Devakshi An Eternal Love Saga – Ft.Arranged Marriage Love A Twist In Tale Episode13

Hey friends i’m back with another episode. As per your comments this ff will be continued after the marriage of Devakshi too and in such a way that the realistic nature is not spoilt and your interest stays in too. Lets go to the episode.

The episode starts and Dev is in his room working on something. His phone rings. Its Sona

Dev picks it up with a broad smile

Dev: Sonakshi…

Sona is crying on the other end

Dev: Sona..what happened?

Sona: Dev I let my patient die..I’m not fit to be a doctor

Dev: What are you saying?

Sona: Today someone in the emergency ward died..we were unable to save him

Dev: very well know that you cannot save can just give your best rest is not in our hands

Sona: But Dev…

Dev: Sonakashi…you gave your best right? 

Sona: Yes I did I tried my level best to save him

Dev: Thats what was in your hand…every soul has to depart one day..every individual cannot be saved by you..not only you even God cannot…

Dev stops talking

Sona: Exactly even God cannot save everyone

There is silence on Dev’s side

Sona: Dev..don’t think that I’m challenging your principles and ways…you need not believe in God but you can believe in Maa’s strength. If you spend your time for her she will get very happy and that is the happiness that cannot be brought by the money or fame..Dev..when I sat in the havan she was happy but will be the happiest if we sit together. You are not spending that time for God that time is spent for Maa..she has given her entire life for you and now….

The call disconnects.

Elena come there

Elena: Shona…what happened?

Sona: Nothing

Her phone rings and ts Dev. She picks up the phone and walks aside

Sona: I’m sorry

Dev: I’m sorry   [at the same time]

Dev: Why did you ask sorry?

Sona: If I had hurt you I’m sorry..why did you ask?

Dev: For disconnecting the cal..Sona I haven’t shared my feelings with anyone..not even with Maa till now..its like i didn’t want anyone to see my weaker side..I always wanted to be Dev Dixit in front of everyone and not as a simple 27 yr old Dev who has weaknesses , emotions, love and tears..I couldn’t open up when you said those things…you were right and I was wrong but I din’t have courage to accept it thats why I disconnected the call then only I realised that you are the only person with whom I need not talk with a filter..I can open up to were rigth Maa has given us her entire life and now for me that one hour of havan time is not a big deal when compared to her sacrifice. I have been a bad son Sonakshi

Sona: Dev..its not like that..Maa se jaake puchiye she will say that her Devrat is the best in world..I did not want to pin point your mistake all I wanted is

Dev: Sonakshi you need not justify or explain anything. Thank you so much

Sona: Will you say thanks to yourself

Dev: What? No

Sona: Then don’t thank me too..I’m a part of you

Dev smiles and scene freezes.

Months fly like wind and its Dev and Sonakshi’s engagement

Dev is wearing a red sherwani. He is applying deodorant when his phone buzzes. Its Sona

The message: Your girlfriend  has left home and is on the way to the venue

Dev chuckles and sends her a reply

Dev: My girlfriend will become my fiance soon. I wish we arrive at the engagement venue soon and I could see her. She will looking gorgeous in that pink saree

Sona: When did Mr.Dev Dixit start to understand and celebrate colours

Dev: After I fell in love

Sona: Dev..don’t get late in messaging..come to the venue soon

Dev: Seems like someone is desparate

Sona: boyfriend is too handsome so can’t wait to show him to you

Dev: Wait..I’m feeling jealous of myself..strange

Dev chuckles and a knock is heard on the door. Its Vicky

Vicky: long..lets go

He takes Dev with him and the scene freezes.

Scene shifts to the engagement venue. Sonakshi is adjusting her saree in front of the mirror in one of the rooms.

Suddenly Dev comes behind her and holds her closer to him

Sona: Dev…what are you doing?

Dev: Last romance with my girlfriend

Sona: What??

Dev: sometime you will become my fiancee and then how can I romance with my girlfriend?

Sona: Koi..aajeyaga

Dev’s phone buzzes. Dev takes it and shows it to her

Vicky: Bhai..don’t worry aap aaramse apni romance continue karo Me, Nikki and Elena are managing stuff here..

Sona: What?? You asked their help to romance with me?

Dev: Haan kyu?

Sona: Arrey..ab Elena will be teasing me with this for months

Dev: Acha you are just worried about don’t bother about me

Sona: Arrey..its not like that

Dev: Sonakshi is it possible for you to be with me forever..every second…

Sona blushes. Suddenly they hear a knock on the door. Sona pushes Dev away

Dev: Aaww..miss kargosh

Sona: Huh?

Dev: You are as cute as a your nickname for me is Mr. Obodro my nickname for you is Ms. Kargosh

The knock is heard again. Its Vicky

Vicky: Bhai..bhabhi..they are calling you..come soon

Dev: Aagaya pyar ka dushman

Sona giggles and goes out followed by Dev. The scene freezes.

Dev and Sona are brought to the stage.

Vicky: Woah kya jodi hai ye

Elena: Jiju you are looking dapper

Dev and Sona are asked to stand up. Sona trips and Dev holds her

RR: Waah..jodi ho toh Dev Sonakshi jaisa..pyar ho toh Dev Sonakashi jaisa

Neha: Well Said Mamiji

Ishwari: Its time for the ring exchange ceremony

Dev and Sona exchange the rings. Everyone cheer around them. The episode freezes.



  1. Shesha485

    Cute episode. Mr.Obodro & Ms.Khargosh are 🥰🥰🥰🥰 Sonakshi’s advice to Dev was nice and Dev disconnecting it as he couldn’t accept it and then calling her and informing about that was really great. It was lovely when Sonakshi said that she was a part of Dev. Elena, Nikki and Vicky helping Dev to romance with Sonakshi and Sonakshi questioning him was funny

  2. Sai07

    Hai Shesha!! Very very happy to know that you liked the episode. Glad that the nicknames and Devakshi phone convo are enjoyed by you. 🥰🥰

    1. Sai07

      Hai Anja!! Excited to know that you liked the episode.

  3. Jasminerahul

    it’s true that all lives cannot be saved by a doctor.but for a doctor it’s painful n the people too blame them for everything.sona advising dev to spend more time with his mother n dev opening up to sonakshi was emotional.loved sona telling dev not to thank him as she is a part of him.finally dev too gave her a nickname karghosh.ha sona last bf gf romance was sweet.superb pics

    1. Sai07

      Hai Jasmine!!! It’s true that it is painful for a doctor when aren’t able to save a life. Happy that you liked Sona’s advice to Dev and telling him that she was a part of him. Good to know that you liked the nickname Ms. Kargosh and gf bf romance.

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