Detective Didi 4th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Bheem Singh Rescues Bunty and Delhi City From Drugs racket

Detective Didi 4th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bunty asks Gattu not to shoot. Narsimha says Randhwa Nivas news, one Randhwa is dead from his nephew’s hand. Bheem Singh comes there and snatches gun from his hand, slaps him hard. Munna wakes up and asks what happened? Bheem says he is walking in sleep. He takes Gattu in the room and asks why did you take my gun and tried to kill Munna. Gattu says I heard someone’s voice who asked me to kill Munna. Bheem thinks he may be doing this because of drowsiness. He thinks if someone is using him and thinks who is the enemy of the family. He calls Intu and asks him to send Bunty’s pic to all police stations.

He reads Bunty’s diary in which she has written who is narsimha. He thinks who is he? He gets pic of Vishnu in the file of Bunty and takes his pic from the newspaper cutting. He reads about Bubbly meeting him in the party. FB starts: Vishnu gives her drinks. Bubbly dances with others. Vishnu adds tablet in the drink, gives it to her and asks if she is enjoying. She says she is feeling like flying in air. Vishnu offers to drop her home and takes her in car. As she is unconscious, he took advantage and raped her. He then threw her on the road. Bubbly goes to the police station and asks Inspector to file police complaint. After few months, Bubbly goes to abort the baby, but Doctor says she can’t abort the baby at this stage. She delivers the baby, but don’t touch or take him. Bunty takes him in her lap and asks Bubbly not to hate him. When they reaches home, Nana ji taunts Bubbly for bringing illegitimate baby home. Bunty argues with him asking what is his mistake. Nana ji tells that it is a rotten part which shall be cut. Munna asks her to drop him in orphanage. Bubbly cries badly. Bunty says she will not send him to orphanage and they will raise him together. Vishnu made the rape video viral. Bubbly couldn’t bear the humiliation and hangs herself. Bunty gets Vishnu arrested and jailed. Fb Ends.

Vishnu now Narsimha tells Bunty that he has made the city under drugs effect behind the jail. Bunty says Gattu is just my son and I taught him that truth always wins. Vishnu says your upbringing is lost and says lets see how Gattu killed Munna. Bunty bets with him and says Gattu will not kill him. Vishnu says you are still egoistic. Bunty gives him a fitting reply.

Bheem calls Parantu and asks him to find out about Vishnu. Parantu says ok. Bheem takes care of Gattu and says I couldn’t stop you from falling in the pit and promises to rescue Bunty and him risking his own life. Bunty wakes up in the morning, frees her hands and takes Narsimha’s mobile while he is asleep. She calls Bheem Singh and says pick up the phone. He picks the call. Bunty tells him that Vishnu has kidnapped her and talked to drug manufacturer who is middle aged man and will give the delivery tomorrow. She says all the best and says I am sure you will free delhi from drugs. She keeps back the phone in Vishnu’s pocket and ties her hands again.

Bheem Singh comes to the Professor’s house. His daughter informs him. Professor says I asked him to come later. Bheem hears him. Professor comes out and says I made the report ready, and says the tablets which you gave me don’t have any drugs in it. Bheem asks are you sure? Professor says yes. Bheem recalls Bunty’s saying and tells Professor that he wants to see the lab, as it was his dream to see it. He goes inside the lab and sees his assistants doing experiments. Professor asks them to do it faster.

Bheem Singh comes to Police station and thinks the tablets which I gave was red and this is pink. Something falls on it and it burns. He understands that Shukla is the manufacturer. He checks the pendant and the report and everything is clear infront of him. Vishnu talks to someone and says he will deliver 2 kgs drugs soon. He then checks his locket and thinks where it is. Intu Parantu tells that Vishnu came out of jail on parole, but didn’t return. Timmy tells about the location of the number. Bheem Singh calls Dilli Singh and asks him to be with Gattu as his life is in danger. Dilli Singh says yes. Bheem Singh thinks Bunty gave him clue even though she is kidnapped. Bheem singh follow Professor Shukla as he is going to deliver drugs to Vishnu/ Narsimha.

Professor comes to Vishnu and gives him 2 kgs drugs. Bheem singh records it in his phone. He asks Intu Parantu to nab him. He thinks where is Bunty? Bunty takes out nail from the wall and pretends to be unconscious when Vishnu comes. Vishnu comes to Bunty and tells Gattu to take kerosene oil and burn everyone. Bheem Singh comes there and aims gun at Vishnu. Vishnu shoots at his leg. Bunty attacks him with the nail. Vishnu escapes from there. Bunty asks are you fine? Bheem Singh asks are you fine? They look at each other. Song plays. Bunty says sorry and says Vishnu asked Gattu to burn the house, we have to go there. They come out, Bunty ties his leg with her scarf. Vishnu thinks he will settle the scores next time with Bunty. Gattu pours kerosene oil around the house and lights it on fire. Nana ji, Dilli Singh and Munna are shocked. Gattu asks them to tie themselves. Bunty drives bike and they come home. Bheem and Bunty set off the fire. Gattu says I will kill them. Nana ji and Munna tell him that they will not tell anything to him. Bheem takes out transmitter and tells that he will not leave Vishnu. Intu and Parantu arrests Shukla.

Reporter appeals to the citizen to take care of their children and tells Vishnu is absconding.

A lady calls someone while crying and then falls off from the terrace.

A case of suicide of a popular heroine. Bunty and Bheem will solve this case.

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  1. Manish how can u be so perfect every time yr??
    Just look at his face… fully red.. when bhim was shot my God im speechless. ..
    The best story so far

  2. Fabulous actor in the world ????????? MERE GOPLANI ??????????????????????

  3. manish is just out of this world. he is soo perfect in every scene and his work is not tremendous

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