(DevAkshi) Love…pehli dafaa hai ye episode 12

Hey guys bak with the nxt one…..I don’t to talk much so…here it goes

While she was thinking suddenly a car hits her
A man who was inside the car came out and took hr to the hospital n admitted hr. He takes a bag which was in hr scooty…he takes hr phone…in the call log first name was “Mr. Dixit”… . He calls him
Dev pov: Ms.bose phone karahai??
Picks the call
Dev:hello Ms.bose aap aap teekh to ho na…..any probs….
The guy:hello
Dev:(confused)who is this ?
The guy:hello actually iss phone ka ladki ko accident hochuka hai….
Dev: kya….??ac….acc ……accident
The guys: I hav admitted hr in the city hospital

Dev:oh…!,, kk I vil be thr in 10 mins
Dev’s pov: Ms.bose ko accident nehe nehe…aise kaise hosaktha
He goes takes his car keys and rushes to the hospital….he reaches and meets the guy
Dev:really thnxs and u may leave
the guy: hey actually she was so…pretty..and hot too..man…isiliye meine help ki..or kyu mein help karunga…
Nw Dev is really irritated and angry at tht guy…but he does nt show
Dev: here this is my visiting card…any help plzs contact me …..
The guys leaves
Dev calls Elena frm Sonas phone
Elena:hello ki holo u r cming rite
Elena:hello may I know who is this ?,,,,!!!??
Dev:Dev here

Elena:aap Sona kaha hai…..
Dev:vo….actually Ms.bose ko accident hochuka hai….
Elena gets shocked to core
Elena:ac…acc….accident kk kk Mr.dixit which hospital
Dev: city
Elena: kk we vil be thr
Cuts the call
Ranveer:kya hua?
Elena:Soan ko….
Ranveer:Sona ko kya?
Elena:Sona ko accident hogaya
Everyone got shocked in the house
Vanshika:wht the hell man ele cm fst we vil leave
They all reach thr

Doctor cms out
Dev:is she al rite
Doctor: s is absolutely alrite…she vil gain sense in 2 hrs
Doctor leaves
They four meet Dev
Elena: Mr.dixit kaha hai Sona
Dev: she is alrite….doctor ne kaha ki uss ko do ghanto mein hosh aajaye ga
Elena:thts vel and gud
Ranveer parks the car and cms in
Ranveer: ele SONA teekh to hai na….everything gud na plzs tell something
(Dev gives an odd expression when Ranveer say “SONA”)
Elena:hand haan Ranveer she is….
Vansh:fr gods sake

Ishaani: Rv (short form) chintha math she vil be alrite
Ranveer:haan Ishaani I know…
They all waite fr 2 hrs and then nurse cms out
Nurse: patient ko hosh aagayi hai aap jaasakthe hai…
Ranveer:ladies first
All three go in
Sona: hi ele hi vansh hi ishu
Elena:hi Sona
Vanshika,ele,and ishu together:kese feel karahiho?(sad expression)
Sona: arrey baba mein teekh hu…kyu ithne sad expression
Elena:nehe toh…?
They talk fr a while
Ranveer: omg!! Why all these girls r talking this much….and nothing shuld hav to hr
Dev mummers: over action

Sona:Ranveer kaha hai?
Ishaani:waiting out
Sona: arrey andar aane keliye bol
All three go out and he cms in
Ranveer: hey bstie tum teekh ho na…feeling better or…shuld I call the doctor
Sona: Ranveer take some breath…I am feeling awsome
Ranveer: really??awsome! Only u can talk like this baba
Sona:toh tum tumari bestie keliye ek choti si hug nehe degi
(Ranveer smiles and hugs hr and breaks it aftr a while….and they strt talking while talking with him Sona was laughing to core )


All three go to pharmacy to buy medicines fr Sona
Dev saw wht ever happend inside (but did nt hear the convo)
Dev: oh…!! They r so….close no this can’t happen….but Dev why do u mind…as if she is ur cost one
Ranveer:hey bolgaya …
Ranveer: Mr.dixit is out
Sona: wht!!
Ranveer:haan He only informed us
Sona: arrey tum bi na….call him in

Precap: dev takes care of sona very vel…and…..

Credits: Harsh&Akshu

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