Devakshi An Eternal Love Saga – Ft.Arranged Marriage Love A Twist In Tale Episode 6

Hai friends I’m so sorry that I could not post this ff yesterday as I was busy.

Its a bright morning. Sona arrives at Dixit house with her family. Ishwari and Mamaji welcome everyone inside. Dev is in his room getting ready.

Sona enters the house and Nikki runs to her

Nikki: Hai Bhabhi..I’m Nikki the

Rhea: The prankster of this house

Nikki: Rhea didi don’t spoil my image infront of bhabhi

Neha: Nikki bhabhi is a part of family one day or the other she will get to know

Nikki: Par Neha di

Sona stands there silently watching the banter of the sisters.

Vicky comes there

Vicky: Arrey my dear sisters whats happening?

Nikki: Vicky bhai Rhea di and Neha di are pulling my leg

Vicky: Nikki look at bhabhi she is standing here for so long you three are quarreling leaving her alone. Is this how you welcome her?

Nikki: Oh sorry bhabhi

Vicky: Bhabhi ye hai Nikki the youngest devil of the family

Sona and Nikki hug

Rhea and Neha introduce themsleves to Sona.

Nikki holds Sona’s hand and: Sona bhabhi lets play video game

Radharani: Arrey sirf tumhari saath kyu Sona beta meain Dev ki maami hoon meri saath bhi talk kar na

Just then Dev comes down the stairs in his formal attire.

Dev: Maa I’m leaving for office. Nikki you better pack your bags.

Nikki: Bhai?

Dev: I have paid your tour fees for your college tour.

Nikki runs to Dev and hugs him

Nikki: Thank you bhaiyya

Dev smiles broadly seeing her happiness

Sona is amazed to see him smile. Seeing Sona staring at him Elena comes there

Elena: Sona..lost in Jiju’s looks?

Sona: He is smiling

Elena: What? you are saying like its something abnormal

Sona: I haven’t seen him smile till now

before they could speak anymore Dev comes to Asha and Bijoy and welcomes them.

Elena: Jiju I haven’t introduced myself to you. I’m Elena Sona’s younger sister

Dev: Hello Elena

Suddenly his phone rings . After few minutes

Dev: Maa I’m going to office. Evening I’ll be late don’t wait for me and eat.

Dev leaves. Ishwari its time for havan lets start it

Asha: Ishwari won’t havan without Dev

Ishwari: Asha Dev doesn’t believe in GOD, thats why I called Sona here to sit in the havan in his place

Elena: Won’t he object this Aunty?

Neha: Bhai doesn’t believe but never stops our beliefs.

Ishwari: This havan is for the happiness and prosperity of our families. The eldest child must sit but Dev won’t spare his time for it. He will say its all waste of time.Sona beta will you please sit in the havan in his place?

Sona: Aunty..don’t say please and all. I will sit.

Everyone sit and the havan starts. The scene freezes.

Its late in the evening and the scene shifts to Dev’s office. A knock is heard on the door.

Dev: Come in

Sona enters

Dev: Dr. Bose

Sona: Sorry for disturbing Mr.Dixit

Dev: No problem please take your seat

Sona: Mr.Dixit your follow up reports have come

Dev: If you had called I would have sent someone to collect it why are you straining yourself?

Sona: I was going by this way so thought of giving it personally

Dev: But Dr.Bose your hospital and house are in the opposite direction

Sona in her mind: arrey Mr.Obodro I came to meet you but you don’t understand

Dev: Dr.Bose?

Sona: I visited a patient nearby so I came here to give the reports here.

Suddenly the power goes off.

Dev calls the reception. No one picks it up.

Dev: Tina..tina…

No one responds. He  goes towards the window. Sona goes behind him.

He sees outside and realises that there is a heavy downpour and his office staffs have already left.

Dev turns around and gets scared as Sona is standing behind him.

Dev: Uff Dr.Bose you scared me

Sona: Oops sorry

Dev: Seems like everyone has left.

He searches his pocket and finds he mobile and switches on his torch

Dev: Baabp re

Sona: What happened?

Dev: My phone as just 5% battery. I will search the candle before it dies down

Sona: I have my phone

Dev: We need your phone for contacting someone for help lets not waste that battery on torch

Sona: Mr.Dixit won’t the watchman be there can’t we call him and ask him to switch the generator on.

Dev: I tried that but no one picked it up

Sona sees that there is no signal in her mobile.

Sona: Arrey my phone has no signal in it

Dev: We must wait till the rain stops. I’ll find the candles first. It will be in the receptionist table. You stay here.

Sona : Mr.Dixit.. I’ll come too

Dev goes down and Sona follows him

They get down the stairs. Sona trips down suddenly . Dev holds her.

They get lost into each other.
Badale Se Din Hai Meri Badali Si Raatein, Badali Si Raatein
Kai Dino Se Meri Mahki Hai Sanse, Mahki Hai Sanse
Pehli Dafa Hai Ki, Mujhme Tu Jhalka Hai
Pehli Dafa Hai Ki, Mujhme Tu Chhalka Hai
Mere Rango Me Kuch Dhang Hai Tere Jaise Bhi


Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi,
Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi,
Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi,
Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi.

Plays in the background

After few moments they hear a thunder and they come to reality.

Dev: Please be careful Dr.Bose

They search for the candle and finally Sona finds it

Sona: Mr.Dixit I found it but I dont have a match stick

Dev: I have it

He lights the match stick and lights the candle. The scene freezes on the their glowing faces in the candle light



  1. Jasminerahul

    why dev doesn’t believe in God? omg both cannot use the phone n got stuck up in the dark room.sona tripping n dev holding her ..they getting lost in each other was romantic. candle light scene was lovely.nice pics

    1. Sai07

      Dev doesn’t believe in God as his prayers to save his Dad weren’t fulfilled. This reason will be revelaed to Sona very soon. Very happy to know that you liked the romantic sequence.

  2. Shesha485

    The Episode is lovely. The romance during power cut is awesome. Loved the whole power cut scene. Sonakshi sitting in havan instead of Dev is nice. Neha, Riya, Nikki’s intro to Sonakshi and their catfights are cute

    1. Sai07

      Hai Shesha Very happy to hear that you liked the power cut romance. Very happy with your constant support through comments. Please keep supporting.

  3. Keep writing

    1. Sai07

      I will for sure 😀😀

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