Destiny’s play – A FF on YRKKH (Episode 25)

Episode 25:

Kairav: she was fine right?? Then how did this happen. Nothing should happen to her. Bhagwan ji please hamari akshu ko thok kar do.

Voice: kuch nahi hoga hamare doll ke sath.

Kairav: Krish bhaiya vatsal and kaira di and Maya bhabhi.

Kaira: Haan chotu hamari akshu ko kuch nahi hoga. Uske saath abhi Hena?? Then there is nothing to be worried.

Shravan: Haan kairav. Di is right. I have informed the families also. They are coming.

Families also came.

Kartik: kairav akshu ko kya hua??

Anisha: pata nahi papa she was just singing but suddenly she started to cough heavily and fainted. We got scared and brought her to hospital immediately.

Kaira: papa…. Sirat mumma……

Kartik: princess??

Krish: saw your princess and forgot us right maamu?? very bad maamu.

Vatsal: yes big bro. Very bad.

Naksh: Krish Maya when did you all come??

Maya: papa when we went to goenka house 🏡 we came to know that all elders have went to shopping 🛒🛒🛍️🛍️ for engagement preparations and youngers went to hospital 🏥. We asked why then only we came to know that akshu has fainted and all went along with abhi we came immediately as soon as possible.

Kaira: Papa akshu ko kuch nahi hoga. Have faith.
Then abhi and others came out.

Abhi: papa we have to do a immediate surgery to akshu to save her. That too in her vocal cords.

All: what??

Parth: when bhabhi’s accident happened her vocal cords were injured but we made the some stitches and to heal we gave medicines too. But now her vocal cords are damaged again. So avoid further damages we have to perform a surgery as soon as possible.

Abhi: don’t worry papa I am signing the consent form and also perform the surgery.

Krish: abhi perform the surgery as soon as possible. We want our doll back. (To kartik) Maamu let’s cancel the engagement of abhi and akshu and others will get engaged.

Parth/Neil: without Bhai and bhabhi’s engagement we are not getting engaged.

Shefali/aru: yes they are right.

Abhi: try to understand guys. If we perform the surgery atleast she needs to be in observation for 3 days. We don’t have time. Now it’s Tuesday and day after tomorrow engagement. Me and akshu will be happy if you guys get engaged.

Anisha: dadi we don’t want to get engaged. We will get engaged with abhi and akshu.

Kairav: yes dadi. Ani is right.

Parth: we are also not getting engaged on Thursday. That’s final.

Abhi: try to understand the situation guys. Everyone has left their own works for the engagement.

Parth/Neil/aru/shefali: our decision is final. We won’t get engaged on Thursday.

Mahima: it’s ok abhimanyu. It’s not a big deal. We all will have the normal schedule as usual. Once akshu is normal we will have all the engagement.

Abhi: ok taiji.

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