Detective Didi 3rd February 2018 Written Episode Update: Case Of Drugs Terror, Bunty Gets Kidnapped By Drugs Dealer

Detective Didi 3rd February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Terror of drugs.
Today on Detective Didi, school children are made to get addicted of drugs and the criminals have kidnapped Bunty Sharma. If Bheem Singh will able to save her?

A big packet is thrown on the road from the car. People surround it and say it can be bomb also. Boy comes out from the bag and shows the knife. Man tells that Bheem Singh Bullar’s name and phone number is written on boy’s back and calls Police. Bheem Singh sees drugs dealer selling drugs to young boys and asks Intu Kintu to nab them. The dealer runs away. Bheem singh asks the young men who was he? The young drugs addict don’t tell about him. Bheem Singh gets a call and goes to Boy. Boy turns out to be Gattu. Gattu shows knife to him.. He hears Narsimha asking him to kill Bheem Singh. Bunty is kidnapped by drugs dealer.

Gattu attacks Bheem. Bheem snatches knife from his hand. Narsimha tells that he has installed wireless chip in Gattu’s ears and he will do as he says. Bunty asks what do you want to say. Narsimha says he is doing experiment and Gattu will do as he says. Bunty says what wrong did he do with you and asks what is his plan. Narsimha says he is doing an experiment to control Narsimhas and shows injection. Bunty says you shall be ashamed of your doings. Narsimha says I will make you get addicted of drugs like you. Bunty says what is his mistake. Narsimha says he is your nephew. He gives her drugs. Bunty shouts Bheem’s name and faints.

Doctor checks Gattu and says he is taken high dose of drugs. Bheem Singh is shocked and says he is just 8 years old. Doctor says such kids are getting addicted to it and says once he gains consciousness then he will behave violently. Munna and Nana ji tell that it is his bad blood which is showing color. They talk about his illegitimate truth. Bheem Singh says you are leech to suck their blood and asks them not to talk anything against them as he is with them now. Munna asks what is your relation with them. Bheem Singh says some relations don’t have name. Servant tells Bheem Singh that Gattu can’t do this, it is not necessary that he will be a bad guy like his father, he has Bubbly’s blood and Bunty’s upbringing. Nana ji asks Munna to call Bunty. Munna says call is not connecting. Bheem Singh asks Intu and Kintu to bring the bag and check CCTV footage. They check the bag and a pendant fall down from it.

Bheem Singh says this is some company’s logo and asks Intu to find out. Timmy comes there and asks where is Bunty? Bheem asks what happened? Timmy says she asked me to track drug dealer number, but I couldn’t be tracked and she said that she is going behind him. Bheem thinks don’t know where is Bunty and asks Timmy to trace her phone. Bheem takes care of Gattu and hopes Bunty returns soon. He watches TV and sees the news on TV about Gattu. He takes the wine, but then he will not drink wine until she returns. He thinks about their moments. Maana Ke Hum Yaar Nahi plays. Narsimha gives injection to Bunty again and says the devil whom you couldn’t identity will make all city get addicted and the reason is just you.

Reporter tells that this new drug addiction is known as Meow Meow and tells that Narsimha is the dealer whom we have to catch soon. School boys are shown taking drugs. The women of Delhi protest on road against drugs. They come to Police station. Bheem Singh shows his brother Varun’s pic and tells that he died due to drugs. Since Varun died, he is fighting against drugs. He promises to make the city drug free and asks them to let him do his work. School children come out of school. Watchman gives them drugs. Bheem Singh catches them. Watchman says it is not drugs. Bheem singh slaps him and asks him to tell. Narsimha sees Reporter telling that Bheem Singh caught the drugs agent and got a big consignment of drugs from a ration shop. Narsimha tells that Bheem will come to save his lover Bunty, and then he will become his puppet and will help him sell the drugs.

Bheem Singh comes to professor’s house and introduces himself. He tells him about Meow Meow drugs racket and asks him to tell about the chemicals in the drugs. Professor says he is retired because of cancer. Bheem Singh asks him to check. Professor checks the tablet and says what can be mixed in it, it is a colors tablet. He asks for 2 days time to find out and says he gives tuition to kids. Once Bheem goes, professor says how can anyone escape from this drugs terror.

Timmy calls Bheem and tells Bunty’s location. Bheem says I will go there and save her. He thinks where are you, Bunty Sharma, I can’t fight alone, and I need you to solve this case. He reaches there and asks Timmy to tell. Timmy says he is getting signals from that place. Bheem stops his bike and looks at the locked door. He breaks the lock and gets inside. Narsimha sees it on CCTV and thinks how did he got to know about this place. He takes Bunty’s mobile and breaks it. Timmy tells Bheem Singh that the signal is off as somebody switched it off just now. Narsimha drags Bunty out from there while she is unconscious leaving her feet marks. Bheem shouts Bunty. He asks Timmy if he is sure. Timmy asks him to check properly. Narsimha hides Bunty in old damaged bus and also hides under the bus.

Bheem Singh comes out of bus. Bunty gains consciousness and sees Bheem going. She is about to shout when Narsimha keeps hand on her mouth. Bheem leaves from there. Narsimha drags Bunty inside the place and tells someone that he needs 2 kg meow meow. He talks to the professor who is the real criminal to make meow meow and he tells that Police reached his house today. Bunty sees his face on Narsimha’s mobile and thinks she shall inform Bheem Singh. Gattu wakes up hearing Narsimha’s voice asking him to have drugs. Gattu eats it. Narsimha asks him to attack the person who hates him so much, Munna Mama. Gattu takes Bheem’s gun, but drops it. Bheem is still sleeping there. Gattu gets angry and takes gun in his hands again. He goes to Munna. Narsimha asks him to kill Munna. Gattu aims gun at Munna. Bunty is shocked. Narsimha says I can do this, and says it is easy for me. He says I can do anything with you and says your family members and will tenant will be killed.

Bunty asks him to show his face and asks why you are hiding your face like a coward. Narsimha asks him to have a heavy breath and says I will give you a chance to unveil my face. Bunty takes off mask from his face and is shocked to see him. Narsimha says you must have understood now, that this is not ordinary fight, but personal fight, that’s why I have kidnapped you and making Gattu do what I wanted. Bunty says this is not possible, and calls his name Narsimha. Narsimha says you have identified me even after so Narsimha years, and says Gattu will agree to me being my son, and says criminal’s son will be a criminal only. Bunty warns him not to do anything with Gattu. Narsimha says tomorrow’s headlines will be Gattu killed his Mama. Bunty says no. Narsimha asks to remember Munna scolding and cursing him and kill him.

If Bheem singh will be able to save Delhi and Bunty’s family from Narsimha and drugs. Bheem Singh reaches to rescue Bunty. Narsimha shoots at him. Gattu ties Nana ji, Munna and Servant and lights the fire near them.

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  1. Phenomenal it was..
    I just want them to continue such execution in future as well..
    And what to say about bhim singh bhullar aka manish goplani. .. boy will see u soon in bollywood. .. keep it up

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