Dev (Colors) 16th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Dev accepts his baby’s responsibility

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Dev (Colors) 16th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dev comes to his room, he looks at file which Mahek gave to him and smells Dwani’s perfume on it, he says Dwani I will see you tomorrow. He lies down and tries to get some sleep, he imagines sitting infront a baby crib and smiling at his baby, he holds his little fingers, his mother puts hand him and says give baby to me, this baby is your new life, you need this baby, give him love, promise to take care of him always, promise me Dev. Dev looks on and is about to promise her.. but his phone rings and he wakes up. Dev takes his phone, its Mahek’s doctor, she asks him to come there, Mahek became unconscious and she is in ICU. Dev says I am coming.

Dev is driving fast to hospital, he recalls blaming Mahek for lying about baby, how Mahek asked him that this baby needs his

father, his imagination with his baby. Dev thinks him promising Mahek to always take care of her.

Dev arrives at hospital and runs to Mahek’s room. Mahek is conscious. Doctor says she is fine. Dev says what happened? Doctor says she doesnt take care of her eating habits, you need to take care. Dev says I will make sure, baby is fine? Doctor says its fine but do not let this happen, Mahek says its not Dev’s fault. Doctor says but still he needs to take care of her, dont leave her alone now, please. Doctor leaves. Dev comes near Mahek. She says I got scared, I saw blackness and I thought.. we lost our baby, I dont want to force you for anything, if you dont want then I can abort this baby. Dev says dont even think about it, I need this baby, he holds her hand and says I need this baby. Mahek says if we live separately then what life we will give to this baby? Dev says I promise to make this baby’s life beautiful, I will keep him protected. Mahek says dont promise things you cant do and I promise to give you a complete family.

Dwani starts working on Dev’s mother’s file. She says I know Dev you are searching for your mom, you saved so many lives but never asked for anything in return but I promise to find your mother as you deserve your smile back.

Scene 2
In morning, Dev brings Mahek to her home. He holds her hand and brings her out of car. Gardener says courier man left a box. A biker is watching them go inside. Dev hears beeps and looks around. Mahek asks what happened? He shakes his head and goes with her. Mahek takes courier. Dev hears beeps. He sees bomb box in Mahek’s hand. He runs to her, takes it from her and throws it away. Bomb blasts in air, Dev hugs her and asks if she is fine? She nods. Dev faints suddenly. Mahek is stunned.

Dev’s whole back is injured with bomb burns. Mahek is treating him and cries, she says it must be hurting you alot. Dev says I am habituated to it now. Mahek says I told you many times that I didnt shoot you, I am sorry, you saved me. An old woman comes there and says till you are with him, he will get wounds only. Dev says Apa my life is not that easy to take. Mahek says I brought him here because I know you can save him. Mahek takes out bomb particles from his back and starts his bandaging.

A woman is walking on road, she is covered in blood. Woman comes to police station. Narvekar and others officers come there. Narvekar says tell us what you want? She points knife at him. Narvekar says put knife down. Woman puts it away and faints. They take her to hospital. Dwani tries to call Dev but his phone is not reachable.

Apa says to Mahek that its good you brought Dev here, its his house. Mahek says this is our house. Apa says you dont have any relation with me, you are just Dev’s baby’s mom, stay here as a guest and will leave soon, dont have hopes from me. Mahek says I know you blame me for Meera’s death but I didnt know anything, she says to Apa that trust me once. Apa says Dev loves you but I doubt you, you can give your life but cant win my trust.

Mahek is getting ready. She sees Dev’s phone ringing but ignores it. It rings again. She takes call, its Dwani and says I want to talk to Dev urgently, Mahek says you must have a new case, Dev is sleeping but I will wake him up, Dwani says no I will call later. She ends call. Narvekar says yesterday a bomb blast happened in Mahek’s house and Dev got injured.

PRECAP- Aarti killed a person who? Dev will try to solve her case.
Some mysterious man is planning to kill Mahek but who is he?
Will Dev find Meera’s killer?
Narvekar says to Dev that only Mahek can make us find that bomber. Mahek is shown hiding something in kitchen. Dev comes there and sees it.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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