Detective Didi 11th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Bunty Cracks The Case Of Celebrity Murder

Detective Didi 11th February 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bunty tells Bheem that the case is complicated and is not solved. Bheem says challenged. She shows her something on her mobile. Bheem is shocked and says it is impossible to solve the case. Bunty says she will crack the case. Bheem says he will get the bike. Bunty sees a woman running away from Vishal’s flat. She runs behind the woman and catch her. Bheem also comes there. They are shocked to see her. Sandhya beats Vishal in the Police station and do third degree torture asking him to tell who has killed Pratiksha. Vishal says I loved her, and haven’t killed her. Sandhya beats him badly. A man is showing looking at Pratiksha’s pic and makes her sketch, florist calls him and says he will stop sending bouquet to that house as nobody stays there. Bunty and Bheem comes to Sandhya and see that she is beating vishal badly. Bunty tells her that she needs to talk to her about the case. Sandhya goes with her. Vishal tells Bheem that he is innocent. Bheem says your mistake is that you took your girlfriend for abortion, and says you have killed her when you took her for abortion in that old clinic.

Sandhya asks Bunty why did she stop the interrogation. Bunty tells her that may be Vishal is not guilty and shows her something. She says why Vishal will kill her when Pratiksha was gold laying hen like him, and tells that there was a girl in his flat when we went there. Sandhya tells that she don’t forgive anyone when the matter is about crime. Bunty says she will get the guilty punished. She searches about Vishal and sees news. She thinks even Sandhya might not know this. Bunty dries her wet hairs, Bheem comes to her, bends down on his knees and says I love you. Nazdekiyan song plays….Bunty asks are you gone mad? He says yes, I am mad. Bunty says you know that I don’t like this and asks him not to make the things complicated. He says for the first time in life, a guy loves you for your hitler giri, arrogance, misbehavior etc. Bunty scolds him and says I really thought you are serious. Bheem laughs and says he thought to irritate her. He goes. Bunty thinks this guy will take my life and then thinks about the case.

Bunty tells Sandhya that Vishal is a politician’s son and tells that she called Payal here. Pratiksha’s old Payal comes there and tells that because of Vishal, Pratiksha signed her show which she was about to come, and says may be Vishal killed her. Bunty messages Bheem that killer is someone else.

A man reads Pratiksha’s letter and smiles. Bunty shows fan mails of Pratiksha to Bheem and asks him to come with her to pratiksha and Vishal’s house. He says it is illegal. Bunty says she needs to go now and asks him to come. Romantic music plays….She takes him. Sandhya asks Intu and Parantu to take Vishal out and tells that his father is politician. She frees him and tells that illegal abortion case will soon come. Vishal says you know where I will be.

Bheem and Bunty come with Vishal’s current girlfriend to Payal’s house and accuses her for murder. Payal is shocked and says I haven’t done anything like this. Sandhya claps and tells that she is a good actress. Vishal’s girlfriend tells that she is his ex girlfriend and Payal is his current girl friend. Payal refuses to have any relation with him. Sandhya says when they freed Vishal, he came to you and met you and shows the CCTV footage of the building. Payal accepts that he came to get some money from her and nothing else. Sandhya says we have again arrested him for drunk and drinking case. Payal says it is not proved that I am his girl friend. Sandhya slaps her hard. Bunty tells that she went to Vishal’s building where she met Keerti.

Fb is shown, Keerti tells that she went to get her pictures with Vishal in a compromising position. They ask about Vishal’s girlfriend. Keerti says she doesn’t know. Servant comes and gives her hard disk and says it has some proofs. Bunty checks it and tells that there is some hidden files. They see Vishal and Payal’s pics in a compromising position. Bunty says she is Vishal’s girlfriend. Fb ends. Bunty asks her to tell truth. Sandhya threatens her. Payal tells that they had an argument. Fb starts, Payal and Pratiksha argue over TV serial and Vishal. Payal talks to her arrogantly and tries to push her, but Vishal comes and stops her, says sorry to Pratiksha. Fb ends. Payal says Detective Didi is making stories. Bunty calls Servant Gopi Kaka and tells that he has recorded your argument with Pratiksha. Payal is shocked. Gopi Kaka tells that Payal came home and pushed Pratiksha from balcony. Payal says she didn’t kill her. Bunty tells that there was skin and blood traces in Pratiksha’s nails of someone else, and pulls artificial skin from her hand.

Bunty says when you came to Police station, I had noticed that you are hiding the nails marks and have got your sample tested and it matched with the DNA found in Pratiksha’s nail. Sandhya holds her hairs and says she will punish her. Bunty asks her to leave her and says we will get her arrested. Sandhya thanks Bunty for solving the case and says you are inspiration to our country and is best Detective of Chandi Chowk. She asks about the letters which pratiksha wrote. Bunty says he was some fan who loved her and it was one sided love, he called me that day and wanted me to get guilty punished. Sandhya says I am impressed and hugs her. Bunty smiles, just then she sees Kaka tensed. Bheem and Bunty leave. Sandhya asks Kaka to come and takes him to balcony. She says now it is your turn. Kaka says I haven’t seen sister like you, and says you have pushed Pratiksha and killed her, and also trapped Vishal and Payal. Sandhya says she killed her as she hates her. She says I am more hardworking, but she got famous and I used to be known as her sister. She says when I read about her I Instafone post, I pushed her immediately from balcony. She says when you came to know this, even you don’t deserves to be alive.

Bheem Singh comes there and says you are under arrest for killing Pratiksha. Sandhya asks where is the proofs. Bunty tells that she has proofs and shows her mobile. Detective Didi proofs. Bunty says you have underestimated us and says she saw danger in Gopi Kaka’s eyes and understood everything. She says you said right that I am Delhi’s shaan, how can I let you down. She says whenever I have seen you with Vishal, Payal and others, I have realized that there is something in you. She shows the video confession. Sandhya aims gun at Bunty. Bheem takes the gun and says how can I let you kill Bunty. Sandhya says you are saving her. Bheem says there are less people for whom life can be given and taken. Bunty says your cheap crime will be revealed and says even famous people shall be alerted with her relatives. She tells that punishment is same for you. Constables come and arrest Sandhya. Bunty thanks Gopi Kaka and vice versa. Bunty and Bheem looks at each other smiling. Song plays.

They are walking home. Bunty tells Bheem that he might be jealous as she cracked the case. She says your name shall be monkey. He asks did you get real monkey. They go inside the house. Just then a monkey man looks on. He attacks single working women of old Delhi.

Next Week is A Case of Monkey Man whose target is single working women.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Awesome
    Till last I felt that it was Payal or vishal or the unknown lover as killer but it was some thing else. I love the way the episode takes turning point. Both bheem and bunty justifies their role.

  2. Though the story line is good but the cvs leaves many loopholes. Viewers have to guess it, like I don’t understand what was there in the video or photo which bunty and bheem saw in the beginning and understood that vishal was not the one who killed pratiksha.
    And when the police was sure that the case is of murder and not of suicide why they didn’t tell it through media.
    Further when bunty and bheem left for pratiksha and vishal’s home how come Payal and sandhya were there??
    And much more confusion….

  3. At last thanks MA for written update

  4. Mona146

    copied pratyusha’s case maximum but twisted in the end.

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