Dev (Colors) 12th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Dev solves Antara’s case

Dev (Colors) 12th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
A man is shown tearing Mahek and Dev’s picture, his face is half burned. He is working on a bomb. He packs it, outs Mahek’s name it, sets timer for the blast and says they have to reap what they saw, its going to be fun.

Officer searches for golden car which picked Antra before her death. Dev comes there and asks if they found information of the cars? Narvekar says we found 5 cars matching and one car is of Jain who is the head of the academy. Dev says we will meet investigating officer Mayank Goshi first.

Sham is standing on a 100 story building, he feels dizzy and drops his glasses. All reporters are standing on ground. Sham looks at sky and says only 2 hours and papa will be with you.

Dwani watches news in police station. Narvekar brings Mayank there.

Narvekar asks dwani how she found information for Sahil? who is your informer? Dwani says I have to keep that identity secret, Narvekar says how will you hide it from Dev?

Dwani calls Mahek and says I want to trust you so dont lie, did you send Sahil’s location? Mahek says I didnt and if I did then I wouldnt have hide it. Dwani says okay and ends call. Dev comes there. Dwani says I was talking to my aunt. Dev says I know who your aunt is, talk to me before leaving. He leaves with Narvekar. Dwani is tensed.

Dev and Narverkar meets Mayank. Mayank says do you want to investigate me? Dev says your salary is 45K but how are you wearing 1lacs watch and expansive suit? Mayank says what you want to say? Dev says Antara did suicide. Mayank says I handled this case, it was a suicide case. Dev says you didnt do DNA test of her baby, you will alleged for taking money and changing information. Narvekar says you will be punished by CBI but if you answer us then you might be saved. Dev records his video, Narvekar asks whose baby was it?

Dev comes to Sham on building and says I found out Antra’s criminal. Sham asks who? Dev plays Mayank’s video, Mayank says I investigated with Jain and he offered me money to save his honor, I took that money and closed that case. Video ends. Dev says your daughter had marks on her body, she was raped and couldnt bear it so she killed herself. Sham cries. Dev says give me time to grab these people. Sham says I trust you. Dev gives his hand to him. Sham takes it and starts leaving with Dev. Reporters ask Sham questions. Narvekar says we have called Jain to police station.

Scene 2
Jain comes to police station. Narvekar says you have golden car and Antra was last seen in a golden car. Jain says there are many cars that are golden, Antra never sat in my car. Dev says we believe you but you have to give your blood sample. Jain says you dont have court orders for that. Dev says I dont have it but tell your lawyers that Mayank accepted on video that you bribed him to close that case, Jain says my lawyer will talk to you. Dev says have you seen Bigg boss show? Jain says are you crazy? I have sources. Dev says you can use them but you have to go to jail, Jain leaves. Narvekar says we dont have proofs against him, Dev says its time to break the rules.

Jain is sleeping in his house. He hears some noise and comes in lounge to sees someone sitting on sofa. He asks who is it? Dev points gun at him and says dont make noises. Dev says I have disabled your security. Dev brings Sham there and gives him gun. Sham says accept your crime. Jain says I didnt do anything. Dev says tell us the truth otherwise you will be killed her. Jain says you are an inspector, Dev says then I wont look at this murder.

Dwani is in police station, she says I feel like Mahek helped me but why would she? Dwani sees file on Dev’s table and sees its Dev’s mother’s file, she takes pictures from it.

Sham says to Jain that if you dont accept then I will shoot you. Jain cries and says I didnt do anything.. Sham is about to shoot. Jain says I accept that I did it. Dev calls Narvekar and asks Jain to confess. Jain says I raped Antra, I trapped her. Flashback shows Jain calling Antra to his house. Antra says you will confirm my job? he says yes, only last step is remaining, he tries to go near her, she throws him away and tries to run but he slaps her and says I will make it good for you, he rapes her. After rape, he says you will get your job now, dont tell about it to anyone, Antra cries. Flashback ends. Jain says after one month, Antra told me that she is pregnant and I gave her money for an abortion then I heard about her suicide. Narvekar asks if she is confessing in his senses and has no pressure from anyone? Jain looks at Dev and Sham pointing gun at him. Jain says to Narvekar that I am confessing it in my senses. Narvekar says I am coming and ends call. Narvekar messages Dev. Dev says to Sham that you can shoot him now. Jain sits in Sham’s feet and cries for forgiveness. Sham shoots at him but there are no bullets in it. Jain breakdowns. Dev says you have such big power and got scared of an empty gun? now you will spend your remaining days in jail. He takes gun from Sham. Narvekar comes there and arrests Jain.

Sham comes to police station. Dev says you broke the law by trying threaten for suicide, you have to stay in jail for sometime. Sham says I am proud of you, my Antra got peace, kids can go away from parents but parents always know their feelings. Dev says you are right, parents cant break relations with their kids.

Dwani comes to Dev but Dev asks her to leave, she leaves. Narvekar says to Dev that Jain might try to prove that he was forced to give statement. Dev says only me and you know that, keep it a secret, he asks how is Kinjal? Narvekar says you are thinking wrongly. Dev says I know the hurt of love, take care of her, this will be our secret too.

Mahek is sleeping but wakes up in pain. She tries to drink water but gets dizzy. She calls her doctor and says my baby, doctor says what happened? Mahek faints.

PRECAP- Doctor calls Dev and tells him about Mahek fainting.
Dev rushes to hospital for Mahek. He comes to her room and holds her hand and promises that I will give a very good life to this baby.
Dev brings Mahek home. Mahek finds a parcel outside house. Dev hears beep noises from the parcel and recognizes it as a bomb, Mahek is about to open it but Dev screams for her.
A girl comes to police station, she is covered in blood and points blood covered knife at Narvekar, officer points gun at her and asks her to keep knife down.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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    Loved the episode… Amod and Dev are becoming friends slowly slowly…

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