Devakanya OS


A bus stopped in a forest like place. First of all, a handsome boy came out of bus… He saw all the place with his binoculars.

A boy: laksh..??? Is the place ok???

Laksh: ya…ya… Everyone get down…

It’s a college bus. And, they came on a camp. The professors were looking after all students. Laksh is the leader to that team. Laksh finds a pink color lotus shaped ring on ground.

He touches it and wears it to his finger.

All together lay tents and arrange everything. Professor will be informing them about the places they are going to visit next day. Laksh comes near swara and sanskar. They both are his friends.

Swara: ohh…i’m getting excited. But a bit scared, will wild animals come here??

Sanskar: don’t worry swara, they eat only beautiful girls…

Swa beats san. Laksh laughs.

It’s already night. Everybody are sleeping in their own tents. Laksh who was not sleepy comes out and keeps looking around and in sky.

He hears a beautiful voice of a girl singing.
He just walks a bit into forest as he is over enthusiastic. He finds nothing and about to return, he listens the voice again. He goes further forward.
After crossing some trees, beautiful creepers of flower trees are there. Among those creepers, a pond is present. He could he some illuminating pleasant light, in form of human.

First, he gets scared confusing it’s a devil, but that light is giving angelic feeling. And, he is sure, that voice belongs to that human form. That light slowly becomes dim, and clearly a human is visible and that too a woman.
Laksh goes even more closer and hides behind a pillar. She touches her foot in water and keeps playing with it. Her legs are in milky cream white. She sets her hair with her long fingers. She is wearing a white devakanya dress (guys, you probably might know how will be devakanya..)

She is wearing a white veil, which is passing all through her back.
He unknowingly makes foot sound and she looks back. He hides. Now, Laksh could see her face. Her big eyes, pink lips, totally an un imaginable beautiful girl.
“Wow, what a pretty girl. I have never seen such a girl on earth…”
Of course, she is Ragini.
That girl observers something behind creepers and starts running away gently from there. Laksh keeps running behind her without her knowledge. Suddenly she disappears.

Laksh: omg…! What i saw is really truth!? Is she angel???
He waits and searches around for lot of time and suddenly he falls down unconscious.

Next morning, all search for Laksh and find him in between the trees. Sanskar wakes him.
San: what happened to you?? Why are you sleeping here??
Lak: sanky, i saw an angel. Yes yar..she is devakanya…
Swa: ahaaa,..stop your stories and come fast. Professor is waiting.

No one believes Laksh. But, he sees the same pool and creepers there. Just then, he finds a white anklet and reminds that it belongs to that girl. He takes it into his hands and puts in his pocket.

All the students get ready and go to see a waterfalls. They go near it and start talking photos. But, Laksh keeps thinking about her. Suddenly, he finds Swara in danger, he saves her, but he slips into waterfalls. Everyone shout, “laksh…”
He wakes up after sometime and he finds himself in a cave. He could see in blur a white woman form, his conscious knew that it is that angel. He opens his eyes wide. That devakanya kept her leg on a stone and she was tying the anklet to her leg. Laksh checks in his pocket, and her anklet is missing. After tying it, she comes out of the cave. She didn’t see him. Laksh slowly stands at a side and observing her.
She stands like that for a while and a white light appears around her. That light even illuminates the places around. Laksh amazes.
She suddenly disappears from that place. He runs near it and looks for her around. He remains upset on loosing her.
Later, he slowly reaches his place. Sanskar and swara run near him and hug him.

Swa: laksh…ur ok right…
San: we thought we lost you….
Laksh is looking sad….
Lak: i lost her sanky, swara… i want her….
San: who is she??
Lak: that devakanya…..
Sanskar and swara hold their heads.

They are returning back in bus. Laksh is looking out of window sadly. The whole team is sad if he is sad. Suddenly he hears a song of lady… aaaa…aa…aaa..aaaa……

His heart tells that it’s devakanya. He gets down from bus.
San: what’s up laksh??
Lak: guys, you go. I will come later….
San: but….
Lak: go….

The college bus goes away leaving him behind. Laksh follows that voice and suddenly a girl hugs him. He shocks. He moves that girl far, he amazes, she is that angel. He keeps looking at her.
He then sees someone chasing her. Why hero will stop?? He fights with them and gives them nice blows. They run away. Laksh turns back and looks for her. She disappeared again…!

Laksh gets upset and shouts… “who are you….!!!”
He returns back to home. He seemed to be upset. He is not talking with anyone.
That night, he is roaming up stairs…. the moon light is illuminating…he takes a ball and starts playing with it. He strongly beats it to wall, it comes back and hits his hand. He shouts in pain…

Be bends and holds his hand..then, he looks a white form again. He raises his head surprisingly…that’s devakanya again…! She is rubbing her shoulder in pain.
His happiness has no end at all…

Laksh goes near her saying… you??
Then she suddenly slaps him. He shocks.

Devakanya: have you gone mad? Why are you playing with that round thing like that. It hit me.

Laksh amazingly: when did it hit you? And who are you? How did you come here??

Devakanya: I’m Ragini devi… swargalok ka devakanya.

Laksh shocks and makes his eyes big.

Ragini: on a curse, i was turned as a ring and fell on earth. You wore that ring.

Then Laksh reminds wearing the ring..that pink lotus ring. He looks at his hand.

Laksh: but why the ring is not to my hand now??

Ragini: hey murka maanav..! If I’m here, how ring will be there? Ring is me and I’m the ring.. that round thing hit your hand and me too when i was as ring…

Laksh was still surprised….

Ragini: i was always around you from time when you wore me. I’m suddenly disappeared that means, i was as ring to your hand. And, you foolishly searched me here and there……

Laksh laughs: but who are they who chased you in forest??

Ragini: i don’t know…. even i never know when i will be turned as ring or turned as a girl… i tuned as girl and started walking in forest here and there….u were going away in a chariot like thing(she mean it bus) then those men saw me chased me…just then you came. I wanted to hug you to turn as ring….but i didn’t change…. you were fighting with them, then i turned as ring again….. you know, it’s me who saved you from waterfalls.

Laksh scratches his head.

“You keep on transforming like this ring to human and human to ring….??” He asks and she is again no where. He looks at his hand and his finger has the ring. He smiles looking at it. He is about to touch the ring, but he smiles and takes his hand back.

Next morning…laksh wakes.
He listens swara and Sanskar voice. They both were talking with someone.

Swara: who are you??

San: what ru doing here??

Laksh doesn’t understand and he looks at his hand. The ring is not there. He shocks and runs to hall. Ragini is sitting is sofa…she looking everyone with big eyes and innocently.
Laksh runs at them. Ragini sees Laksh.

Ragini: maanav, i have turned like this again. I came here. This stri maanav and purush maanav has seen me.

Swasan shock with her words.

Ragini: I didn’t understand what to talk.

Ap asks upset: who are you by the way…!

Ragini: I’m Ragini devi, swargalok ka devakanya…

Laksh holds his head. Everyone open their mouths.

Ap: laksh…who is she and what is she talking??

Laksh: maa, she is mad. She has gone mad while doing a drama of devakanya.

Ap: but how do you know her?
Laksh: maa, I brought her home, she was roaming on road alone at night. It was dangerous know…
Swara: is that true? Ur story doesn’t have a base…
Laksh looks at her angrily. She becomes calm.
Laksh: maa, helping a needy girl is correct right…
Ap: ya..but send her away soon knowing about her.

All turn at Ragini. But she is not there.

Swa: where did she go suddenly??
Laksh looks at his hand and smiles. The ring is shining…

Swasanlak are in college.
San: where did she go away suddenly laksh..?

Swa beats his head: why are u interested in her that much??

Lak: she is always around me…
He keeps touching the ring.

Swasan doesn’t understand his words.

Swa: hey laksh, do you love her…aaa…aaa??

Laksh blushes. He gets shocked to see Ragini again suddenly. She is looking in red eyes at him. His ring is vanished.
She comes near him and bends and beats him in back.

San: omg..mad girl has come..!!

San swa run far.

Lak: what happened devakanya ji..??

Rag: why did you touch me? Your finger pressed my nose.

Laksh laughs: I’m sorry. I will not repeat it. But, you don’t come as you like. If anyone see you??

Ragini: hey murka maanav, i said you already, coming and going is not in my hands. Why i come how i go even i don’t know??

She disappears suddenly again.

Lak: my god, i have kept this ring at home.

They three go to the class. Sanlak are always in last bench. Sanskar observes Laksh’s ring. He is about to touch it, but suddenly smoke comes from that ring. Sanskar scares and moves aside. Ragini comes out. He shocks. Laksh looks aside and shocked to see her beside. No others will observe her.

Professor turns back and looks at Ragini.

Professor: hey, who are you??

Ragini: I’m Ragini, Swarga lok ka Devakanya…

Sanskar faints. Class shocks.

Swara laughs: professor, she is a mad girl. And Laksh is taking care of her right now.

Professor: take that mad girl and get out of class swara and laksh. And, take your fainted friend Sanskar also..!

Swalak takes ragini and sanky out.

Laksh sprinkles water on sanky. He awakes and keeps shouting. “she is angel, the real devakanya..!!”

Ragini: hey darpok manav, don’t shout. No one should know what am i…

Laksh: then why do you keep on telling everyone, (in her tone— I’m Ragini, swarga lok ka devakanya…

Ragini: hey murka maanav, he has seen my transformation.

Sanskar nods his head. Then Laksh tells them everything. Swara amazes.

Swara: so, we have to hide her, till she returns to swarga lok…

Ragini: yes, and on coming full moon i can go away. If i don’t go away, i have to stay back as human forever.

Laksh sadly: there are only 5 days for full moon.

Ragini looking at him: why are you sad??

Swara and Sanskar understand.

Next day,
Ragini keeps asking doubts.
Rag: what is that box thing, everyone are talking in it.
Swar: it’s mobile…to talk…
Rag: then what is that big box thing…
Swa: it’s T.V…
Rag: then….
Swa: ok Ragini, i have to go…this Sanskar will clear your doubts…
Sanskar who was tired till then answering her everything: hehe, Ragini, even i have to go…

Both escapes. She catches Laksh. But, Laksh feels happy talking with her and spending time with her. Whatever, she ask, he tell everything patiently.
Ap observes the closeness between them.
In those 5 days, ragini and laksh become close. Even Ragini starts loving him. But, she never know the meaning of that feeling.

On that full moon day,

The four goes upstairs.

The full moon is so bright.

Ragini closes her eyes and keeps her hands in some pose. Laksh gets teary eyes. Sanskar keeps hand on his shoulder asking him to control. Laksh keeps looking at her sadly.

A white light comes from sky to that terrace. Ragini turns to laksh Sanskar and swara.

Ragini: if i enter into that light, i will go back to my place and i could never return back.

Laksh wipes his tears and turns other side.

Laksh: go away before that light disappears.

Ragini feels sad. Swasan looks on.

Ragini turns to that light. Laksh closes his eyes and his eyes are full of tears. Suddenly that bright light vanishes. He thinks that she went away.

Laksh: did she go away?

Swasan are silent.

Laksh: arey, tell me did she go away??

Suddenly, he feels someone hugging him. Swasan are happily clapping their hands. Laksh touches those hands. He turns back. It’s Ragini and her face is all red with tears.

Ragini: you murka maanav, why didn’t you never said me that this feeling is called love. You and i have that same feeling right…!

Laksh smiles and hugs her tightly. Ragini melts in his embrace. Swasan smile.

@@@@@@@the new love story begins…………[email protected]@@@@@@@@@@@@@

/* this os inspired from telugu movie jagadeka veerudu athiloka sundari…*/
But the story is completely different…..

Thank you for reading guys…. hope u liked it…….

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