIRA

        Waaahhhh!!! What the!?!?!? She crossed all the boundaries of madness (sorry I usually don’t bash but na… This is so ridiculous from her… Get a life madam ji!!!)
        So after India she’s attacking Indonesia maybe this why Sancho isn’t so good looking she must give a complain at the union nations for the international insecurity problem she’s having poor guy na…. He’s handsome OK but not to the extent of being the center of obsession … OK this really sad for all but who is ignoring

      3. MAHIRA

        All this mess continuing her life 🙂

      4. Mica dear if u want her reply I’ll give u some tips…comment like this?
        “dhanya mam u r too cute,u n varun sir look beautiful together…. when will varun sir come to Indonesia… M a big fan of varun sir”” after this she’ll feel ultimate pleasure n Will surly rply… try this…but remember put varuns pic as profile…these are masala’s which u have to add…hehe but m 110% sure she’ll reply

      5. Mica

        Sweetyyyyy.. 😀 😀 huh! she only need that omg!!!
        but i’m forgot about profile pic na, and make sure to use english or she will delete.. omg!!! too much free time na 😀 😀


    D”evanshi stops him and asks did you go mad. She cries and says I got my lost Vardaan back, did you not think what will happen to me. She hugs him. They both cry. “”
    This is so easy vardhaan!!!!


    Devanshi stops everyone and says laws will punish Kusum and Mohan!!!!
    Again again again… Real end would be to be punished same as she used to do… Because there will always be corrupted cops giving them freedom… If all villagers lapidate them law can’t do anything against them just like nothing has been done for the crime against devanshi


    Vardaan and Pavan beat up Mohan to death. Devanshi comes and asks what did you do, who killed Mohan. Pavan says I killed Mohan. Devanshi says Vardaan has killed Mohan….
    Useless twist at least they should show us some happiness in their lives far away from this mindless people starting their lives again and having a baby without problems

  8. Episode is good but precap is something which I am not able to digest

  9. again I have a question….especially mahira what will you do after end of this show?will you come sdch???or will wait for helly’s new show???
    I heard that vahe have some personal issue but in mahasangam they were in one frame so do not you think that they can come again for their professional careier? varun and helly both are perfect for each other.many of my sdch friends told that sanchi look younger than for current track many of us want new fl.So we have a litle hope that vahe will come again…please reply me..

    1. MAHIRA

      Hi again dear
      About savitri I’m a very selective person regarding what I watch and most of time I start a serial after a long period since its beginning to be sure if it’s worth enough or not (sorry lol it seems so pretentious but I have been an admin on american serial platform for years so to catch my attention a serial has to have some magic touch)
      I think that savitri can have it if it’s well planned about the past between families and sanveer should then be the main jodi because otherelse we’ll have a kind of Grey’s anatomy with Sancho being Meridith and kabir her Derek and frankly it doesn’t swit Indian drama like track plus I love medical serials but waiting for real sanveer track to start which came with the maha episode but then I was spoiled after seeing vahe!! Impossible to see him with another actress (sorry it seems so childish from my side lol)
      So despite that, if the serial will have another season so yes I’ll join the savitri fans if only there will be sanveer jodi
      But of course if helly by any kind of miracle lands there then a HUGe YES
      all that I’ll shock you saying I never watched a single episode of devanshi but just keep following the written updates in support to helly shah and her project because I find her very courageous to takevsuch role and really she made an excellent job, after swara’s character, taking devanshi says a lot about our princess, she really support women’s cases in her projects and shevshows that women aren’t the so cliché of the poor mad girl and rich guy who hates her as servant or assistant and finishes by making him fall for her helplessness…. No she’s strong and educated and doesn’t need a man to lead… Love comes as support not as beginning of her life… So this why I’m still here and so angry for the track its ending on… Vardhaan has been forgiven so easily and for what ? So she accuses him the day after? Dejavu again and again… Please CVS please have pity of us and give us something new for the end… Devanshi deserves to end as brilliant as she started with truth smartness and values 🙂

      1. Mica

        Mahira Di… sorry to say this…
        tbf, i couldn’t watch Sanveer romance as i didn’t like it..
        but, few day back, i tried to watch it, but then i laughed…
        i knew from beginning maybe the CVS or PH will try their best to make us moving on from Swasan by making Sanveer’s romance more intense than Swasan.
        they gave such romantic song, longer time on romance scene, eyelock, etc… but hmmmmm…..

      2. Mica

        btw, uugghh you should watch devanshi sometime, not for story line, but helly’s acting here.. the one and only reason i can bear this such show 😀 😀 😀

      3. Yes they can take step as professional’s but do u guys think she’ll (misses)let them do… she always poke her nose in his work…n as a obedient hubby listens everything

      4. Being possessive towards hubby n being too much obedient to his wife is good… but everything is having some limits…which they crossed. I never liked dk nor hated her she was his wife n he was happy with her. But her comment made me hate her to the core. I respected vk’s love towards his wife.but hated his support towards his wife when she’s badmouthing towards a girl…. (that too about small girl)…She’s like maya from beyhad….but maya is far better than her…

    2. Hehe sooo much of comments from very lazy person…. don’t bash me guys but its my pov that i want nia sharma opposite to varun,not coz I love her anything….but she’s a person who can give a tight slap with her words to bashers….n for some over possessive peoples…M not telling helly is week but she’s too much mature that she gives silent treatment to bashers.
      But these people need shock treatment which only nia sharma can give…

      1. Can you tell me what problem exactly happened between them that time . What dk told about helly . I want to know the exact matter . Can you tell me pls

  10. Mica

    thank you Amena mam for update, love you !!!
    hmmmm…. as my prediction, Devanshi’s character will forgive Vardhaan so easily once she knows the truth. And Vardhaaan…. hmmmmm…
    and Pavan ? hmmmmmm…

    1. MAHIRA

      Micu my dear, devanshi doesn’t air on any channel or website I use so to watch I have to make researches and frankly regarding the plot I have no time nor energy for that, plus that vatdhaan character and actor irritates me a lot.
      Maybe having seen vk in another show with another actress help me more to imagine that I would maybe like the sanveet track if it’s good written but the mad woman I am couldn’t bear the dance scene of devanshi with pavan… Crazy na?
      But as I said, I didn’t watch savitri episodes too na, but I think that the serial has more potential than devanshi still after maha sangam episode I read some written updates until the silly songvhe sung for her to spoil someone’s arranged marriage and found it soooo too much (I’ve commented saying that they’re hurrying so much in their story like an episode people are waiting for kabeer but then maha episode and bang kabeer is barely present and the silly veer turns so romantic all of sudden!?!?)
      So as I said I’ll watch it only if the sanveer couple is established with a good track and in some months if the serial continue!
      And you know what???? I just imagined that track of devanshi introduction in sabitri universe… Prakist veer is what she needs to color her life after all this mess :p

      1. Mica

        ooh.. so sad na, but this is OK.. at least you here accompanying me <3
        I'm in huge agreement that SD is more potential than DS for sure, new serial by bunch characters with their own problems to solve. Such interesting plot for sure.

        Duuh!!! so, is that what happen to SD after mahasangam happened ? some kinda illogical tracks regarding characters ? well.. such a big blunder then, that's why the conversation between Veer/Kalki regarding to sanchi and veer's relationship just kinda like that… they kinda want us to move on from swasan and accept sanveer happen.
        how kalki/Devanshi to had dialogue, asked Veer to be with Sanchi..omg!!!

        Ahaaa Didi! you can't accept the hot dance between Kalki and pavan ? 😀 😀 😀

        and Mahasangam even gave bad impact for DS too, changing airtime and low trp.. 😛
        and Yeaaahhhh.. maybe it will more EPIC na,…coz Veer and devanshi really kinda opposite characters (comparing to swasan, both are witty) .
        omg!!! if only that miracle happen… huh! but i know nothing too perfect in this world naa

  11. I was swaragini fan I liked both the couple….but loved swasan more.i liked helthej bonding…..I never hated her (thej coz she played negative role in show…but her silence towards dk’s comment is wrong…. her silence made people to believe what dk said is correct…if she can’t support her friend then what’s there to support n love her.

  12. very emotional scene of my devdaan…in this epi..
    But so,nice devdaan reunite…ohe, so happy…
    Iam again saying..this story line is with awesome concept..I liked it so much…
    After my chu cute kashvi’s acting..I liked so much my princess helly saha…
    Mudit is also my fev..male frank..his cute sa face… like helly saha and his angry avtaar,his voice tone& every all.. I loved so much…they both are amezing actor…Iwish, after devanshi they do work again in future..

  13. I want to see again as a pair in the new show…. hope they both do work again….in future..Love u so much…my devdaan.

  14. Neptune

    mica di same pinch you know even i was laughing seeing sanveer yesterday..
    even after having such an intense scene i couldn’t feel any goosebumps or any chemistry between them.
    sorry if i hurt anyone by saying this but SWASAN is something else…
    no pair has made me crazy to this level like swasan.
    i soooooooooooooo much wish that swasan had a beautiful storyline like sanveer had then tooooo will just go mad seeing them….
    but afsos…
    i really want them to come back together…
    but after what dhanya jiiii has done and even varun stayed silent. that’s what hurt me.
    and she is still insecure and continuing all this even after sr has ended and our swasan is snatched from us…..

    please god do some miracle and bring them back together.
    i want helly to get a really good project with a good co-star who can respect her…

    i know my princess will definitely rock.
    she has achieved so much of love in such a small age..
    she is born to rule hearts. and now we just have to pray that she gets that ONE PERFECT CHANCE soon..
    and comes up with a bang….

    1. Mica

      haaaa don’t remind me about their sceneee.. i just tooo jealous about that :'(
      why there wasn’t any rainy romance scene for Swasan..? why there wasn’t soo romantic line for Swasan ? huh! but let it be…. only by simple thing of Swasan scenes.. we got such huge goosebumps already naaa…

  15. OK guys let end this matter here n go vote for our princess in ita 2017 . we have to do it pls pls pls vote for her some people r jealous with her let it be they will burn themselves only for us only helly matters so vote for her.

  16. Jet speed, ??? Y this much hurry just to end the show ….. but good epi helly was rocking in yellow ….

  17. Can v vote with same id for more time??

    1. Sanu Id is not needed only mention ur name n type code given by them n accept terms condition .you can easily vote I already did many times it is accepted so pls vote for her n also inform to ur friends sorry I forgot to tell u mobile no is also not required..

    2. Mica

      haaaa.. sanu and ppl, you can do multiple vote i think

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