Detective Didi 10th March 2018 Written Episode Update: Bunty And Bheem After Mardini Gang

Detective Didi 10th March 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Case of Women gang punishing rapist men:

Bunty tries to get money from ATM, but finds card to be blocked and also her mobile phone is blocked. She thinks what is happening. Gattu says I am very much hungry. Bunty asks him to come and checks her purse. She sees money and thanks God. Gattu says where we will stay and sleep. Bunty asks him to have food first.

Bheem Singh asks Munna and Nana about Bunty and Gattu and asks why did they throw them out. Munna asks him to vacate the house if he is feeling so much pain. Bheem Singh says I have given rent in advance, plus I am policemen and scolds them.

Bunty gets sandwich for Gattu. Gattu feels bad as she is not eating food. Bunty sees few women going wearing red saree and thinks she is doubting them unnecessary. The same women are seen keeping a boy captive. One of the woman write ‘rapist’ on his forehead with tattoo machine . Bunty meets her friend Priya. Next day, Police gets boy’s dead boy at his house. Bheem Singh comes to know that the boy was operated and became impotent. He sees rapist tattoo on his forehead. He wonders who is doing this and tells Kintu that they shall arrest such people committing crime.

Priya tells Bunty that she needs her help and calls his fiancé Sada. Bunty says him hi. Priya removes cap from his head and shows rapist tattoo on his forehead. Bunty is shocked. Priya tells her that Sada is not a rapist and gives his treatment file, says he is impotent. She says Sada managed to elope from there. Priya asks her to find the women gang who are behind the innocent men. Bunty takes up the money and asks for advance money. Gattu says we will stay here. Priya asks them to stay in her house. Bunty says we will stay in hotel. They leave.

Woman gang keeps eye on her. Bheem Singh is in the Police station and tells Intu and Kintu that Bunty and Gattu are not in the house, he don’t want to go. Bunty calls him and tells about Sada’s case. Bheem Singh asks her where is she? She asks him to enquire about ladies in parlour who makes tattoos. Gattu tells Bunty that he forgot his school bag at Priya’s house. Bunty goes there and sees woman attacking Sada. She rescues him. Priya thanks her.

Bunty calls Bullar and tells him that Gattu is rusticated from school, due to Munna and Nana. Bheem Singh Bullar asks her to come to Police station. She asks him to enquire about the woman using sketch and tattoo artiste.
Bheem asks tattoo artiste to show their work. He checks the font, calligraphy. He finds one of their font matching. Woman silent leaves. Bheem turns and is shocked. He checks CCTV footage and asks Intu and Kintu to find out about her.

Bunty asks Gattu not to cry and sees room messed up. She sees threatening message, takes snip and sends to Bheem. Bheem reads it. Bunty says it seems they came to know where I am staying. Bheem asks where is she staying? Bunty doesn’t tell him and asks him to give security to Sada. Bheem says ok. Just then a woman throws a stone from window with a message. Bunty sees woman from the window and reads the message. A man comes to Police station and tells that his brother is in hospital after mardini gang attack him. Bunty shows report to Priya and tells that Sada is not impotent. Sada says he is impotent and the gang is after him. Priya tells Bunty that she thought her wrong, takes back the case and also money. She says Bunty’s family was right about her. Bunty silently leaves. Sada looks at her.

Bunty comes to hotel and sees Gattu crying. Gattu tells him that hotel manager has thrown their stuff and cries. Manager asks them to leave and tells that he don’t want to have enmity with Mardini gang.
Bheem reminisces Bunty. Main Phir bhi tumko chahunga plays…He asks Dilli Singh if she can go to relatives. Dilli Singh says no. Bheem says I will go and search her. He leaves on his bike. Someone follows him in the car. Gattu tells Bunty that he can’t walk more. Bunty asks a beggar woman if they can sleep there. She asks for 100 Rs. Bunty is about to give her money, when Bheem comes there and says no need. Just then Bheem is attacked by the woman gang and gets kidnapped. Bunty witnesses the scene.

Bheem asks women to leave him. He sees Mardini gang and asks them to leave him. Bunty comes there following van and asks Gatttu to be there, says she will go and search Bullar. Gattu asks her to take care of herself and says there is nobody except you for me. Woman is about to tattoo on bheem’s forehead, when he frees his hand and stops woman. Bunty finds Bheem’s shoe, his watch and thinks he might left it intentionally so that I can search him. Bheem fights with the women gang and locks them, manages to come out. Bunty sees him. Bheem tells her that he was kidnapped by Mardini man and they was about to tattoo on his forehead.

Sada comes there and frees them. Bheem calls Police and Media there. He tells them that the mardini gang members are men in women attire. Sada is seen with those men and tells that Police will believe on his story now and will give him protection. Old woman of mardini gang watches the news and calls her gang members. Bheem asks Bunty about Gattu. They search for him, but couldn’t get him.

Bunty is in search of Gattu, gets arrested by Police as Mardini gang member. Bheem gets hurt.

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