DevAkshi: Partners for Life (CHAPTER #6)


They,after playing more n enjoying eachothers company retired to der place…
It was late night so evry1 was already asleep…
They left for der respective rooms..
Dev,in his room…thinking about d moment how he step in d island water after long 16 years…n all other moments when he remembered about his health..
Before he could do anything neha barged in..
“How r u…? Anything happen…?those rashes.?wait lemme call n v will talk d doctor”neha said in one go..
She was his cousin…but care for him as his own sister..treat him as his own brother…n support him like a good frnd…
All dev would do was give her a hug..

Neha,i m all fine..n btw i was going to call dr. Now only..i dont wanna make evry1 pls dont tell to anyone..”he said making her calm down
“But y did u get wet..?u know naa..u r not allowed..”she said sternly..
“Wat should i had done..sonakshi was telling me ..n her pout was so cute so i couldnt resist(now he came to sense)…i..i mean neki or puch puch…muje to jana hi tha..n itna insist karne par rok nahi paaya apne aap ko..(i..i mean i wanted to go n den i couldnt resist myself wen she insisted dis much)” he said with a pout..making neha smile..
All she could do was smile coz she know that dev had fallen in love with sonakshi…he never smile just for small matters which he is doing now…he wasnt d same dev whom.she ad known before..he had started to talk about many thing..started to notice small small things from few days…n she was very happy with this changes which were obviously goood…she just want him to it was his first tym…n he should b hardly given 10 marks out of 100 in things like love…n about sonakshi..she had known her through her giving thoughts n from elena n asha n same was with her..she was same as dev..but she was more thoughtful..neha was knowing dat der love story has just started and love is a big thing having small words…n it will take its own tym to blossom…love cant take place forcefully nor it can easily..its a long procedure..n all she knew was dev n sonakshi had started loving eo…with which dey r totally unknown…
Neha call der family dr. N told him about dev getting wet like which he gave dem priscription only after long lecture about 20 minutes to which dev was laughing silently n neha was just watching his new feature..
As he was always serious nature..n now wen dr. Was scolding him he was giggling…dr told him to have some medicine n some home remedies too..which neha did…doctor den told dem to check his bp…which neha did and was normal..he  told dem dat evrything is in control…till den it was already 3 am…neha went to her room whixh was on first floor..infact all youngsters dat is elena,neha,niki,vicky,riya were having der room on first floor…ishwari,asha n bijoy was on ground floor…n our DevAkshi was on 2 floor…der room was beside eo…
Dev slept after sm tym….

—-Next morning—-
Next morning oldies left for sm shopping on ishwari’s she was getting bored..
Youngsters had not woke up because of sleeping late yesterday night…
Sona woke at 11..n find evry1 still sleeping..she got freshen up..n thought to make breakfast for evry1..
She made some aalu paratha..bread butter..n some pancakes…her work cmpltd at 12..n she saw riya n nikki coming downstir talking…neha n elena was comeing from opposite stoairs..she smiled..
Dey came n greet her “good morning” to which she replied dat it was “good afternoon” now..dey all smiled..n sit for breakfast…vicky also joined dem…dey all started der breakfast when sona askes about dev
“He would b his medicine contain sleepineesss na..”she said without realizing
“Medicine..?for what..?”sona asked suspiciously
“Wo..wo actually”neha fumbled thinking wat to say   wen riya..nikki n vicky also started der question…
Neha felt helpless..she told d whole thing to dem
“ god..he would hav told me…wat if smthing..wait i’ll check”sona standup…
“No..sona he would b fine..dr. Had told na..sen also i u want u can meet..but please dont curse was destined n dat was it”neha said n evry1 agreed..

Evry one’s breakfast was  left so they continued while sona took her’s n dev’s to his room
She knocked when she dint get answer after 2-3 knock..she entered in d room..
He was still sleeping..she smiled n take hold of his blanket n tries to take it inorder to wake him
“Wake up dev”she said..
“Ma..let me!”dev said in his sleep n taking his blanket back..
“First its sonakshi for u n second its already 12:30..wake up”
He quickly sat..
“Oh sorry..i thought dat its ma…n y did u wake me up dis much late..uhhh..!”he said one go..
“Calm down.”she said..n continued..
“I m so sorry..i was not k owing about ur disease..neha told me now..i m really very guilty..sorry..if i was knowing dan i would never…..”before she could  speak further..he hugged her..yes hugged her to .ake her he was trying to make her silent from talkin n she wasnt..
“Calm down sonakshi..see m all fine…”he said rubbing her back while hugging..
Sonakshi was first shocked with his sudden hug but soon recovered…n she too hug him..
“But again m reallly”before she could say..
“No sorry n no thanks in frndship…dont u understand dis much small thing partner..”he saud breaking d hug n trying to get angry..

“Ohk…now leave ur drama n hav breakfast..i had made it…”sona said happily..
“U know how to cook..?”he siad without thinking..
“What do u mean..?ofcourse i know..n btw wat r u utrying to prove dat i m dumb..? I m not a workoholic like u..dat always i should work work..n only work..i work also…n do these stuff too..”
“Maafi…maafi..(sorry..sorry)leave me…i dont want to listen ur bhajan”he siad playfully…
Both laugh n have their breakfast…
Today, dey all had planned not to go out…so dey were going to watch movie at d mini theatre whih was at sona’s palace….n next day dey were going for shopping as elders were going smwhere far for 2 days to meet asha’s grandma….dey would left today evenin only…
Evry1 got ready…sona wear her comfortable tanktop with short capries…she made some popcorns ready with coke n some snacks more…seniors left for asha’s grandma…they were suppose to cm day after tomorrow..n others after bidding them adieu…left for movie on d topmost floor..
Their mini theatre was a comfortable cosy beds…4-5 mini beds..for a comfortable view…
Vicky n elena settled themself on one bed…
Riya,niki n  neha made der way on another…n der bed was full…so having no option giving awkward smiles to each other.. DevAkshi settled themself on another…
They were going to watch “Badrinath Ki Dulhaniyan”..

After much discussion as sona,dev,riya wanted to watch comedy with some romance n rest want opposite so finally decide to watch dis..
As d movie progress…sona was in her own world of popcorn n movie..
She filled his mouth with popcorns to make it overflow n fall…dev eyes him n giggle as he saw dis side of her…he was lost in her…he was behind her…he look from side n smile….sona also smiles as der was a good scene..
Riya got bored n slept…soon niki too…neha left to her she saw dev n sona (dev smiling n adoring her n she busy in d movie) n vicky n elena in der own world…she left to her room when she got sm1s call she smiled n left…
The movie was going with d flow…sonakshi almost cried at d sad scene…dev was now feeling he rested his head on d bed’s resting side…movie goes on…n sona was tired so she just landed on dev’s chest without noticing as she was more much engrossed in d movie..sooon both had slept…i mena sona slept as dev was already…dev wrapped his hands around her in his sleep…dey were like dev hugging her from behind…n sona on his chest…

Next morning both woke up…n saw themself…n was ??…
Shocked-surprise-embarassed-n in d most inner part of der heart happy…
Both leave to there respective room..
Sona,after getting fresh though to have sm breakfast…so left for kitchen….
She was lost in her own world…was thinking about der close proximity before sm tym…n whole night she dint realize her leg slip n fall offf the stairs….she rolled down d stairs n blood oozed down her forhead n her leg twisted
Dev,who just came out of his room to go down see dat..n shout her name…
Evry1 gathers n made their way to her room…n vicky calls doctor as hospital was far…dev was crying with d unknown tears falling down his eyes…
Though she had not got much hurt…just some ankle moved…
Doctor came and tell her for rest..he had bandaged her head…she had got a small cut n she wasnt supposed to walk for minimmum 2 days….

Evry1 was tensed but den calm down as doctor told dem..dat she would be fine till tomorrrow evening..her ankle pain would b fine
.she just slip wen she was above 3-4 stair from ground so dint got hurt much luckily..
Dev also calmed down…evry1 leave to there rooom on sona’s insistense as they were not yet freshed…but dev was dev…he was already freshed up…so he dint leave her…n take care of her…he dint let her even stand up..wen she was suppose to go for bathroom…he gave her support n stand outside…

In d afternoom
“Nooooooooo…nooooo”sona cried or can say shout as dev forcefully make her drink soup which was ofcourse tasteless…
Elena,riya n niki came running as dey heard her crying..
“Wat happen.?”all asked in unison
“Iske andar ki drama queen jag gayi(her inner drama queen is awake)..i mean she dont want to drink soup..?”he said..
“See na…elena its soooo ewwww..??..!i hate dis types…n give me d doctor number…he is dumb…how can sm1 give dis much big medicine(showing d medicine) ..just for ankle pain…huh…buddhu”she said making childish faces…
Dev chuckle at her childish behaviour..
“Hey,wat…? Haan…wat..? First u r making me dis disgusting soup and now laughing haaan..?”sona said angrily…
She was now regretting for why she was thinking about him…if she would not den dis all thing would not happen..but she developed a soft corner for dev…he had took so much care of her…she also loved dat she fall…if it wouldnt den she would not b able to see dev’s dis side…which she loved…
She was getting angry on dev but it is said na…!
“To those whom we love…we get angry on dem”
same was with sonakshi but unknown of d fact…
“U guys r not going for shopping”sonakshi said after her mini fight with dev…
“No can we…u r no fine”said a sad nikki
“U can…go n enjoy…its important na..! U all need d things which is imp for d wedding…n ele ur necklace..? U hav to take na..! ”
“But sona…! V cant u arent fine.”elena said
“Yaa di we r not going”nikki joined
“What is d problem with u all..just for a ankle pain..dat too of mine…u all will not go…u will noy anjoy today but also d wedding day…when u will not hav d things u wanted…u all r going n thats my order..elena n vicky leave for jewellery shop right now..? N u all(dixit girls)..u r leaving for ‘shaina boutique’ n dat too now….dev u also go with dem”sona said finally giving her decesion…n quite strictly…
“Ok di..”all said n left but dev dint even move from his place..
“Go dev…dey would b waiting..”
“Over..?acting over..? U can act before dem not infront of me…!”he siad making her shock dat her acting was caught…
“Wh..what acti..acting…i m not acting okay..”she said..
“Den y stammering..?”he said sternly..
“Dont move from topic…!u r going with dem..”
“I m not..! U can act before me…i m not going..wat u will do here ALONE…??”he asked..
“Game…”she said…but saw his phone dead..
He smiled
“Without battery how’ll ur phone work.?”he askes in btwn  his laugh
“I will manage…u leave..”she said n he leave..

Sona’s pov.
Ow..! He left..haan! I know i told him but i dont want…???…i love his company…n d way he took my care…i cant stop admiring him…but he..? Huh…all boys r same..
I thought dev is a nice guy but no..! He went..??..
I jz said dat..
U know formality?,but he went..?..huh…
I was in my thought wen i saw my laptop…
Idea..!i will play game in it..! Yay…!genius sona..
Wah..wah..i must say haan..!
I stand up..though my ankle was paining badly…i tried to walk..but unable to…i again no…i m not on i dint get pain….ugh..! I think i m so much hurt dat i m not gettin hurt even wen i fall…oh wait….my hands.
.??? Why it is on something…i think i should open my eyes…
I opened my eyes..n saw mr.handsome dixit before me…he had hold me…
Wait…handsome dixit..?
It is dev…he is really handsome…so..?
But wait….he was suppose to go with dem..
—–end of pov—–

“Dev,u here..?”sona asked not making contact with him…whike he make her stand n make her sit on d bed…
“Y cant..i..??”dev replied..
“No..i mean u r suppose to go with ur sisters right…?”
“N who told u…?till i remember i didnt…”he said with a smirk
“But u left so i thought….”
“First i m not dat bad dat i will leave my partner in pain..n will enjoy d shopping n second..i went to tell dem dat i m not gping to accompany dem”
He said n now..!
Yes..! Dat was it..sona was just adoring him..n thanking god to give her such a good frnd….n was cursing herself for thinking n judging him….
“Thanx…i m really lucky to hav u as my frnd dev”she said n rest her head on d bed…
“Sonakshi..!!”he said angrily
“Ok baba no sorry n no thank u…”sonakshi replied..
N dey talk derafter..der long talks made eo know more…aftr much dey concluded dat many of der likes n dislikes r in common….dev took care of her…made her eat n drink…dint let her stand….rub d gel on her leg..for recovery….
Sonakshi could do nothing but admire him…

In evening…
“Dev,now i m bored yaaar…enough of dis all things”sonakshi sai as she again hav her medicine
“Being a doctor u r doing dis..”
“Y..? Doctor is also a human…n dis big bug medicine..huh…its not for can it b”.
N so on…sonakshi was not bored with dis..she was bored for staying at d same place n dev knew dat..but what he could do…
Just den he got a idea..
“Wait i m coming…dont move okay..!”he said n left…
Sonakshi wait for him..but it was 15 minutes already..n she was exhausted with dis long day dozes off….

N also it was a long one…!
How was devakshi bonding in dis..?
N all though about dev being cared by sonakshi but sorry u ALL were wrong..
I had said dat..evrything will happen UNEXPECTED…
Hope u all like d unexpected turn in d story…
Hope devakshi scene were der…to reach ur alls expectation..!
N yaa dis was 3000 words…like seriously…? For d first tymm..
I am now tired of writing so m not continuing more…
N i think dis was worth reading..n worthed d wait u all did again…sorry fo d wait..but i was really busy..?
Again i posted aftr 6 days.. Sorry..i was sick…sorry again

Precap:surprise for sona-ye mausum ki baarish- n d preparations begin..with lots of devakshi scenes m with sm nok-jhoks n suprises!??

Yup…! Dis all things in one epi..but i know i would get again late so…der will b long epi..n in long…
Hope u all liked it…
N r u guys excited for next..!
Here is d link to previos chapters

Hope u liked dis alll…
Pls cmnts jz need 1-2 minutes…pls…only a word..?

I m writing dis story on wattpad tooo…if u’ll read der…u will get media’s like…der video calling pic…(in dat epi only)…n der dresses…d place…
Here is d link…?

Pls lemmme know ur views..
Hope u liked it..
N it worth d wait..
Seriouslu i was writing from 3 n now its 7:35…yaa i took a recess for half hour…it took so much tym dan also…
I would try to post next sooon but i cant promise….i m really busy..n as sm of u know dat i was admitted in hospital..
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Sorry for not cmntng…but i had postes on my wall..
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Enough of my bakbak..
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Love u..??

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