Detective Didi 17th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Bheem And Bunty Gets Married In Finale Episode

Detective Didi 17th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Friendsbook Stalking Season 1 Finale.

Bunty is in the lock up after getting arrested in mardini gang crime, she coughs. Tera Yaar Hun Main plays… Bheem goes to Bunty and holds her hand. Bunty is teary eyes too. Bheem calls lawyer and asks him to tell he procedure ofBunty’s bail application and says he will do he needful. He opens the lock up. Bheem tells her that she is innocent in police investigation. Bunty asks how? Bheem asks her not to count seeds. Just then a woman comes there with injuries on her face. Bheem asks her to who is responsible for her condition. Bunty says she will speak. Woman tells her that her husband have beaten her badly. Bheem asks Intu and Parantu to arrest him.

Munna and Nana are sitting with a man and tells him that the house is transferred on their name now. Munna says he wants to marry. Man says it will take time. Bheem comes home with Gattu and Bunty. Munna pushes Gattu, but Bheem holds him. He arrests the man who is the woman’s husband who came to Police station. He tells Nana and Munna that Bunty and Gattu will stay in his house. They agree to let her stay there. Bunty makes Gattu sleep. Dilli Singh cries. Bunty says you looks good smiling and eating. Dilli says he was feeling bad. Bunty says she will get back the house and tells him that she won’t let any girl’s life ruined.

Bheem comes to know about social worker’s murder. Bheem says don’t know what happened to today’s women. He says it is good that he got Bunty on bail after investigation. She says Girja’s sister hired her. Girija’s husband is brought by Police, and he tells Bheem and Bunty that Girija was having an affair. Bheem shows the call details. Girija’s husband says I doubted her unnecessarily. Bheem says case is solved. Bunty says it is not yet solved. He gets a call and leave there. He comes to Mayank’s house and enquire about him.. Bunty tells him that the case is not yet solved. She tells him that the man who killed mayank and Giri ja wears 10 number and 9 number shoe in his feet. Parantu tells about friendsbook friendship. She asks Bheem to call computer expert, and says someone account have to be hacked.

Timmy comes and hacks Mayank and Giri ji’s account. He says there is common follower Vidyut Khanna. Bunty sends him friendship request and he accepts it. Bheem gets jealous. Bunty asks Bheem to catch him when he comes there. Vidyut Khanna comes there. Bunty turns to him and sees his shoe. Vidyut says I am seeing such beautiful girl for first time. Bunty asks him to come home and says her mummy and Papa aren’t at home. He comes inside and aims gun at Bunty. Vidyut says I know you are Bunty Sharma and asks why did you call me. Bunty says to get you arrested. He says he hates the people who is popular at social networking sites. He is about to shoot her when Bheem comes and arrests him. Bunty asks him why did you kill Jia, Garija and Mayank. Vidyut says he stalks girls, send them friends’ request and then took their advantage before killing them. Bunty asks why did you kill Mayank. Vidyut says Mayank was her brother and was planning to write a book on him so he killed him.

Bheem proposes Bunty for marriage. Bunty doesn’t agree and says she lost trust on men. Gattu, Dilli Singh, Intu and Parantu ask her to agree. Bunty says I have no place for love and marriage and says sorry to Bheem. Bheem gets knife, cuts his finger and fills his blood in her forehead. Bunty looks at him. Bheem says you are Mrs. Bullar now. Bunty says do you think it is joke. Bheem promises to make her life fine and says he will get house back from munna on her name. He calls them, threatens and takes their signature. He gives paper to Bunty. He lights the fire and takes rounds with her. Bunty stops after 4th round and says you didn’t know that girl walks ahead after 4h rounds. She says she has some conditions. She asks him to promise that he will never stop her from spying, takes care of Gattu before her, will not see any girl, also have to make Delhi crime free. Bheem fulfills all her promises. Bunty says she is ready to become Mrs. Bullar. They take rounds and hug each other.

Season 1 Ended.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. I think this is the only detective/crime thriller show which ended on a happy note.
    Though I dislike the quality of their content, I just used to watch it for Manish.
    Arjun, PI: Private investigator are the best shows in crime investigative series. Their take on the concept used to be impactful with intricate detailing.

  2. Loved this show, the concept was good but the writers didn’t execute it very well, which was a shame. The chemistry between the lead pair was great, I hope they both get really good shows very soon. Big fan of Manish even in Thapki didn’t matter who he had a scene with it worked, he can work well with anyone. First time I’ve seen Sonia Balani and became a fan. Found her refreshing

  3. Mona146

    felt bad to see show the ended so early. good chemistry between leads. I like manish in this one more than thapki.


    Show was really very unique only defect was week script as they showed nearlly all truth of real life starting from day one episode… Only weel script lead show to end… I am happy to see bheem and bunty marriage in end..

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