Dev (Colors) 1st August 2018 Written Episode Update: Mahek tries to win Dev’s trust

Dev (Colors) 1st August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Eisha says to Praful that I dont like to hide our relation, why cant be like normal couples? Praful says I understand you, he sits on his knees and asks if she will marry him? she nods. He says I want us to go away from here, people are against us, I am ready to give my life in your love, will you? Eisha hugs him and says yes. Praful says we will go abroad and I will give you this ring then, go home and dont tell our love plan to anyone, He kisses her forehead, she leaves.

Praful makes poisonous chemical in his lab and says Eisha you will be going away from this world now.

Dev says to Narvekar that Praful keeps changing his jobs and places and he is single. Narvekar says so what? Dev says so he doesnt become suspect in cases, we found cyanide in Bhawna’s body, its not easy to get cyanide, only professors get it. Dev thinks that killing is addiction and if we dont stop Praful then he can kill more which will be my fault.

Dev comes to Mahek’s house, she comes out and says I am doing all this for you. Dev says whatever will happen will happen for good, we will find truth. Mahek says truth can be bitter, we need lies for a good life. They sit in car, he asks if she is fine? she says my husband doesnt trust me but still I am fine.

They come to hypnosis center. Doctor makes her look at the pendulum but she cant concentrate, she says nothing is happening. Dev says we will come later. Mahek says I tried but it didnt happen, Dev says we will try again, we dont have chance to fail, she nods.

Dwani sees news that some man’s body was found in a car. Dwani sees that man is manager of the bank, she says I saw this man with Mahek, I am sure Mahek did something with him.

Eisha packs her bag, her father asks where she is taking the bag? she says I need to give things back in chemistry lab, her parents ask her to be careful, she smiles and leaves.

Eisha is car, she calls Praful and cries. He says dont cry, reach the location which I sent you, we will go to some place where you will not cry anymore, he ends call. One student asks if he can come to his house for studies? Praful says I am going out. Dev comes there and asks if he is going to river? Praful says no I am going for camping, Dev says you are going alone? he says I like to go alone. Dev says Bhawna was burned and thrown in river, Praful says I am so sorry.

Dwani calls Apa and asks her to meet her. Apa comes to Dwani. Dwani says Mahek is upto something bad, she shows her Mahek meeting the bank manager and then manager being killed. Apa says Mahek did it? Dwani shows her picture of Dev’s mother, she says someone is background but her face is hidden behind camera. Apa looks at the photo and sees the girl wearing the pendent, she says Mahek have this pendent. Dwani says I will tell this to Dev. Apa says he will need proofs, he still loves her and she going to mother of his baby. Dwani says okay, he wants proofs? now Mahek will tell him herself.

Dev talks to Praful and asks where were you when Bhawna went missing? Praful says I must be in lab, or at home or at some party. Dev says you have been changing cities? why? Praful says I get bored of places, Dev says you change places after every 1.5 years and in all colleges, you went, girls went missing from there. Praful says girls like to runaway with their lovers. Dev says you are interesting, you can make cyanide in lab and Bhawna was burned by it. Praful says you mean to say that I killed her? I dont have involvement in any murder. Dev says you have answers to everything and I am your fan now so I will keep an eye on you, danger is on you now, he leaves.

Scene 2
Bhawa is on her way but Praful messages her that plan canceled, go back home, she tries to call him but his number is not reachable.

Narvekar looks at Meera’s photo, he recalls how he confessed his love to her. Kinjal comes there and asks if he is fine? you dont sleep much, everything fine? Narvekar says when you dont get justice you become restless, Meera’s murderer got killed but Mahek is still alive, I am sure she was involved in Meera’s murder and she will get punished. Kinjal says revenge fire can make you shallow, I cant see you burning like this so I will leave. Narvekar says I need you, I am sure Mahek was behind Meera’s murder and Munim went missing, Kinjal says does Dev know? Narvekar says I dont know what he thinks. She asks him to remain calm. He asks if they can go for dinner today? she smiles and says okay.

Praful video calls Eisha, she says you dont love me, Praful says someone from staff saw me so I asked you to go back, I love you, he ends call.

Dev says to himself that its coincidence that girls went missing in colleges where this professor teaches, he wont hunt now because he knows that his hunter is in town, I have made him stop the murder and he will be starving now which will make it interesting.

Dwani comes to Dev and asks if he saw the news? I saw this bank manager with Mahek, I know what happened with him. Dev asks her to calm down and asks what happened? Dwani shows him photos of Mahek meeting the bank manager and then manager’s murder photos, she says I am sure Mahek is behind it. Dev looks on and thinks I dont know if Mahek is behind it or not but before anyone finds out, I have to find the truth.

PRECAP- Professor Praful comes to Eisha’s house and brings sweets for her parents. He has mixed some poison in cyanide.
Dev says to Narvekar that killer of these girls have some type, he doesnt kill everyone, he has reason to kill them and something is common in all girls, he looks at photos of them.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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