Destiny’s play – A FF on YRKKH (Episode 23)

Episode 23

Akshu: kairav bhaiya is there with Anisha bhabhi.

Parth: are you sure bhabhi that it is Anisha di??

Aru: parth bhaiya if kairav bhaiya is there means it is truth only. By the way akshu how do you and kairav bhaiya know that Anisha bhabhi is alive??

Akshu: parth ki saale Saab ne kairav bhaiya ko bataya.

All: what??

Parth: bhabhi tell us clearly.

Akshu: parth you brother in law is none other than kairav bhaiya and Anisha bhabhi’s best friend. Shravan bhaiya had meeting with his client in that apartment that time he saw bhabhi and informed that to kairav bhaiya and also I was there with kairav bhaiya that time so I got to know. And we went and spoke to bhabhi. She is not ready to come in front of the world because of her burnt bruises.

Abhi: let’s go and bring back our Anisha di to home as Mrs. Anisha Kairav Goenka.

Akshu: She will only do the vidaai of Mrs. Akshara Abhimanyu Birla and Mrs. Aarohi Neil Birla. Along with that she has to do Mrs. Shefali Parth Birla. So I directly mean that she has to do the vidaai of Birla’s daughter in laws after our marriage. If she is not coming back I will call of the wedding as well as our engagement Abhi. I am sure in that.

Abhi: akshu you can’t do that with me. Without you i am nothing akshu.

Akshu: now enough of dialogues now let’s go. They left the cabin. They collided with Harsh.

Harsh: where are you all going now??

Akshu: papa it’s really important to go that’s why we are going. We will be back soon.

Harsh: acha thik hai. But be careful and come back soon.

All: yes dad/chachu. They left.

Lake view apartments.
Kairav: Ani we know akshu if she said something she will do that. Now she will bring abhi here.

Parth: jiju, not only abhi but all the three Birla brothers are here along with aru.

Ani: Abhi, parth and Neil?? Tum log kaise hai??

Abhi: tum ko kya farak hai Ani?? Did you ever think of us in this four years?? Along with you we have lost Akshu too. When she returned back home after four years she met with an fatal accident and was battling for life. We somehow brought her back to life. And we confessed about our love to family members and they agreed and now we are going have engagement. Along with us parth and Neil are also going to get engaged. Parth is going to get engaged to Shravan’s sister Shefali and Neil to aru. Four years back Papa aur jiju ki birthday party me we lost you and also akshu. From then on we never celebrated their birthday. Papa also said he won’t celebrate his any of occasions since jiju is not celebrating. Do you know that?? Do you know how much we all missed you especially jiju??

Anisha: I know abhi. I am so sorry for everything. Please forgive me.

Akshu: bhabhi if you are not coming back to home I will call off all the three engagement. I am serious with this. Just decide whether you will come back home or shall I call off all the three engagement??

Anisha: akshu have you lost your mind or what?? Why are you saying like this?? Don’t call off the engagement and all. And I also not going to come back. Do you get me??

Neil: di your chotu is asking you to come won’t you come back home?? Please di come back to home. Anisha immediately hugged Neil and signalled parth and abhi to join the hug. All the four hugged tightly. Kairav, akshu and aru were to see the siblings back.

Kairav: you are coming back to home with us immediately. No more talks. Come let’s go. Akshu call the Birlas and ask them to come to Goenka house immediately. Also call shravan and ask him to come along with his parents and Shefali.

Akshu: yes bhaiya. (She called them and informed what kairav asked to do). They said they are coming and shravan bhaiya understood what is the matter.

Kairav: good let’s go. With that all left for Goenka house.

  1. Nice episode 😁

    1. Prana

      Thanks Gg.

  2. Boy which is Bad.

    Great episode waiting for next part

  3. Hope this Anisha doesn’t turn out to be villian

    1. Boy which is Bad.

      Yes.. we don’t want that to happen

    2. Hmmn

    3. Prana

      That will not happen. don’t worry.

  4. And can you pls tell the brief history of Anisha like what happened with her ? How her face was burnt ?

    1. Prana

      Will let you know the that in the flashback.

  5. This was thoda emotional type… But a nice one..

    1. Prana

      Thank you everyone for your support

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