Devakshi – Epi -2

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As Dev went to office..Sona on the other side walks towards the kitchen…with a beautiful smile on her face..
As she came in the kitchen,she saw Ishwaari staring at her lovingly…which made Sona suspicious…about her actions..
Sona said ” Aunty Ji ,what happened? “..with concern..
Ishwaari said ” Nothing, i was just thinking about something..”
Sona said ” Ok , Aunty Ji think but don’t take stress…ok”
Ishwaari said ” Hmm I will not take stress”..
Sona gave her a smile

After this conversation…Ishwaari went to NRN room( Neha, Riya, Nikki )..

Neha Dixit : A young girl of 26 years..Sister of Dev…( She is not negative in my FF but I want to make my FF ,the happy one… )

Riya Dixit : A young girl of 21 years..Sister of Dev..She works in Dev office to have some experience about business…and I want to become like her brother…

Nikki Dixit : A young girl of 17 years…Sister of Dev.. She is naughty …and is always interested in her stupid novels( not actually stupid )..

Ishwaari come in NRN room..and tells them about her thoughts to unite DEVAKSHI…
Neha, Riya,Nikki were totally shocked to listen what Ishwaari spoke…they couldn’t believe that Ishwaari was thinking to unite DEVAKSHI…

Three of them together said ” Wow Maa”….
Neha said ” We don’t know that u want Dev bhai to marry…Wah”
Riya said ” I didn’t know that Sona di loves bhai..did she told u?”
Nikki said ” Yes, Maa did she told u…and if she told u then why not me as I am her friend…that’s not fair” with annoyance..
Ishwaari said ” Neha Riya Nikki, let me speak..
Sona didn’t told me anything…but I can read her face …on her face it’s clearly written that she loves Dev alot…and yes , I want Dev to marry. ..bcoz no one could find such a nice , sweet,sensible,smart,intelligent girl…in this world m…and and she is also very much beautiful…
Nikki said” Maa, itne taarif toh apne hamari bhi nahi ki…” With showing fake anger…
Ishwaari said ” leave all this tell me …r u there in my plan to Unite DEVAKSHI ??” with some tension…

NRN thinks for sometime and then three of them together spoke” Yes yes yes, we r IN the plan to Unite DEVAKSHI”…
Ishwaari gets very happy…

And then four of them have a group hug…

Same day at evening Dev came from the office and saw Sona waiting….in hall..
He immediately moved towards her and spoke “Ms.Bose, u r still here??…not going home!!!”
Sona said ” Woh , i was waiting for Elena(Cousin of Sona and lives in her house only)…she said that she will pick me up today”

Dev said” oh, if u don’t mind I can drop u as its getting very late…so”

Sona thought for a while and spoke ” Ok”….

Then, Dev spoke ” Ok, then let’s move or else ur family will get tensed”..

After the conversation…they move out of Ishwaari Niwas and got seated in Dev’s car with Dev at the driving seat and Sona sitting next to him…..

Precap : Some romantic movements during the journey….and and and….(suspense should be there)??❤?❤


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