Dev (Colors) 6th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Munim killed by Mahek?

Dev (Colors) 6th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Flashback shows Mahek shooting Dev on Munim’s saying. Munim says welldone Mahek, you choose mind over heart, I chose myself over my son and you chose yourself over your husband. Mahek rushes to Dev and tries to wake him up, she gets angry on Munim and shoots him three times. Munim falls in pool. Mahek thinks Munim you took everything from me but I wont let anything happen to Dev. She calls hospital and says I wont let anything to happen you Dev. Flashback ends, Mahek is in daze and says I shot Munim three times, when ambulance took Dev, I went back in house but didnt find Munim’s body in pool. Dev recalls how Mahek got tensed whenever he asked about Munim, Mahek comes out of Daze.
Dev comes out of therapy room, he says to Mahek that you are a liar, if Munim is dead then where is his body? Mahek says I tried to find it but I shot him three times. Dev says why didnt you tell me? you kept me as your puppet, I have one heart and how many times will you break it? Mahek says I want to live with you, I love you. Dev says you keep lying, Mahek says think about our baby. Dev says I will raise my baby alone, I will give it the world. Mahek says you cant keep a baby away from its mother. Dev says then why have you kept me away from my mother? Mahek says I didnt do anything like that, Dev says I will find out what you did but I will find my mother, he leaves. Mahek recalls her moments with Dev, their love story, she cries seeing Dev leave from there, kya hua tera wada plays.

Dev comes to Dwani and says I did Mahek’s hypnosis and now I cant trust her, she knows where my mother is, I save everyone but I cant find my mother. Dwani says dont worry, you will find your mother. Dev says but when? he recalls his moments with mother in childhood. He thinks that I want to hug my mother and never let her go. Dwani says I promise to be with you and find your mother. Dev says Mahek is a riddle for me now. Dwani says Mahek went to meet my dad, she even killed bank manager, we should find out what she found in bank locker, she should keep an eye on her. Dev gets an idea and says I know who can keep an eye on Mahek. He gives her Praful’s suspected murders list to Dwani and leaves. Dwani thinks that Dev I know Mahe have hurt you but I will help you to find your mother.

Scene 2
Dwani comes to Praful’s lab. She has her hair curled. She says to Praful that I am Maya from another college, I have heard about you, can you teach me in summer holidays. He says I will have to think about you. She says I know you are charming and have many students but please teach me, she puts hand on his arm, he holds her hand. Eisha comes there. Praful introduces them. Dwani gives her number to Praful and leaves. Eisha says to Praful that you were flirting with her. Dwani hides and hears them. Praful says tonight we are going to seal our relation, dont worry, he leaves from there. Dwani calls Dev and says Praful’s new victim is Eisha, they are going to seal their relation tonight, Dev asks her to follow Eisha.

Dwani comes to Eisha and sits with her in canteen, she says Fraddy my boyfriend and I want to take help from Praful sir, you seem close to him, can you help us? Eisha gets happy to know that she has boyfriend and says sure I will help you.

Mahek is working on some notes. Apa comes to her house and says I didnt come here for you, this baby has me too so I will help it. Mahek asks her to sit in lounge while she cleans the room. Mahek goes to room and collects her notes. She recalls how she kept her diary in lounge. She comes in lounge and sees Apa taking selfies. Apa sends her selfie to Dev showing she is at Mahek’s house. Mahek silently takes diary from table and hides. She asks Apa to go to her room, its ready, she leaves. Mahek thinks I know Dev sent Zohra Apa to keep an eye on me, I will have to be more careful now.

Eisha comes to Praful. Praful says my car has broken down so I have called a cab. He shows her sweetdish he cooked for his mom, she says you are cute. They leave in cab. Dwani follows them.

Praful and Eisha comes to Eisha’s house. Her father opens door, Eisha says Praful is my chemistry professor. Dwani calls Dev and says they have come to Eisha’s house, she sends him address.
Praful gives sweetdish to Eisha’s mother and recalls how he mixed poison in it. They go for dinner.

Dev and Dwani comes to Eisha’s house. Dev says to Eisha’s mom that I am from police, we have to talk about Eisha’s classmate Bhawna who was killed. He comes to Eisha and says Dwani is my assistant, Eisha recalls how she met her as Maya. Praful looks on and is surprised to see Dwani. Dev says professor is here too. Dev sits down. Eisha says what you want from us? Dev says we feel Bhawna was killed by a serial killer who kills girls with curly hair like you and we feel that killer is near you. Dwani asks what she can tell about Bhawna? she says I was not friends with her. Dev says she had an affair with Praful eyes sweetdish. Dev notices it and says I like rasgolla, Praful says I made it for Eisha’s family, Dev says Dwani likes them, let us try. Praful tries to take jar from him and pulls it to him, jar falls down and breaks. Dev looks on.

PRECAP- Professor Praful says to himself that after so much time, someone has brought fear in me but still I am not in his clutches. He burns all the photos of girls he killed.
Dev shows girls Praful killed to Eisha and says Professor changes his city every year and trap girls.
Narvekar comes to Professor Praful’s house and says we have to search your house. He says why? Narvekar says we have search warrant for it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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