Dev (Colors) 28th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Mahek reveals the truth

Dev (Colors) 28th October 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vani waking up. She gets shocked finding herself handcuffed. She asks Dev what’s this. Dev holds her face. He gets angry and says your lie is out Vani, or Mahek, or do you have any other name, no more lies. She asks did you go mad. Ten hours ago, Narvekar asks constable to send Dev and Vani’s pics, they should be caught. He calls Meera. She doesn’t answer. He asks constable to get Meera to police station. Meera tells Zohra about Narvekar’s call.

Zohra says Dev got surrounded by problems. Avi says Dev will be alright, he is a superhero. Zohra and Meera recall Dev’s words. Constable takes Meera to police station. Narvekar tells Meera that he had a doubt on Vani, Dev said that he got his wife’s call when Swami ji was killed, it maybe coincidence, Mahek died after a week, then inspector handling the case also died, Dev was proved innocent in the court, I wanted to prove Dev’s crime, then Vani entered, conspiracy looks coincidence, Vani is Mahek. Meera gets shocked. Narvekar says it means Dev and Mahek are together, they do high profile murders and then disappear. Meera says enough, you have no proof. He says Dev has run away to hide his crime, tell me where is he. She says I don’t know. He says fine, you have to stay here till you know, else pray we find him.

Dev says you shouldn’t have loved me, I remember you, its all a lie, your birthmark on back is true, you forgot I m a good detective. He shows the spycam and phone. He says I had a doubt on you, you believed my story so easily, when anyone would have fooled you, I invited you home, you have stolen our pic from room, I thought why did you come in my life to fool me, so I played along, it was not easy to act to love you, I wanted answers, so I did as you said, Taare got murdered, I thought you and Arastu wanted to frame me, but you saved me, I got to know you and Arastu are in different teams, your plan was easy to marry someone and then break heart or kill him, you are very stupid to believe me, I have come here by becoming your partner in crime, you will tell truth to me now.

She says I knew this day will come, I m fed up running from truth, I want to tell you truth. Dev asks how did you murder yourself and why. Narvekar asks the man to decode the folder and get info from Arastu’s phone. He sees Meera and orders tea for her. She says Avi will need me. He says Zohra will take care of me, you can tell about Dev and go. Vani/Mahek says you have to know entire truth. Someone shoots at them. They hide behind the car. She asks Dev to open her handcuffs, she will not run. He says this can’t be police. She says its a Chakravyuh, you run away, I will distract them. He says I will distract them. He runs and gets shot at his arm. Mahek fights with the man. Dev looks on. She gets the gun and shoots the man. Dev sees Chakravyuh mark on his hand and asks her to tell truth about the symbol. She says you are bleeding, we have to leave first, I will tell you the truth. They leave.

Meera says I really don’t know, Dev is not wrong, Dev loves Vani, Arastu tortured Vani. Narvekar says Dev was fooling us, Dev and Vani murdered Arastu, even then you are taking his side, I don’t know his past, there is someone who is saving her, you can go if you want, tell me if you get any info about Dev, else we won’t know who is real Dev. Mahek and Dev are on the way. She asks are you fine, bullet just touched and passed. She says I loved you a lot, so I killed myself. Dev says I died that day, I got punished for loving you. She says my name is Mahek, I was born in small village, in same temple where Swami was killed by my hands. Dev gets shocked. He gets angry and shouts stop the car. He gets down the car. She asks him to listen. He gets angry and holds her neck. He says such a big cheat, you are a devil. She says listen to my truth once, then do anything. She asks her to say.

She says this truth started many years ago, we were very happy. 13 years ago, Mahek reads poetry. She leaves for school with her elder sister Muskaan, everyone used to stay happy, problem came in our village. Swami says we got permission to make ashram in your fields land, as there is water facility, don’t worry, you will get land price, we want your signs on legal papers. Mahek’s dad says I m a farmer, how can I give land Swami ji, sorry my land is not for sale. Swami ji says fine if your decision is such. He leaves. Mahek says more farmers refused to give land, Swami prayed for their peace, he knew the peace is going to turn into a storm. The village catches fire. Mahek’s dad gets her out of the fire and asks her not to go anywhere. Mahek asks police to save her house. She sees Taare and Limay, they didn’t help. Someone kidnaps her. She wakes up. The man apologizes and says forgive me, your house was burnt by Swami, I didn’t know about it, he is taking people’s land by my name, forgive me. He teaches her self defense. She says my first target was Taare, I had to take revenge, I took support of Arastu, I acted of love and marriage with him, before I could workout my plan, Arastu met with an accident and he went in coma, I decided to execute my other plan, so I met you, I acted to love you to reach Swami ji, I got a right time, I called him to the temple, I called you to divert you, so that I get a chance to kill Swami ji. She tells him that this is Chakravyuh. He says if Dev knows this, how will he feel.

She kills him. She leaves from there. Mahek says everything started by that land, I killed him, I couldn’t kill you, how could I, we never tried to know our past, I have lived as normal Mahek with you, I always wanted to be with you, if this is called love, I loved you, I still love you and will always do. He asks how did you fake your death, Limay was with you. She says yes, that bullet and blood were fake, Limay helped me, I killed Limay too, there was just one threat left, you…. Dev says you should have killed me, your bullet gives less pain than your cheat. She says I really loved you, can you trust me for the last time, come with me.

Meera comes home. Zohra asks are you fine. Meera says yes, where is Avi. Zohra says I have sent him to school. Meera thanks her. Meera asks how well do you know Dev, who was Dev before coming here, Narvekar thinks Dev and Mahek are together, I have to know about his past. She checks Dev’s room. Zohra asks her not to check Dev’s things. The man shows the file to Narvekar. He says this is your name in reverse, but its password. He enters his name and gets password accepted. He checks the files. He sees Chakravyuh symbol and thinks what does Dev want to tell me, what’s this Chakravyuh.

Mahek tells Dev that Swami Agnesh was angry that she didn’t kill him, he said I m her weapon and have no right to love anyone, I realized he is using me, I lost trust in him. She gets Dev to some orphanage. She says I decided to return home, I learnt my life is a lie. She meets Muskaan. She cries. She says fire burnt her, when I asked Swami Agnesh, he laughed and said he has ignited fire in the village, while Swami Aatmanand was against him, till I learnt the truth, it was much late, I have to kill Agnesh now, I was thinking how to reach him, I got news about Arastu, so I turned into Vani, see the fate, we met again, then you know everything, you tell me, what could I do. He holds her. She hugs him and apologizes.

Mahek tells Dev about Swami Agnesh, who runs an ashram. Dev says this ashram has to shut soon, we have to get Agnesh arrested soon. Mahek says Agnesh has to die by my hands.

Update Credit to: Amena


    I still doubt intensions of mehak???, i don’t think that her story is complete and may be she is again using dev to take her revenge..??? poor dev, meera and amod : mehak ke chakarvyun me fass rehe hai…

  2. I think mahek is still lying!!! Willingly or unwilling DEV too turning to a criminal!!!

  3. It happens only in Indian serials. You murder 4 people and you don’t get arrested cuz police are too dumb to take DNA of the suspect. And now viewers are expected to pity a criminal. I’m not pitying Mehak. She’s a criminal regardless of her sob story of revenge. And plus Dev is too dumb to notice she’s using him again to get revenge. What about the respect and love he had for his mentor and Guru Swami aatmanand? I guess if a woman cunningly sheds tears you forget everything and side her, wah what logic!

  4. I still ship Meera with Dev btw. She’s the only level headed person in the serial. Thinks by logic, accepts her mistakes and tries to correct it. She took rejection of Dev with a pinch of salt. Plus she supported his love for the other woman. If it would’ve been Mehak she would’ve not let him go and would’ve she’d tears to keep him. I wish Meera and Dev would end up together in the end. Guys who do you ship Dev with?

  5. I liked Meera but I liked dev Mehek they looked lovely. On to Mehek s truth there are more to be revealed…….but going by Indian serial dev will end with Meera…as Indian like girl next door and do not like gorgeous women to be precise as they connect with their own lives.mehek will surrender at the end.

    1. It’s not about looks. I know they are a cute couple. But a criminal is criminal regardless how pretty she looks or she is a girl next door. If Meera would’ve been in Mehak’s place I would’ve said the same thing. A criminal is a criminal regardless what sob story they have.

  6. Dev i guess is not believe ing Mehek he wants punish criminals……it’s interesting to see dev s past

  7. Why has the 29 October episode telecasted…how irresponsible can colors channel get


      Its becoz dev is going to get over after this or one more episode..

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