Dev (Colors) 19th August 2017 Written Episode Update

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Dev (Colors) 19th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dev dreaming of Mahek and romancing. She asks him why did he kill her. He gets shocked and wakes up. Meera says Dev, get up, a girl came to meet you. The girl asks Dev to help her, her sister has gone missing. Dev asks her to go to police. The girl Simple Kapadia requests him. Dev changes and comes. Simple complains that Dimple has gone missing. He says maybe Dimple went to meet her friend. Simple says no, she has no friend, I m sure she is in some problem. She shows the pic. He asks did you call office. She says yes, but none knows about her. Dev and Simple leave.

He asks do you stay alone in city. She says yes, after parents’ death, we stay here, she got a job in good company, she has no BF, she is old fashioned, she was looking worried since some days, and behaved weird, she has worn my clothes by hiding, she didn’t like me wearing western clothes, she used to scold me, when she started wearing such clothes without asking me, I felt something is wrong. They come to Dimple’s office.

The guard greets her. She asks about Dimple. He says I have seen her leaving in office. Simple says she always travels in bus and trains to save money. Dev asks guard about cab service. Simple asks about Lalit. Simple gets tensed and says girls are not saved in taxi. Dev asks who is Lalit. Simple says he is mad about Dimple, he is her colleague. Dev meets constable and gets taxi’s info. Constable says we have to inform Narvekar. Dev diverts him and takes Narvekar’s card.

Constable asks taxi driver about Simple. Narvekar gets the driver and searches the taxi. Constable gets a blood stained dupatta. Driver says I don’t know anything about this. Simple cries and says this is my stole, Dimple has worn this. Driver says she was crying all way, I didn’t touch her, I m saying truth. Narvekar asks Dev to come out of the car,, they will do their work.

Meera says girls can’t travel in taxi. Dev says taxi driver didn’t kill Dimple. Meera says it means she is alive. Dev says there are many questions, why was she hiding something from Simple and wearing her western clothes by stealing. She says don’t worry, Amod Narvekar will make everything fine. He asks who. Meera says I will get tea and goes. Dev drinks tea and thinks about the case well.

Dev says I have to go office. Zohra asks him to have breakfast first, Meera will come, she has taken his car. He says I don’t like anyone taking my car. Zohra says its just car, not wife. He gets sad and goes to Meera. He gets in the car and asks her not to touch his car again. She drops him at court and asks how much time will it take. He asks why, will you go home alone. She sees a funeral going. She recalls someone asking her to help him get justice. She panics and her nose bleeds. Dev comes and asks what happened. She says nothing, it happens by heat. Dev comes to Dimple’s office and shows Narvekar’s card. Dev meets Dimple’s boss Rishi and says I came to ask about Dimple. Rishi says she was a good girl. Dev asks was? Is she dead? Rishi says no, I didn’t mean thiss, the people of this city are like animals, I have seen her at office yesterday night. Dimple’s news is seen by everyone. Meera waits. Meera talks to Ashwani and introduces herself as sub inspector.

Dev interrogates Rishi. Ashwani says Dimple and I had an argument yesterday, she left her bag on desk in hurry. Meera takes the bag and goes aside to check. She hears someone crying in washroom and apologizing to Dimple. Rishi gets a call from police station. Dev takes the call and talks to Narvekar. Dev disconnects the call. He says I have some imp work, if I don’t find Dimple, I will meet you again. He goes and signs Meera. Meera signs him to come out. She sees Lalit. Dev says I told you to wait for me. Meera says I came up to help, I got imp info about this case. He says fine tell me. She says say please. He says please Meera. She says mental, you would have not known that Dimple left her bag yesterday, it has her own clothes, salwar suit. Dev says it means Dimple changed clothes and worn western clothes. She tells about Lalit. He says I know he is Lalit.

Dev sees the blood marks and observes the floor. Meera gets a call. She gets shocked. Dev and Meera go and see Dimple’s dead body. Narvekar tells them about Dimple’s death by an accident. Dev works out Narvekar’s story and says you are very filmi, why are you in police. Narvekar says I m in police, so that I arrest you one day. He goes. Dev says I have to meet that driver. Constable says sorry, Narvekar refused to allow anyone. Meera hugs Simple and cries. Simple says thanks, I will give your fees soon. Dev asks how was Rishi. Simple says very mean, he takes advantage of girls by promotion name. Meera tells about Ashwani, such people should be killed. Simple says but how is this related to Dimple’s murder. Dev asks Simple not to give fees till he finds real murderer. He asks Meera to get Avi from school and gives the car keys. He goes and interrogates Ashwani.

She tells him about the little argument over clothes. Dev says Lalit said about your and Rishi’s relations. He goes. Dev goes to Lalit’s house. Dev throws a bin and checks if Lalit is at home. Lalit gets killed. Dev runs to find murderer. He checks the cigarette there and recalls Rishi. Police comes there and sees Dev. Dev lands in police station. Dev says I didn’t kill Lalit. Narvekar says you are Yamraj, whomever you meet die. Dev says I can say who killed Lalit, its Rishi. Narvekar interrogates Rishi. Dev tells about Rishi taking advantage of girls. Rishi tells about Dimple finding about Ashwani’s promotion and confronting Rishi. He asks her to please him to get the post she deserves.

Dev says maybe Dimple accepted Rishi’s offer, Narvekar go and ask Rishi. Narvekar says I m not your messenger, come and ask. Rishi says no, Dimple didn’t come, I didn’t kill Lalit. Dev says I can prove you were at Lalit’s house, you left cigarette there, look at me and say truth, we can get fingerprints from cigarette. Rishi says it all went wrong, Dimple came to me that night. She says I m doing this for promotion. Rishi says of course, you will get promotion. Dimple runs from there.

Rishi says someone has seen us, I have waited for her and she didn’t come, I left from office and then she came under my car, I have dumped her body and Lalit has seen me, I threatened him not to tell anyone, but he was weak and used to cry in office, I thought he will tell everyone so I killed him. Narvekar scolds him.

Dev comes home and hears the news of Rishi’s arrest. Meera congratulates him. She says Simple called and thanked you. Dev says something is wrong, I have to talk to taxi driver, how did blood stole came in taxi. She says maybe Lalit and Rishi had a fought and Dimple was hurt, why did she go back to office in injured state, what does Lalit’s sketches mean, I have to talk to taxi driver.

Dev meets taxi driver and says I can tell you who kept the blood stained stole in your taxi, what happened in taxi, I want to know everything. Taxi tells everything to Dev. Dev imagines and understands. He thanks the man and says now see how I reveal the truth, pay for the tea. Narvekar comes to meet Meera and asks Meera why did you call me here. Dev says police has come, now we will reveal the truth, Rishi has killed Lalit.

Dev says we will play Sach Ka Saamna today, Dimple didn’t die by accident, it looks someone has pushed Dimple and killed her. Ashwani asks what do you mean. Dev says Rishi has driver his car on Dimple’s dead body. Narvekar asks who killed Dimple. Dev says wrong question, right question is who took the taxi if she died. Narvekar says one who took blood stained stole in the taxi. Dev says Simple and Dimple look similar, Dimple has worn western clothes, Simple has worn traditional salwar suit when she was in taxi, Simple has seen her with Dimple, they argued and Simple pushed her down. Simple cries and says yes, I have killed her, she had old traditions and always fought with me, I wanted to become an actress, when I saw her stealing my clothes, I wanted to know what she does, I have seen her with her boss, we had an argument, Dimple slapped me and then I have pushed her to avoid talking to her.

Simple says I was scared that she died, I had to hide her body some way. She tells how she has made crime go on other’s head. Dev scolds her. Simple takes the gun and aims at Dev. Dev recalls Mahek. Narvekar stops Simple and arrests her. Dev tells Avi that Meera taught a lesson to Simple this time. Meera smiles seeing Dev. Narvekar says this is not Dev’s true face, I will tell his truth to you. Narvekar goes. Dev spends time with Avi. Meera looks on and thinks what does Amod want to tell me, what’s Dev’s truth.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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