Dev (Colors) 19th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Dev investigates Aarti’s case

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Dev (Colors) 19th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Narvekar and Dwani comes to Aarti’s room, Arjun is there too. Narvekar sees flowers there and says people are supporting you, our investigation is going on and things are in your favor but as per rules, Aarti have to go to jail then go to court for decision, he says we will record final statement today, she nods. Dwani starts recording. Narvekar asks where is your husband Parag? Aarti says I killed him with a knife, I stabbed him many times. Narvekar says do you know about drugs in your house? Aarti says my husband was a drug addict, he cameback home that day, he tried to rape me and was high, I locked myself in a room, I tried to go to my brother’s house, when I told him, he got angry and brought knife, he tried to cut me and tried to rape me from it so I couldnt call him impotent,

I got scared and took knife from him and killed him, everything ended for me and I came to police station. Narvekar asks her to sign her statement. She does.

Mahek sees Dev watching Aarti’s statement and says oh God, how can a person do this with his wife? I cant imagine what she is going through. She gives milk to Dev and leaves. Dev watches her statement and gets some idea. He watches her both statements and say damnit.

Dev asks Dwani if Aarti’s statement is final? she says yes. Dev says Aarti killed Parag, she is not victime. Narvekar comes to Dwani and takes phone from her, Narvekar says if you need anything for this case then ask me. Dev says Dwani did everything as per my orders, Dev says Aarti is lying, she killed Parag. Narvekar says how can you say that? Dev says Aarti said that Parag tried to rape her so she must have fought him, tried to pull on him, scratch him but there were no scratches on Parag’s body, why? when Parag tried to attack her, she got knife marks but when Aarti stabbed him, there was no fight marks, it was like he was stabbed when he was tied, let me test my theory, I think there was someone else in that house, give me that CCTV footage, Narvekar says you will get it, he ends call and throws Dwani’s phone and says this for lying to me.

A bomb packed in a parcel comes to police station, its for Narvekar and it being put on his table. Officer says to Narvekar that there is a parcel for you, he hears beep noises. Narvekar says its bomb, he throws it away, confetti falls from it. Narvekar says who got the guts to bring bomb here? Narvekar sees a letter with it. Letter says this was a joke but I made bombs for Meera and Mahek, I have a proof that Mahek is responsible for Meera’s death, I will give you te proof but you have to give me Mahek. Narvekar sees Dwani there, he says to her that dont tell about this letter to Dev, he will try to do something and we will not be able to stop a bomb, if you tell him then I will put you in jail, give CCTV footage to Dev but dont forget this.

Scene 2
Mahek is sleeping but dreams about that blast, she wakes up and says I wont let anything happen to you. She wakes up and sees Dwani with Dev. She thinks what is Dwani doing with Dev? Mahek tries stand up but feels pain, she says baby dont worry, only you and I have right on papa and I wont let anyone come inbetween us.

Dwani is in kitchen and says I shouldnt hide anything from Dev. Mahek comes there and asks if she is fine? Dwani says yes, I am making coffee for Dev, I thought he would need it. Mahek nods.
Dwani brings coffee for Dev. Dev drinks it and says what is this? I hate coffee. Dwani says I didnt know. Mahek comes there and says its okay, she gives tea to Dev and leaves. Dwani looks on.

Dev is watching CCTV footage of Aarti’s apartment and makes Dwani note car numbers, he says only 103 cars came in that building on murder day, check which car owner lives in that building and who doesnt. Dwani checks it and says all cars are of building owners except one car who was an outsider, Dev asks who? She shows him car number. Dev says someone must have helped Aarti that day and he came in car because he was not seen walking inside. Dwani says he could have used Parag or Aarti’s car. Dev says Aarti’s car was not used that day and Parag’s car was used once as shown in camera, check how many times this outsider car came there.

Dwani shows some evidences to Dev and keeps glancing at him. Mahek watches them and thinks that Dwani’s eyes are on Dev but she cant take my place. Apa comes there and asks Dev to take rest. Mahek leaves from there. Dev says I have work. Apa says dont forget what I told you yesterday, Dev recalls how she told that Mahek is hiding something, he nods.

Narvekar reads letter which says that Mahek is responsible for Meera’s murder. Officer comes there and says Mahek doesnt go out of her house. Narvekar says keep an eye, bomber is bluffing, he knows that Mahek might get police protection so he would not get attack her, he wants me to bring Mahek to him thats why he has thrown this proof bone to me. Officer says what if he really has proof? Narvekar looks on and says this is the game, he has proof or not? they know Mahek is a suspect in Meera’s case and he is using it, dont tell Dev about it, he can do anything, we will tap Mahek’s phone now.

Dev is looking at CCTV footage. He sees Dwani murmuring papa in sleep. He sees her murmuring that Dev and papa will save me, Dev covers her. Mahe comes there and sees Dwani holding Dev’s hand and murmuring in sleep to not leave her. Mahek glares at him.

PRECAP- Dev says to Narvekar that this car driver knew the spot from which he wouldnt be recorded in CCTV camera. Narvekar says it might be coincidence, Dev says not everything is coincidence, that car was in car list too.
Dev says to Mahek that game is being played but not with us, with me only. Mahek says what do you mean? Dev says bomber was same for your and Meera’s blast and you know who he is. Mahek says I dont know. Dev says you knew Meera would be killed in that blast or you wanted her to die?

Update Credit to: Atiba

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