Dev (Colors) 13th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Mahek finds Dwani spying on her

Dev (Colors) 13th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dev calls Narvekar and says I might know who killed Ankita, Narvekar says you dont know anything about this case. Dev says thats not important, we have to save people who have proofs. Dev says to officer that this girl Swati was uploading pictures when Ankita was killed but they said in statement that they were all sleeping, it means she is either in danger or herself a danger.

Kinjal gets a sprain in her feet, she stumbles but Narvekar holds her, he puts her hand around his shoulder, takes her hand and takes her from there, she smiles.

Dev thinks that if I ask anything about Maa from Mahek then she will lie again and Ma can be more in danger. Dwani comes there. Dev asks what she is doing here? Dwani says are you fine? Dev says I dont have tea, Dwani says we can go out to drink tea, you can go on cycle as then you will look like their employ and get a discount, Dev glares at her and leaves with her.

Narvekar asks Kinjal how she got sprain? She says I slipped on water. Narvekar does her bandage, she asks what he is thinking? he says I am trying to solve a case. Kinjal says you are solving. Narvekar says keep this bandage and go to a doctor. She says sorry for disturbing, he says if I dont take care of you then who will?

Dwani and Dev are in car, Dwani looks at him and thinks that I promise to make your life full of happiness. Apa calls Dwani, Dev says why she is calling you? he takes her call and says Dwani is driving. Apa says oh.. I was actually calling you but I couldnt get through so I called her, my diabetes tablets are empty, please bring them. Dev says okay and ends call.

Kinjal tries to stand up but Narvekar holds her. Kinjal recalls her moments with him, she keeps looking at him in daze. He makes her lie on bed, ajeeb dastan plays.

Dwani stops at tea stall, she gives it to Dev. Dwani recalls her moments with Dev, she keeps looking at him.

Mahek is looking at the clip in which she killed Dev’s mother. She recalls her moments with Dev, she cries silently looking at her and Dev’s photos. Apa comes there and sees her looking at them. Mahek recalls Dev saying she is a liar.

Dev is in car with Dwani and recalls how Mahek lied about his mother. Dwani thinks that I will lessen your pain and expose Mahek with Apa’s help. She is about to strike her car but Dev stops it.

Narvekar shows room’s pictures to officer and says after party, everything was in same place, someone did it deliberately.

Swati takes her phone from behind TV. Sharad comes there and says you here? Swati says I left my phone here. She says I am sorry for your loss, why did you fight with Ankita that night? Sharad says Mohit. Flashback shows Mohit trying to force himself on Ankita, Sharad came there and tried to beat Mohit but Ankita said that she can handle herself. Flashback ends. Narvekar comes there with officers. He looks around and sees blood on Sharad’s slippers, he arrests him.
Dev comes to Sharad’s house and thinks why I feel they have arrested wrong person? he looks around and finds Mohit’s chain in balcony.

Apa is offering prayers. Mahek checks her phone and sees Dwani’s message asking about pendrive, she sees her pictures in Apa’s phone. Mahek gets hurt and thinks that I always took Apa as my mother but she never put me first, first it was Meera and now Dwani but I wont let anyone come inbetween me and Dev.

Mahek is leaving house, Apa asks where she is going? Mahek says to doctor, she leaves. Dwani calls Apa and asks her to find pendrive. Mahek has put pendrive in her locket and thinks that they cant snatch Dev from me.

Dev is spying on Mohit. Swati checks her phone and says I didnt know I will get golden chick. She messages Mohit her pictures and messages. Dev sees Mohit walking on road in stress, he strikes with him, Mohit’s phone falls down. Dev sees Swati’s message on it which says ‘what are you thinking? tell me the amount’? Dev sees chain mark on Mohit’s neck. He gives him phone and thinks that I am right, Swati is sending him messages about amount, Swati has something that is troubling Mohit.
Dev calls Dwani and says you have to find about a gold chain and two bank accounts.

Mahek looks at her room’s fee on her phone and sees Apa looking in her things. She recalls how she had taken the pendrive from there and had put a camera in her room. She is tensed. Doctor comes there and says you shouldnt take stress. She checks her blood pressure.

Swati is at her shoot. She is busy on her phone. She is messaging Mohit. A colleague takes her phone but Swati scolds her and takes her phone back. Dev sees all this. He calls Swati and says I am police, what happened on the day when Ankita died? did you see anything? Swati says Ankita and Sharad fought as usual. Dev says what do you think abotu Mohit? Swati gets tensed. Dev thinks why she is blackmailing Mohit? I have to find out.

PRECAP- Narvekar beats Sharad and says why your slipper have Ankita’s blood on it? did you kill her? Sharad cries and says I didnt kill her. Dev comes there and says he is saying truth, Swati said she was sleeping when Ankita was killed but she uploaded pictures on her social media, she lied because she is hiding the truth. Narvekar says we dont have proof against her.
Swati is locked out of her shoot. She says to guard that my phone is inside. Dev is disguised as guard and says you cant go in, she says I wont leave without my phone.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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