DEVAKSHI – KHABHI HAA. ..KHABHI NAA. . ( KRPKAB ) Intro and Chapter 1

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Hi guys. ..aditi here…wanna write a new book on dev and sona. So guys support me . It’s a different love story and complelty different from the orginal one..So let’s get into the story..

Characters : they differ from orginal series.
Devrath Dixit : A successful business tycoon of Mumbai city. He owns his company after he finished his studies and a nice gentleman with a calm attitude . He is top most bachelor of Mumbai city and every girl fall for him.
Sonakshi Bose : bold , bubbly 20 years old girl pursuing her final year bachelor’s in computer science. She is fun loving girl who wants to live her life in happy way. A caring girl and loves her family more . To short ,she wants to live a simple happy life.

Anjali bose: sona’s sister who wants to live a luxurious life , quite opposite to sona. She is the top most fashion designer in Mumbai city and every man fall for her.
Aditya kapoor : dev’s best friend ,more than like his brother who supports dev in every step . They both love each other’s company and he is also a reason for dev’s success. Aditya is one of top most business man in the world .
Arya dixit: little brother who is pursuing his studies in IIM . A caring person and more close to dev and they both look like ram – laksman for other’s eyes.
Ishwari Dixit : dev and arya’s mother. Loves her both sons . Single mother but only cared for their happiness. She always wants both of them to remain happy.
Bijoy Bose : anjali and sona’s father who got retired and both shares everything with him as her friend. .

Asha Bose : anjali and sona’s mother who cares for her 2 daughters . She is quite open minded and supports them in all decisions.
Nkitha , riya , neha – dev’s cousin sisters.
Aliya malhotra : Arya’s girl friend and best friend of Riya .

Chapter 01.
The sun gleamed through the window splashing a line of  gold across his bedspread. The warmth of the sun burned his skin pleasantly through the blankets and he blinked the sleep from his eyes. He could hear the distant sound of loud voices and he stood up to open the door as someone is knocking continuously. He opens the door and walks back to his bed but not to sleep . He sits rubbing his eyes lazily while he heard  chuckles . He knows the owner of this chuckle and looks at them. His anger turned to smile on seeing the persons before him. ” how much time you gonna take dev bhai? Today is your wedding!! With your love ..” arya shouted as he is going to die in few minutes. Dev slowly surrounds his hand around his shoulder saying i know it’s my wedding..please don’t irritate me in the morning itself. ” know how much we are eager to see our bhabhi..” niki says while sitting next to dev.

Dev , acha…so you want to meet your future bhabhi..but remember she can’t be your wife until I marry her. Riya,  I know bhai you can’t deny as you are dying to marry her. Dev smiles at her sentence while Ishwari comes there shouting , how much time you all gonna take? I could not handle you people..she shouts while making dev to get from his bed.  Dev in irritated tone , ma..I am not going to marry in few minutes..time is there..why you are hurrying me as I am having only few seconds.. arya, bhai..if you get late then someone will marry bhabhi. Dev gets angry and starts to chase him. Arya runs out of his room saying get ready..otherwise I will call make you ready. Dev smiles saying buddhu. ..while Ishwari comes to,  ma..don’t worry..I will get ready in few minutes.

Ishwari , my son became matured as he is taking care of his ma. are going to get married. So from now you must support her in all times. I know you both love each other and that’s why I agreed to this marriage but not only love is enough both should understand each both should adjust with each other…she is about to continue when dev stops her saying ma ..please don’t take stress. .I am happy with this marriage and I will be as you leave me to get ready..otherwise we will be late. Ishwari leaves while dev walks back to his room. Yes the top most business tycoon and popular bachelor of Mumbai is going to marry his love. He struggled a lot to rise to this position. He completed his studies and started a small company which was now known to be ISHWARI GROUP OF COMPANIES . He worked hard day and night to attain this position. One beautiful day he met his love.

She came for an interview and not only she got a job in that company but also a place in his heart. He then appoints her as his personal assistant not for her beauty but for her fantastic work. He then starts to develop feelings for her and proposed a day. She too accepted him and both starts to date. Every person in the field of industry knows about their relation and some considered them as cute couple ,soulmates etc . Later he came to know that she is not interested to work in his company and she want to become a fashion designer. And after two years of her work in dev’s company she started her carrier. Initially there was an argument between them as dev never wants her to be a model but she convinced him saying as it’s her dream . He could not deny to her words as he love her more so he accepted . She became a top most model and a fashion designer but their relation continued till now. At a stage both the family decides for the marriage and today it’s going to happen.. ( I think you guessed…).

            Dev gets ready in his red sherwani and comes down. All praised him and gets ready to leave to bride’s home. Niki,  how am I looking? She turns around while arya says looking good fatty. Niki in anger tells how much time should I say..don’t call me fatty as I am in diet. Neha,  again you both please don’t start your drama..getting late..let’s go. They starts their journey to bride’s home.

In Bose mansion….

       The whole mansion was decorated with flowers and lights in such a grand way everyone will get attract to it. At the doorstep bijoy and asha were welcoming everyone .
Bijoy , did she got ready..
asha in taunting tone , how do I know as I am also with you..
Bijoy looking at asha,  what kind of mother you are?
Asha narrowing her sight towards him , then you can check right..why you are asking me..

That time the groom’s family comes.

Ishwari , today also you both are fighting..bhai..its our children’s wedding.
Niki in amusement , where is bhabhi..
Asha,  she is getting ready ..go to her room. Niki, riya,neha leaves running  while arya gets blessings from asha and bijoy. Dev bends but bijoy stops him saying you are like my son..not need this and hugs him. They all leaves inside while screen shifts to the bride’s room..

      Riya exclaimed ,bhabhi..while three entering in and looks around to find a girl who is dancing hard for kala chashma song. They trio chuckled which makes her to come out of her world . She turns and her face looks more beautiful and innocent look with a smile on her face. 
Neha,  what you are trying to do sona di?

Sona,  I am trying to prove that stupid arya that I can also dance in my sister’s wedding.
Niki hugging her side , did you got your step. Sona nods no in sad . Riya,  arey di. .dont worry niki is here na ..she will teach you..henna niki and winks at her. Niki thinks again I am not going to do that.. niki glares at riya for trapping her while neha laughs at them. Sona, arya you are kidding me. Niki in adjusting tone , ok ..I will teach you..and now..stop your senti wenti drama..where is bhabhi. Sona,  she is getting ready…wait..aunty came..I have to see her and come with me..actually gulab jamoon is getting ready..I could not wait to taste it. Riya, serioisly di. .you are behaving like a kid..

Sona, whatever you want to say..go on..but I want gulab jamoon . She pretends to cry saying no one cares for me..all care is for her only . Could not tolerate her drama all in chorus , ok meri ma..don’t cry..come ..let’s go. Niki stopping her says please’s my request..if you want to say anything..tell me..don’t do these drama’s never suits you. Sona smiles saying pakka and the four leaves from there.
  Sona gets blessings from Ishwari and she compliments her beauty saying looking gorgeous. Niki with a pout , then ..I am not looking good. Asha, look most prettiest in this world . Arya in taunting tone , don’t lie can a pumkin looks pretty in this world. Niki holds his ears asking what you said..I am looking like a pumkin to you..arya holding his ears , heard right… Ishwari, you both stop are here om your bhai’s wedding. Don’t act like kids. All laughs while sona returns back to her room finding empty. Sona,  di. ..where are you..see’s not time to play hide and seek..come on di..there is no response. She sees a paper on a dresser and her inner feelings says something wrong gonna happen. Her heart  beats faster and she nears to the dresser in fear.

She opens the letter with much tension and she shattered…
Dear mom and dad ,
     I am not happy in this marriage as I think I could not live happy with dev. And I love a person who is ready to give his whole world. I misunderstood dev’s feeling as love because i realised or dev can’t force me hence I am leaving from here..
Love you..

   Hope you enjoyed the update…share your views…
Will be continued…DEVAKSHI – KHABHI HAA

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  1. Rj12

    Wow loved it ???
    But pls show DevAkshi love story soon ?
    Post soon?


  2. Wowwwww what a fantastic story……it too good yr but post soon
    Lots of love ♥

  3. OMG..Till the end I was thinking that Sona is getting married to Dev. But it was Anjali.. Please please post next episode soon

  4. Aditiroy

    Thank you…sure I will update soon..

  5. Awesome episode dear post the next episode soon.

  6. Priya12

    Di, superbbb ….waiting 4 the devakshi love story ….post the nxt epi soon dr…

    1. Priya12

      Akka, I saw in 1 of ur kb ff….u said tat ur tamilian..N supporting jallikatu……I too support jallikatu but I m nt in protest …my bro is in protest…..ur dng such a gud job..supporting jallikatu…hats off 2 ur job

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  8. Amazing…. It’s surely ver different and interesting….Will be waiting for the next update….?

  9. Amazing…. It’s surely ver different and interesting….Will be waiting for the next update….

  10. Manya

    Sorry for late comment❣

  11. RiyaDcruz

    Hey aditi good to see u in krpkab nd d story is gud gng 2 read d rest episodes nd im trying 2 go kkb sec bt im feeling irritated fr d current story thts y i didnt read ur accidental love also sorry bt surely i’ll read ur A L aftr finishing dis coz dis 1 seems to be nyc fr an independent crazy bold childish girl gng 2 marry a calm i thnk it will gud bt i’ll surely read accidental love nd comment nd don’t frgt 2 reply too……

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