Dev (Colors) 16th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Dev worried about Mahek

Dev (Colors) 16th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dev and Narvekar are at Mahek’s house. Dev asks Narvekfar if he found anything? he says no. Dev goes in house to close it but finds Munim’s message that Mahek did a mistake by firing at me but I wont keep her alive, save her if you can. Dev says Mahek’s life is in danger, Munim has kidnapped her. Narvekar says its good that she is kidnapped by Munim, both are criminals. Dev shouts Narekar, Narvekar says you can shout but you cant wipe someone’s hands from blood.

An old man Koten says to his maid that clean dishes with care. He comes to his old wife who is bed ridden, he says I am going to market. His another maid Shanta comes there, Koten says to her that you are late again, I am going out, tell neighbor Sangeeta to lock the door when you leave. He comes out and sees Sangeeta and her husband there, Koten says I am going to bank to depoist cheue, Sangeeta says let us know if you need anything.

Shanta makes bed ridden woman eat food and says eat it fast, I dont have time for you. Someone comes to house, Shanta asks him to come inside. Koten comes home, someone attacks him and kills him.

Officers tells about Mr. and Mrs. Koten’s murder to Narvekar. Narvekar comes to Dev and tells him about Koten murder case, I need your help. Dev thinks that he is doing is deliberately, he says Mahek is missing and she is more important than this case, he leaves.

Narvekar and Dwani comes to Koten’s house. They see Mr and Mrs. Koten’s deadbodies. Narvekar looks at bodies, he says ask everyone around in building. Officer says they stole all things from locker, they used locker key.

Dev comes to garage in Wadala using the receipt.

Sangeeta and her husband gives statement to Narvekar, Sangeeta says people saw their bodies together. Koten’s cook came to us in morning and said that Koten was not opening the door, then we called neighbor Soud, we tried to open the door, we went inside and saw them murdered, Koten gave me apartment key so I can open it in case of emergency, they were like parents to me, they both had health problems, aunty had stroke. Husband says their kids are settled in Singapore, Mr. Koten used to be worried about Mrs. Koten, Koten used to always say that they will leave the world together, I met him yesterday, he was going to deposit cheque in bank, then caretaker Shanta after work came to me so I locked their house from outside before Koten cameback home. Narvekar says killer used their safe keys to steal everything.

Narvekar investigates about the murder, officer says there were four maids, one caretaker Shanta, one cook, two maids. Caretaker didnt come from yesterday and she is not picking up call, Shanta’s husband is a plumber and came to Koten’s house and left after one hour of Koten’s murder, Shanta and her husband are gone from their house.

Scene 2
Dev comes to garage and says to one man that I found your garage receipt in a house, do you know any Mahek? Munim? he says no. Another man comes there for a car pipe, he sees Dev there and runs from there. Dev asks garage owner who was that man? owner says why should I tell you? Dev grabs him and says I am from police, whats his name? garage owner says his name is Prakash. Dev think that Prakash knows where Mahek is.

Narvekar interrogates Koten’s children. Their son says that father left everything when mom had stroke, daughter says they didnt have any fight with anyone, last month mom dad created some jewelry for us, son says they had cash of around 5 lacs. Dwani asks if they told anything about what they had in locker other than them? kids say no. Narvekar says someone killed Koten using a hammer and Mrs. Koten was killed by suffocating her.

Mahek is lying in a den, a man comes to her. She is unconscious. Kidnapper injects something in her arm.

PRECAP- Dev is searching for Mahek. Dev finds Mahek’s laptop. He takes it hacker and asks him to crack her password. Hacker is Meera’s friend and says what if I find something against Mahek regarding Meera’s case in this laptop? Dev says then do as you want.
Narvekar says to Shanta and her husband that Mrs. Koten had abuse marks and only you could have done it. Shanta cries and says I accept that I beat her sometimes, I used to not give her food. Narvekar says you both hated them so much that you killed them.
Dev says to Sangeeta and her husband that at the time of murder, there were around 56 people in building and you people are on our doubt list among those 56.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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