“I lost very badly over here”- Annika heard the discussion in kitchen about the old ideology and remarked,”I knew always in my battle with this Name,blood,lineage..I will lose one day very badly Shivaay”.
“Annika stop there”- Shivaay followed till the stair and sighed as he heard the bang of their room glass door.
“Rudra..I “- He tried to describe his situation to his younger child brother “I can explain it”.
“Today this ideology of your left Annika bhabhi in tears”; Rudra left from his sight dragging Om with him,”we warned you before also but you are Stone Singh Oberoi and that stupid Name,blood and lineage is your sconce”.
“Shivaay”- Om advised,” Just mark my words this lovely feeling of being in love is special..above all ideology and love is all about breaking and making rules”.
Annika opened the glass door and come out taking hold of her packed bag down the stair.
“Annika you are not going anywhere”- Shivaay lifted her in his strong arm and returned to their room,”Sit here”.
“Shivaay I should leave from here”- Annika again began to leave,” have a happy life with your NKK”.
“Annika listen to me”- Shivaay hopped on the other side of the same orange couch..If the ideology of NKK is a sconce then you are my queen there”.
“Your queen”-Annika smiled sarcastically,”I am only Annika .. unable to fulfil your criteria”.
“Last evening you left away from the middle of the kulgotra pooja”- Annika accused him,”you were very angry and disappointed at my status of being an orphan and not having my parents name”.
“who told you all these bullshit Annika”- Shivaay come a little near to her and put his hands on her head “you are imagining things on your own”.
“I am stating the fact”- Annika sat more straight then her previous position,”I know these things matters to just felt pity on me last night and console me with some sugar coated words”.
“Annika don’t cry”- He patted slowly on her head like treating a child,”You are my Always Smiling Singh Oberoi”.
“I am Annika ..only Annika”- She was not ready to accept any honey sweet words from his mouth,”I will wash your this stupid theory of judging people by their birth and not by their work”.
“Khanna!!”- Shivaay Singh Oberoi dialed his most trusted security head,”Bring a dish wash bar and a bottle of Lizol soon”.
“What the wuck!!”- Annika gained a smirk from serene face of her Sclerotic Singh Oberoi at for using his branded words,”Why Lizol…ask for a normal floor cleaning phenol”.
“Sir”-poor Khanna brought all the required material to his boss’s room with out thinking about its consequences,”here it is”.
Khanna left from there with a speed pace to his original place near the entrance of Oberoi mansion.
“Here take the Vim bar and wash my ideology with a scour like you are doing right from the first time we met”- He removed the shiny green cover with the images of hundred lemon in it,”I will bring a bucket of water from wash room . Mix the lizol and throw at my face in your own hands”.
“I am not doing anything like that”- Annika protested,”I am not that type of girl”.
“I don’t care aboit what a type of girl you are either”- Scrumptious Singh oberoi hugged his wife,”You are my wife and my Annika is the universal truth for me”.
“I left the pooja in the middle because I was not ready to see your tears for not having a family”- Semitone Singh Oberoi whispered near her ear,”I can’t take it when others insult you with their cheap words”.
“Others …they are your family members,your parents”- Annika come more close to him,”the founder of NKK fort that is now turning in to a Scarlatina spreading among all their descendent”.
“They are wrong yaar”- He sighed,”their hallucination also will break one day like my eyes are opened by you and only you”.
“Later they will accuse me for being a sequester in your scrumptious life with them”.
“They know the truth Annika”- Shivaay regretted for his scour behaviour,”that even after marrying you by blackmailing by threat of Saahil you were always my support system and strength of pillar”.
“They were looking at me with eyes of an owl last evening”- She remembered the surprised faces of all after her truth revelation last evening,”like I the result of some unforgettable sin”.
“You are an angel”- He pulled her on his laps,”Don’t cry anymore .They were sad for you and were praising you for your strong mental power…true OmRu said me in the kitchen before an hour”.
“They were proud of me!!”- Annika was surprised.
“They love you like they love me”- He stood after realising their position,” Specially OmRu ,Prinku and Dadi”.
“And…”- Shivaay made her curious by arching his left eye brow ,”I love you more then anything in this world like I never loved any one before”.
“But your NKK”- She was more then hurt by now,”what will you do with it”.
“NKK ..NKk..Nkk..nkk”- Shivaay took the knife to his hand and slide there and a fresh blood came out from his vein or artery,”Look at my blood Annika here…”.
“Are you made or insane”- Annika tried to stop the heavy flow of blood by a cloth,”this is blood Shivaay and you are hurting your self”.
“Like the way you are hurting me with your words”-Seraph Singh Oberoi took his hand away from Annika,”your blood and mine both are red”.
“You are Stone Singh Oberoi”- Annika tried to apply some ointment in his cut,”No one can hurt you”.
“With your stubborn words I am turning in to a Shred Singh Oberoi”- Shivaay let her attend his wound,”your smile only can cure the wound in my heart”.
“Like you are Annika ..I am also only Shivaay for you and that is our name..and after marriage we both are sharing the common surname Oberoi.. “- Shivaay described further,”I am a businessman and you are an event organiser is our identity”.
“I am sorry Billuji”- Annika now only get his meaning,”I should have asked an explanation from you with my right”.
“Only Annika”- Shivaay kept his Annika close to his heart,”always show your right on me”.
“By asking for explanation,by fighting and by throwing water on your face”- She listed ways to torture her husband,” by making fun of you,making you eat horrible dishes every day and…”.
Her words died some where in her throat as he placed his warm and dry lips on her blabbering delicious one.
“Call me now by any other names like you were doing till now”- He invited,”may be you can call me s*xy Singh Oberoi”.
“Shameless Singh Oberoi”- She find him a new name and then smiled.
“always keep smiling like this Annika”- The Passionate yet caring husband ordered,”with out your smile I feel like a Sorrowful Singh Oberoi”.
“I am not a mad to smile with out any reason”- Annika used some logic after her long friendship with Rudra,”People will think me as a mad girl”.
“With out any reason!!”- Shivaay was surprised,”I love you like you love me is a great reason to bloom a smile on both our lips”.
“Shield Singh Oberoi”-Annika gave another name,”you are hurt”.
“I took medicine few minutes before”- Smart Singh Oberoi smiled,”shall I remind you again”.
“Suave Singh Oberoi…Strong Singh Oberoi..Spicy Singh Oberoi”- Annika ran away smiling like a stupid after remembering their just happened first kiss…

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