Detective Didi 11th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Bunty Gets Arrested While Trying To Punish Vishnu

Detective Didi 11th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bunty and Bheem are shocked to see Gattu missing. Bunty picks his bag kept there, and blames herself. He asks her to come with him to Police station. Bunty says I will not go anywhere, will stay here and search Gattu. Bheem says I am concerned for you, I love……stops. Bunty understands what he meant. Main Phir bhi tumko chahunga plays….He asks her to come and holds her hand. She sits on the bike behind him. Gattu is in the van, but Bheem and Bunty don’t see him. Bheem brings Bunty to sit in Police station and says he will go to search Gattu and will give security to Sada. He opens the door and asks her to rest in room. She finds phone ringing in Gattu’s bag and the woman tells her that Bheem is wrong about Mardini gang and tells that Gattu is in their captivity, asks Bunty to do as she says. She asks her not to tell anything to Bheem and wear blue tooth device. Bunty says you are doing wrong. Woman says if anyone comes to know this, then your nephew will be killed. She tells her something. Bunty says how to believe that you are saying truth.

She is about to leave. Intu stops her. Bunty asks him to accompany her. They leave. Bheem comes to Priya’s house and asks Kintu to be there. Priya gets happy when Bheem tells that Sada was right about the gang. Bheem asks about Sada and takes office address.

Sada is having wine with his friends, who helped them in the act of Mardini gang to fool Bheem, when Priya calls him and tells about Bheem giving police station. Sada tells his friends that Police will protect him. He asks his friends to leave and burn the clothes which is kept in car. Someone takes their video. Bheem comes to Sada’s office. He gets a message and just then sees the men and follows them.

Sada waits for Bheem and thinks Media called him super cop, but he is a big fool. He says Bunty is more clever than him. Just then Mardini gang comes and makes him unconscious.

Bunty comes near the tree and finds Gattu sitting. She asks him where did he go? Gattu tells him that a woman took him, troubled him and when he was crying, she took him to have pizza. Bunty gets woman’s call and she tells her that they are not that bad and don’t harm innocent people. Bunty asks why they are after Sada. Woman says you will know soon. She asks Bunty to be away from them and the case. Intu gets Bheem’s call and he tells Bunty that Bheem has caught Mardini gang. Bunty comes back to Police station and tells Bheem that Mardini gang had kidnapped Gattu, fed him pizza and dropped him back. Bheem is shocked. Bunty gets mardini gang member call and she asks her to switch on TV. They see Sada’s confession that he had raped 5 girls and was married before, he asks Mardini gang to leave him. Bunty recalls woman’s saying and says whatever they are doing is right. Bheem says it is against law to punish anyone, law is there to punish them. He asks her to go to room, sleep and also make Gattu sleep. She goes to sleep. Gattu asks when we will go home. Bunty thinks that house is not ours. Gattu says BSP is good man and he likes him more than Nanu and Mama. Bunty thinks about the clock sound and sleeps. Bheem thinks whose phone it was and comes to room to check that phone. He checks the number, covers them with blanket and leaves.

Next morning, Bunty wakes up and thinks she heard that clock sound somewhere. She asks Parantu to take care of Gattu. She comes to Priya’s house and asks her if there is any basement or something in her house. Just then electricity goes, she sees Mardini gang woman while calling Priya.

Parantu tells Bheem that Bunty went somewhere. Bheem gets worried. Parantu teases him and says all staff members are talking about your romance with Bunty and says if commissioner comes here? Bheem asks who is talking all this nonsense and asks them to speak infront of him. Gattu asks do you love my Maasi? If yes, then tell the world. Bheem announces his love for Bunty and asks if anyone have objection. Gattu asks Bheem to always protect Bunty and says you are the best man in her life. He hugs him. Bheem thinks Bunty is hiding something, but why? He calls on that number. Woman’s phone rings. Bunty sees woman’s face, while other woman makes her unconscious. Bheem asks Gattu to take care and goes insearch of Bunty.

Bunty gains consciousness and sees Sada kept alive there. She says you are alive. Mardini gang comes there and says death is small punishment for him. She sees woman’s face and is shocked to see Priya. Priya says we are not doing anything wrong. Bunty says you…Priya says I am also a member of this gang. Bunty says first you hired me and then took back the case. Priya says that cleverness is not for you, but for him. She says she wanted to expose him and tells that after today, Sada will lose his manhood infront of you. Priya tells Bunty that Sada had raped her sister who was 16 years old then and says after today, he can’t see any woman. Bunty asks her not to take law in her hands. Priya says you are saying this as you are in love with Bheem. Sada apologizes and says I didn’t know that she was your sister. Priya asks her gang members to take off his pant. Sada gets shocked and pleads for forgiveness. Priya takes knife in her hand. Bunty stops her and says I know whatever he did was crime, and I can feel your pain and suffering as same thing happened with my sister. Priya says you didn’t know why I have brought you. She shows her Gattu’s father Narsimha.

Bheem is searching Bunty, when Media comes there. Bheem asks reporter to stay away from case for now. Reporter asks Bheem if his lover is in danger. Bheem gets angry. Priya asks Bunty to recalls the humiliation of her sister when Narsimha raped her which forced her to commit suicide. She asks her to call police or kill Narsimha. She says God is giving you a chance to end his devil. Bunty is silent. Priya does her aarti. Bheem is coming there and hears Narsimha/Vishnu’s voice as Bunty makes rapist tattoo on his face. Bheem comes there and asks her to leave him. He is shocked to see Bunty. Media comes there and clicks pics. He says I told you not to take law in your hand and arrests her. Reporter says Bunty Sharma is arrested for being Mardini gang member, she was caught as she was making tattoo on his forehead. Reporter bashes Bunty with words. Bheem stops him and says Bunty’s licence will be cancelled today. Priya is there in casual clothes, takes Gattu with her. Bheem says they will catch other Mardini members. Bunty in her heart thanks Bheem for supporting her and thinks she is innocent. She is brought to the police station. Bheem is sad and hurt. Bunty recalls people cheering for her, but today they said slogan against her.

This Saturday there will be season’s finale episode, Bunty exposes stalking happening due to friendsbook. Bheem fills Bunty’s maang with his blood.

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