Devakshi An Eternal Love Saga – Ft.Arranged Marriage Love A Twist In Tale Episode 21

Hai friends I’m back with next episode. Sorry for the delays..please bear for sometime once my exams get over I’ll post daily. Let’s go to episode now.

Sona spends her day gloomily as the thought of missing Dev at night is eating up her. Nikki and Rhea try to cheer her up doing various funny things and showing the photo albums of Dev’s childhood.

Sona in mind: Dev..has been Mr.Obodro only after losing his father it seems till then he seems to be a happy child…Oh fo..Mr.Obodro it’s my first day at Dixit house and you aren’t here with me and you won’t come at night too.
Vicky notices a sad Sona and calls Dev

Vicky: Dev bhai..this is not’s bhabhi’s first day here and you are not here with her

Dev: Hey bhudhu…keep her occupied downstairs itself

Vicky: Haan..Haan..we won’t let her alone to be in your room waise bhi..

Dev: Very good my work will be done too

Vicky: What…bhai..are you here

Dev: Yes

Vicky: But you left..for office with bags na

Dev: I went through the door and came through the window

Vicky: Woah..what

Dev: Arrey I’m decorating the room to surprise Sona Rey…she should feel at home I got Elena’s help and decorated it to her taste and a small alone time

Vicky: Wow..romantic Mr.Dixit

Dev: Ab shut up and help me..don’t let Sona come here for atleast two hours then I’ll be done.

Vicky chuckles as Dev disconnects the call.

Few hours later…it’s 9 pm..Nikki and Rhea also help Dev by getting Sona ready

Sona: Arrey why are you doing this at night Huh…

Nikki: Bhabi..we already told you that it’s a surprise…have patience nah

Sona shrugs her shoulder as Rhea and Nikki take her to her room..

Sona is confused and is worried too as Dev won’t be there that night..

Nikki opens the’s dark everywhere . Sona is about to switch on the lights but Rhea stops her

Rhea: Bhabhi…patience..lights will be on at the right time

Nikki: Arrey Rhea di..right is then when we leave

Rhea and Nikki leave a confused Sona there and go down.

The moment Sona gets in the door is locked behind her..she turns in a shock..then next moment lights get on..Sona is surprised to see the room changed according to her taste..her eyes look here and there while Dev is hiding from her vision.

Sona: Arrey..the room looks entirely changed..looks romantic too..but kya fayda…Dev isn’t here

Suddenly Dev comes behind her and hugs her

Sona: Dev… said you won’t come tonight..Acha…so it was a lie

Dev: Haan.

Sona: Why did you lie to me

Dev: So that I can see the surprise on the face of Dr.Bose

Sona: It’s no more Dr.Bose it’s Mrs.Dixit Mr.Obodro

Dev: Acha,,Acha..Mrs Dixit..

Sona: I’m angry with you for lying to you know how grumpy my day was

Dev: I know

Sona: So you were enjoying my pain..

Sona breaks the embrace and walks away

Dev holds his ear as an apology...Sona smiles at his cute face…The scene freezes

Scene shifts to Neil’s room. He is busy with his mobile and laptop.His phone’s Natasha..he is surprised

Neil: Natasha…

Nat: Neil…I need to share something with you..can I

Neil: You don’t need permission for it..go on

Nat: I’m in love again..I know it’s too soon but I can resist myself from it..I don’t know what that guy thinks of me…I don’t know what’s happening in his life..but the feel which he gives me is different..I feel different..should I tell him about my feelings

Neil: Of course Natasha…there is nothing soon or late in falling in love..but soon or late for confession is there..the more you delay in confessing your feelings the more you are gonna lose him or her. Tell him about your feelings without worrying about response

Nat: I have confessed my feelings to you Neil.I can’t resist worrying your response

Neil is surprised at this…The episode freezes



  1. Shesha485

    Nice episode. Loved all the scenes especially Natasha’s confession to Neil. Waiting for his reaction… Dev coming and going through window, decorates under Elena’s advice, Nikki and Rhea, Vicky-Dev helping him were so cute. Loved when Sonakshi was hugged by Dev and her cute fights with him. Can you please add Neha too in the story? I think even after Devakshi separation, she was not at all shown thus her story remain incomplete…

  2. Sai07

    Hai Shesha So happy that you loved NeilNat scene and Natasha’s confession. So happy that you liked Dev planning the surprise and Vicky Rhea and Nikki helping him.Glad that you liked Devakshi hug and cute fight.Sure I’ll definitely add Neha in the story.. do you want Neha and Ranveer pair to be together or do you want Neha with her second husband

    1. Shesha485

      I want Neha with Ranveer. Thanks for adding her in the story🥰🥰🥰

    2. Sai07

      Sure Shesha I’ll show Neha and Ranveer as a happy couple. It’s always a pleasure 🥰


    1. Sai07

      Wait won’t be longer Anja 😍

  4. Loved it😍😍, missed your updates in last few days, keep writing

    1. Sai07

      So happy that you loved it 🥰😍. Sorry for the delay. I’ll definitely keep writing.

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