(DevAkshi) Love…pehli dafaa hai ye episode 13

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Hey guys I am bak with the nxt one…I don’t want to talk much so….here I strt

Sona:call him in….
Ranveer goes out
Ranveer:Mr.dixit Sona wants to talk to u
They both get in
Sona:Mr.dixit aap… (tries to get up)
Dev: Ms.bose utiye math….thts kk
Sona:thnxs Mr.dixit

Sona: kyuki Ranveer ne kaha ki aap mujhe dekne keliye kal thak waite karahithi
Dev: thts kk Ms.bose
Sona: haan mein boolgayi,yeh meri frnd Ranveer Vaghela hai
Dev: hello Mr.Vaghela

Ranveer: hello Mr.dixit
Sona: actually yeh bhi ek business tycoon hai
Dev: oh! Where is ur office ? Mr.Vaghela
Ranveer: in Mumbai
Dev: ohh….
They both strt talking abt their business and became frnds (hi bye frnds)
2 weeks pass by Dev cms and meet Sona daily and takes care of her…….
Dev cms to hospital….knocks the door
Sona:s Mr.dixit
Dev cms in

Dev: so…Ms.bose abhi abhi mujhe doctor ke saath baath huhi….unnhone kaha ki…u can be discharged by tmrw….
Ranveer: thts a grt news….
Ranveer gets a call so goes out…and Elena cms in
Elena: cm on get up let me help u to walk I mean let us practice
Sona: arrey plzs yaar nehe…ia and mm so…tired
Dev: Ms.bose plzs
Sona: haan

Elena pov: arrey wa…..when I said she did nt and when Dev said she told kk wht a dramatic change…soon she vil realise hmm…and Dev is also too…caring….let they itself realise
Sona: arrey baba kya sochrahiho?
Elena: kuch nehe cm…..
Elena helps her to walk and she suddenly gets a call and….

Elena: hey this a practice fr u stand here I vil be bak….
Elena leaves Sona was catching the wall of the room and was trying to walk….and Dev was jst nxt to her sitting on the sofa…and nd then Sona strts to walk and she suddenly slips in fear she closes her eyes but she felt two arms holding hr…when she opened her eyes she found hr self in Devs arm….and she noticed tht he was lost in hr and…..she too…..both were sharing a cute eye lock until they heard a sound they came to sense
Dev: be careful Ms.bose
Sona: haan ya….

And Dev helped hr to walk and helped her to sit on the bed and again Dev went and sat on the sofa…….Elena was watching all which happend there and she was really happy to core….
Sona sees Elena
Sona: arrey tum bi na mujhe chod kar chaligayi….and then Mr.dixit helped me
Elena: ya I wanted the same (tounge slipped)
Sona: wht,..
Elena:I mean gud Mr.dixit helped u…
Dev: kk Ms.bose I hav an important meeting…I am leaving
Sona: kk Mr.dixit

Dev leaves to home
Dixit household:
Unknown : hi(in devs room)
Dev:Bunty tum!!
Bunty: hi bhaiyaa
Dev: tum kab aaya kolkata se!!??
Bunty: kal…
Dev:kal seriously tum kal aaya aur abh thak bathaa nahi
Bunty: srry baba,tume ne wola (and continues in bangali)(inn my story Bunty is a bengali )
Dev: mujhe bengali nehe aatha….
Bunty: teekhe …..

They continue talking (muted)
Bunty: kya tum Ms.bose keliye yeh sab kiya???!!
Dev: use kya hai…vo mere employee hai. Mein ye to karsakthe hu na……..
Bunty: bhaiyaa !!!! Ye employee keliye nehe GF keliye karthe
Dev: GF??GF ka mathlab???
Bunty: arrey baghwaan !!iss ko kya kare
Dev: mein tho mathlab hi toh poocha tha
Bunty: GF ka mathlab Gril Frnd!!!
Precap:dev realisation

Credits: Harsh&Akshu

Hey guys I know it’s a short one but I vil be regularly posting so…I vil post only short ones till Feb 13
Until then bye frm vv akshada and hannaa

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  1. Awesome episode dear.

  2. Aarti32

    Fantabulous..Luvd it

  3. Hasfan

    Superb episode dear please make Dev and Sona fell in love soon i eagerly waiting to see their love scenes and plz post next part soon….

  4. V.V.harshita

    Thnxs Princess,Aarti and Hasfan ……and ya I vil try to post it by tmrw

  5. Nice and amazing

  6. Wohoo amazing episode post soon ❤❤

  7. V.V.harshita

    Thnxs MALEEHA di and Akshita

  8. Erina

    Nyc part waitingggg for next..

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