Detective Didi 17th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Bunty Exposes Man Inside Monkey’s Costume

Detective Didi 17th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Case of Monkey Man whose target is working women in Delhi.

Monkey man attacks a woman. Women protest on road fighting for women rights. Lady Reporter tells that they were sent for march unnecessarily. Cameraman Rajmohan is shocked and records him. Monkey man attacks the reporter and takes him with her. Cameraman Rajmohan tells that the monkey man took away lady journalist. Bunty thinks they made false story and asks if Bheem is back. Dilli singh says he didn’t come as yet. Bunty says he is breaking the rules. She comes to the Police station and asks where is Bheem? Intu and Parantu tell that he went to village to harvest the grains. Bunty says it is next month. Intu says he went to meet Dolly. Bunty gets jealous and says she don’t care. They see news about monkey man. Bunty is shocked. Intu says two women were attacked, reporter is critical. Bunty visits the hospital and talks to reporter’s mother. Mother says I was at home and asks Bunty to get him punished. Bunty consoles her and thinks to find out.

Bunty and Gattu are walking when they see monkey man jumping near them. He tries to suffocate her. Bunty tries to take off his mask, but he hits on her head and runs. People gather there. Pandit says we shall take her to hospital. Bunty is in hospital. Munna blames Gattu and says who will run the house. Bunty says she is alive and can take care of house. They watch news. People tell that they are afraid to send their kids out. They appeal to keep school, colleges and companies closed. Bunty thinks to find out. Doctor comes and checks her. She sees something fallen from Doctor’s pocket. She asks Gattu to give it to her. She thinks her doubt is right and goes while Doctor tries to stop her. Gattu says she is no. 1 detective and will solve the case now. She comes to the Police station and says she needs to give information. Parantu says may be he is hanuman. Bunty says she called media there. She gives interview to reporter and says the man in monkey’s attire is an imposter.

Bunty and Gattu come to Pandit. Pandit is sitting on tree. Bunty thanks him and says you were doing aarti then. Pandit says he came to get flowers. He jumps down. Gattu says you are a superman. Bunty says can I check for proofs. Bunty tells Intu and Parantu that the monkey is actually mad. She shares her plan with Intu and Parantu to catch him and says Bheem Singh will remember that his competitor solved the case when he was in his lover’s embrace.

Bunty asks women to take rally, but they fear and tell that they can’t do. Bunty says they have to catch the man and prove that women can do anything. She comes to temple and prays. She asks Intu and Parantu to be careful who are indisguise of a beggars. Monkey man jumps and attacks Cameraman and takes him somewhere. Bunty, Intu and Parantu follow the monkey man. Intu shoots at his leg. They follow the foot marks and reach the house. Pandit is there and praying. Bunty accuses him. They check the house and see his leg alright. Intu gets a call and tells Bunty that Monkey man attacked some one else outside a mosque. Bunty apologizes to Pandit. Pandit asks her to tell him if she needs his help. Bunty thanks him.

Parantu tells Bunty that today he is missing Bheem and says you can’t solve the case. Intu asks Bunty not to feel bad. Bunty says today she is feeling Bheem. Bheem is searching his ex girlfriend dolly. Bunty comes to the victim Neeta who was attacked by Monkey man. Victim’s husband asks her to leave and says Neeta is in shock. Bunty asks Intu and Parantu to take him and questions Neeta. Neeta tells her that she saw hanuman locket in monkey man’s neck.

Bheem singh returns home. Bunty asks why did you return and says you would have stayed with her. Bheem asks if she is jealous. Bunty says she is not jealous. Music plays…..Bheem smiles and says you are in love with me, I read in your eyes. Bunty says it is impossible. Bheem singh sings hogaya hain tujhko….plays….Dilli Singh comes and asks with whom she is talking to? Bunty says she is talking to Bullar. Dilli says he is missing since 3 days and asks her to call him. She refuses. Bunty is upset as Bheem haven’t called her.

Pandit calls Bunty and says he got something and asks her to come. Bunty goes there. Pandit shows her foot marks and says he might have come from jungle. Bunty check and says there is a cement with marks. Pandit says there is a secluded building nearby. She comes there and gets mask. She calls Intu and asks him to come there with constables. Detective Didi plays….A man attacks her and hides. Bunty asks him to come out. Man tries to scare her. Bunty catches him. Policemen come there and arrest him. Man says he is innocent. Reporter tells that case is solved. Bunty says nobody shall worry now and resume their work. Women cheers for Bunty in her house. Munna tells Bunty that he is marrying a woman and shows her pic. Bunty says third marriage why? Munna says woman is needed to run the house and scolds her for not doing house work. He says he is marrying for sure. Woman praises Bunty and says your own family don’t respect you, but we all respect you. Bunty cries. Naina song plays…..Dilli Singh thinks a prince shall come and marry her.

Bunty thinks if Bheem don’t pick my call then I will not talk to him. Bheem calls him and congratulates her for solving the case. She asks how are you? Bheem says I am fine. Bunty says you shall be ashamed. Bheem thinks how to tell you Dolly is missing, I don’t want to give you tension. Bunty misses him and says Munna is troubling her. Monkey man comes there and goes to terrace. He sees old woman going and hides. Gattu asks Bunty to sleep. Monkey man attacks old woman. Bunty makes him sleep.

Bunty comes to Pandit and thanks him for helping her solve the case. Pandit says bajrang bali helped you and thinks spy, she will not leave spying. Bunty calls Timmy and asks him to enquire about a number. She thinks she has a feeling that the case is not solved. She comes to the building and talks to the workers there. They tell that the man Raghu is mad. Bunty gets to know that Pandit number is showing location in Noida. She thinks how is this possible. She goes to the doctor where Raghu is treated. Doctor tells her that Raghu is mad and the injury on his leg is of knife. Bunty is shocked, calls Intu and asks him to arrest Pandit. Intu arrests Pandit.

Media comes there. Pandit tells that Bunty has gone mad, yesterday she was accusing mad man and today me. Bunty says she got the culprit and will get the proofs too till night. Intu and Parantu are surprised and tell her that they will lose their job if no proofs is found. Bunty says she will catch him red handed. Bunty watches news in which Reporter tells that everyone is waiting to get the proofs and asks where is Bunty hiding. Bunty smiles and goes to kitchen. Monkey man follows her and holds her neck. He tries to stab her, but Bunty holds his hand, pushes him and runs. She falls on Bheem. Bheem holds monkey man’s hand and smiles looking at Bunty. Song plays….Bheem says it seems God made me for you, whenever you are in problem, he sends me to you. Monkey man pushes them and is about to run. Intu and Parantu catches him. Bheem and Bunty have a romantic eye lock. Nazdekiyan song plays.

Bunty gets up and says your game is finished. She asks people if they want to know who is he? Everyone is shocked to see Pandit. A man says police arrested him, he should be in lock up. Bunty says there is a twist and calls Intu and parantu. They bring Pandit’s twin brother. Everyone is surprised. Bunty says when one brother does puja, other attacks women. Bheem Singh asks when did you come to know. Bunty says when she went to his house to thank him, she saw him going inside the house, and thought he was inside. She peeps inside the house and saw Pandit and his twin brother. She says she understood and got Pandit arrested so that other will come to free his brother. Bheem asks what is your enmity with working women. Pandit says they hate women for trying to be dictator etc. Bunty slaps both of them and says woman can do any work and is laxmi and can become God also. She says you have much time to think in jail and asks constables to take them. Intu and Parantu take them. Bheem Singh thinks Bunty is angry.

Bheem and Bunty celebrate holi and applies colors to each other. A man fires at them.

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  1. This show is so so bad.

    1. Each week I find the concept and the storyline is good but unfortunately the execution of the storyline is poor, at times the show feels to rushed or too far fetched. If Beem was looking for Dolly in another city his absence would make sense but he was in Delhi so him not being there to help Bunty esp after she was attacked makes no sense. The lead pair are brilliant as are Beems sidekicks, there was no need for the mama scene where he makes a scene. And without Manish the programme feels a little flat, his presence is missed. Then when he did come back it was a bit of a spoof where his managing to hold the monkey man who has a knife whilst holding Bunty again too far fetched. Worst episode to date

  2. The concept and the storylines are really good but it’s the execution of the shows which is letting the programme down. At times it feels too rushed and others too far fetched. Manish’s absence was really noticeable and it made no sense that Beem was in Delhi and wasn’t there too help Bunty esp after her attack, they should have shown him being out of the city which would have made sense and the writers overcompensated at the end putting a ridiculous scene in where he was stopping the monkey man who was holding a knife with one hand whilst holding Bunty. Also the mamas remarriage scene was random and unnecessary, especially as the family rely on buntys income and they hire someone for housework. This was by far the worst episode.

  3. I love the show as they always comes up some brilliant topics every week.. and they r improving alot in their execution as well…
    Last few weeks the stories werw awsome.. drug case was the best..
    But i must say this monkeyman topic never attracted me at all.. boring and flat…
    Bsb aka manish was being missed and he is the jan of the show…
    Bsb has charismatic personality that is why without him the episode was flat…
    I love the chemistry between the lead pair.. so natural they look..

    Looking forward for next story..

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