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Dev (Colors) 13th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dev taking an injection to get vaccinated for the cat bite. A lady Jhanvi asks Dev to think of his dear one and fear will get away. Dev recalls Mehak. He proposes her for marriage. Mahek says she has to make him meet her past before she tells yes to him. Dev gets the injection. He sees Jhanvi’s daughter and husband. He pays the bill and taunts on hospital to have any sale. He sees a packet and asks about Jhanvi’s family. The nurse gives him details of Tanvi, who came for blood test. He asks nurse to give the bag to Tanvi’s family.

After a week, Avi does drawing. He looks at Dev. Dev asks what is it. Avi asks do you roam like this at home. Dev says who pays the rent. Meera says don’t you have clothes, I don’t want Avi to get inspired by your strange things. Dev thinks of the injections he has to take this week. He asks nurse about Jhanvi. The nurse says they did not come to take report. He asks what was in report. She says nothing. Dev checks the packet and sees medical bill. He goes the pharmacy and asks for Jhanvi’s address. He makes excuse and goes to the address. Jhanvi’s dad says Jhanvi is missing since a week, her inlaws are blaming she has run away, I m scared she maybe in problem, her inlaws were troubling her. Dev says I met Jhanvi in hospital one week before, she came for Tanvi’s blood test and left this gift. Her dad says Jhanvi and Kishore had a fight. Dev asks who is this man with Jhanvi. Her dad says this is Kishore. Dev thinks and says who was that man then, where will I get Kishore. Jhanvi’s mum in law scolds Tanvi. Dev comes there and meets Tanvi.

Tanvi recalls Dev. Dev says he is from govt. survey department, and asks about the family members. Her mum in law says Jhanvi has run away with her lover. Kishore comes. Dev says I want to talk to you. Kishore gets drunk and tells Dev about Jhanvi’s lover Ashok. Dev sees the pic and says what will society say. Kishore says she was planning to cheat me, she thinks I m mad. Dev asks where did that lover stay. Kishore tells address and says no use, he also disappeared with Jhanvi. Dev plays carom and says don’t worry, I will find him.

Dev sees a cctv camera and enters medical store. The man asks him to leave. Dev shows his ID card. He blackmails the man and asks him to show cctv footage. Dev checks the cctv footage. He thinks of Jhanvi and checks the footage again. He throws things. Meera comes and says Avi is sleeping. Dev says I don’t care, a pregnant woman is missing, her little girl is waiting for her, you care for your son’s sleep, I know she is in trouble. Meera checks the footage and says this woman went in van with her wish, someone can help you, I can understand a mum’s pain so I m helping you. Dev comes to Ashok and asks where is Jhanvi. Ashok asks what happened to her, we are childhood friends, who are you. Dev says you fathered her child. Ashok asks what nonsense, who are you. Dev says detective Dev Anand, do you love her. Ashok says I loved her, we met after two years and took her to hospital for Tanvi’s test, I came back today. Dev says she is missing since one week. He goes.

Dev comes home. The hacker Abdul tries to run. Dev catches him. Meera says he is my friend. Meera shows the van having maternity home sign. Dev analyzes the case. He says we have to make noise to find Jhanvi there. Dev goes to the hospital and asks about Jhanvi. He sees a doctor getting tensed. He asks the doctor. Doctor Laxmi denies. The guards run to catch Dev.

Dev tells Meera and Zohra that Narvekar won’t help them. They meet Laxmi as patients. Laxmi goes out of he cabin. Meera checks for Jhanvi’s files. Zohra stands at the door and says she is coming. Zohra bribes her and asks about the baby’s gender and abortion if its a girl. Laxmi agrees and says it has extra charges. Zohra and Meera make excuse and leave. Laxmi doubts and asks someone to find about the women. Zohra and Meera come home and praise each other. Dev asks are you guys done. A man looks on. Dev informs Narvekar. The man calls his boss to tell the problem.

Dev comes to hospital and finds Laxmi dead. Narvekar says wherever you go, someone loses life. Constable gives Laxmi’s suicide note. Dev says its not a suicide. Trustee Suhasini talks to Narvekar about Laxmi. Dev scolds the lady for doing illegal tests. Hospital owner comes there and asks them to make Dev out. Narvekar asks Suhasini to cooperate. Suhasini defends the hospital name. Dev sees the news and breaks things. He says Jhanvi will go missing forever, they will give money to people. Meera says they will kill unborn baby girls, you have to do something. Dev recalls things and says room no. 72, I need Narvekar for this. She says I can help you. He says you can’t do this. He goes.

Dev sleeps. Meera takes his car keys. She comes to hospital. She goes to room 72 and records the ongoing activity. She follows ward boy and sees him burying something. She hears babies crying and shuts ears. She finds the baby inside the ground and gets shocked. Someone catch her and tries to harm her. Dev comes there and saves Meera. Narvekar arrests the doctor. Narvekar thinks what’s Dev doing with Meera. Dev asks doctor about Jhanvi.

Doctor tells them that they learnt Jhanvi has a daughter in her womb. Kishore doesn’t wish to get the child. Kishore gets Jhanvi’s abortion done. Jhanvi refuses to abort her child. Kishore gets her abortion done. Jhanvi gets conscious and shouts. Laxmi gives her more anesthesia. Jhanvi also loses her life. Jhanvi and her unborn baby get buried. Dev recalls Jhanvi.

Dev thinks Jhanvi’s smile was very lovely. He recalls Mahek. Mahek takes Dev to her parents’ grave and says I m raised in an orphanage, I was much afraid, I want a promise from you that you will never leave me. Dev promises. He thinks he has bad fate that he hurts everyone he touches. Zohra praises Meera. Meera asks how do you know I went there. Dev says I provoked you so that you go hospital alone, I followed you to catch them red handed. Meera asks did you risk my life, if anything happened to me then. Zohra says you did limit this time. Dev asks them to stay away from his case next time. Narvekar comes to meet him. H asks Dev to come out to talk.

Dev asks do you want to thank me. Narvekar asks what’s Meera doing with you. Dev says she stays with me. Narvekar says she is my friend, does she know your truth, that you are a murderer. Dev recalls Mahek’s death. Narvekar says I m watching you. Meera comes and asks you here, what happened. Narvekar says nothing, Dev wants to tell you something, else I will say. He goes. Meera asks what was he saying. Dev goes inside the house.

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    There was some precap showing Narvekar explaining what happened with Dev’s wife

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