Devakshi An Eternal Love Saga – Ft.Arranged Marriage Love A Twist In Tale Episode 10

Hai friends here is the 10th episode featuring Dev’s love proposal

Dev: Hey buddu you are in love and you haven’t realised it. You needed a broken Natasha to make you realise it. Sona loves you..she felt jealous when she saw you with another girl.  She sat in your place in the thought that it is a duty as daughter in law…but she asked you to know about you and become a part of your life..the love of your life..[He hits him on his forehead] Arrey she may be thinking that i’m marrying her for Mom’s wish thats why she fell into  an awkward silence after blurting out that she indeed was jealous…Dev..come have to propose her..Propose?? What else? till now you didn’t even ask her wish or tell your wish but started to say that she is your finacee. Get ready and go to her now..tell what you really feel..wait…wait..tell her what you realised…

He goes to his cupboard and searches for a shirt

Dev: What colour should I wear? Wait..Aaj tak toh meine ye kabhi nahi socha..sochna kya..mujhe rang toh samaj mein bhi nahi aatha…but have changed me within such a short span..Ab what should I wear…let me check her social media profile to know what colour she likes

He quickly grabs his phone and checks her social media and is shocked

Dev: Seriously?Dr.Bose I mean Sonakshi likes orange!! Arrey but I’ll wear you like it Sonakshi

He quickly gets ready

Dev: Abbey now what will I tell her…what means what tell her what you feel for her…but she is a believer of fairytales..just telling her I love you won’t be enough..what should I say….Arrey Dev tell her what you really feel for her..and now leave before its too late.

He gets down. Ishwari is sitting in the couch

Dev goes to her and gets her blessings.

Ishwari: Dev..

Dev: Maa I’m going to finish an incomplete work bless me

Ishwari: May the work be the best of all your works

Dev: Teek hai Maa..I’ll leave

Dev gets out to the car and leaves.

On the way he dials Sonakshi

Dev: Sonakshi can we meet now?

Sona: everything alright?

Dev: Nothing is alright

Sona: What?

Dev: Nothing nothing…I have almost reached your home..lets meet in person

Sona: Okay

The call disconnects. Sona is confused. But she shrugs her shoulder and sneaks out of the house and waits for Dev.

Dev’s car comes there. Dev comes out to her

Dev: Chalo lets go

Sona: Where?

Dev: Somwhere where we find loneliness

Sona stands there still. Dev holds her hand and takes her to the car.

They get in and leave.

Sona: Dev..what happened?

Dev: Something good has happened

Sona: ??

Dev: Waise what was the nickname you kept to me?

Sona: Mr. Obodro

Dev: I have found its meaning

Sona [in her mind]: Oh my God

Dev: It means Mr.rude..the robotic one without any feelings..but Sonakshi I have feelings the real fact is myself don’t understand what I feel myself..I’m indeed too complicated for me..

Sona: But Dev…

Dev: Sonakshi did you notice my shirt’s colour

Sona: Orange

Dev: Your favourite colour

Sona: Haan..but how did you know

The car stops in a lonely place. Dev gets down the car and Sonakshi follows him. 

Sona: Dev…why did we come here?

Dev: Sonakshi I want to tell you something

Sona doesn’t know what to react

Dev: Sonakshi I agree to the fact that i accepted this marriage for Maa’s wish But…the day you entered my life you have started to change me from mr.Obodro …from a robot to a human…you made me smile…you made me prioritize your happiness before have changed me and though I accepted the marriage for maa’s sake its not like that now…I really want you to be a part of my life and a part of me..Sonakshi even after trying a lot I am not able to complete this without mentioning these words… [he takes a deep breath and gets closer to Sonakshi] “Dr.Sonakshi Bose I Love you, I love you as a Man loves a Woman”

Sona is stunned

Sona: I love you too Dev

Dev: Thats why you were jealous when you saw Natasha with me right…yesterday you became silent after confessing it..I know the reason behind it…it was all my fault Sonakshi

Sonakshi looks up at him and: Nothing is your fault…I am so happy to hear what i wanted to hear from you…this is enough for a lifetime 

Sonakshi runs to him and hugs him

unchuye the sapne mere tune chhoo liye
chupke chupke dil me
aaya to jaan do liye
teri ho gayi mein tujhko pata bhi to ho
mere pyar me teri raza bhi to ho
pehli dafa hai ki mujhme tu jhalka hai 
mere rango me kuchh
dhang hai tere jaise bhi
kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi
kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi
meri duniya mein tha
main apney hi dhyan mein
kuch toh badal gaya
hai mere aasmaan mein
aisa ye kaisey kyun kya ho gaya
kuch khoobsoorat sa dil ko ho gaya
pehli dafa hai ki mujhmey tu chalka hai
mere rangon mein kuch
dhang hai terey jaise bhi
kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi
kuch rang pyar ke aise bhi

plays in the background

The scene freezes in their happiness.





  1. Bhuvaneshwari

    This episode was more than awesome. Loved this very much 😍😍❤️❤️❣️❣️💕💕🥰🔥

    1. Sai07

      Hai Bhuvaneshwari!!! I’m so excited and happy to know that you enjoyed this episode and loved it 😍😍🤗🤗

  2. Jasminerahul

    dev wearing orange shirt for Sonakshi was cute.confession was sweet.nice dialogues. sona too confessing love was a surprise.I loved her saying that this was enough for a life time.devakshi hug was lovely.perfect pics

    1. Sai07

      Hai Jasmine!! Glad to know that you enjoyed Dev’s gesture of wearing orange shirt. Excited to know that you liked Sona confessing her feeling.

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