Destiny’s play – A FF on YRKKH (Episode 5)

Episode 5

Abhi: bade papa let rest now. Don’t pressurize her. We will ask her when she come back home after getting discharged.

Neel: haan papa please let our would be bhabhi rest now. She needs to rest. She can’t take any tension for few days. She needs to be stress free.

Anand: I am also a doctor and I know that so you guys shut up your mouth. Fine I am leaving now after coming back to home she have to say the answer.

Akshu: uncle no need time till I come back. I will say the answer now itself. My answer for your question is yes. I am ready to get married to this stupid surgeon. My stupid surgeon will you marry me??

Everyone was shocked with akshu’s proposal.

Abhi: Yes I will marry you my devilish chatter box.

Dadi: then after she come back home we will fix the engagement date. Is it ok Anand beta??

Anand: maaji is this the question to ask?? We are absolutely fine with it.

Parth: very soon we will have my bhai’s shaadi then my bhabhi will come to our house will pamper us a lot.

Akshu: never in your dreams parth and neel. I won’t do any pampering and all. We all have our own work to focus on. I am really sorry my would be devars. You both do one thing try to find good devrani for me. Ok??

Neel: bhabhi??? This is not fair bhabhi.

Everyone: bhabhi??

Abhi: not bad my bro.

Neel: did I say anything wrong?? Bhabhi you yourself find the devrani for you. We won’t find anyone like that. We are good boys unlike our bhai.

Akshu: don’t forget I am your bhabhi. In front of me itself you are speaking like this about my hubby. If again say like this means I won’t let you both come near him. Don’t talk to me from now on.

Parth: we are sorry bhabhi and bro. Bhabhi please talk to us. We won’t do anything like this. Sorry.

Akshu: I am forgiving you this time because I am not married to your brother. Next time I won’t.

Neel: you are the best bhabhi.

Sirat: Kartik our daughter looks how happy now. May no evil eyes cast on them.

Kartik: haan sirat. She is really happy after 4 long years. I have the faith that she will be happy forever.

Aru: arrey my would be jiju you know you are a boring person.

Abhi: aru what did I do that you are say like that?

Aru: Really abhi. Just see them. How are they??

Abhi: I understand what are you trying to say. Just see your behind aru there is a cockroach.

Aru: don’t play prank on me.
But she turned and saw there was nothing. Abhi I won’t spare you now. She started to chase him. She catched him and started to hit him.
Akshu saw this and shout.

Akshu: miss Aarohi Goenka bas. Bahut zyada ho gaya. Who gave you the right to beat him. Just get out of my sight. Don’t even come in front of me. I had enough because of you. So please stop.

Saying so she fainted. All are shocked. And started worrying. Abhi asked everyone to go out and wait. Birlas shifted Akshu to emergency room. And started checking her.

Precap: what happened to Akshara. Is she fine??

  1. Wowiee… The bond that you showed between bhabhi and devar was too cute… And hats off to you for uploading the parts back to back..

  2. Amazing 💖.

  3. Akshu is such a brat in this ff.

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