Destiny’s play – A FF on YRKKH (Episode 22)

Episode 22

At unknown place.
Akshu: Anisha bhabhi come out I came.

Anisha: hi akshu. How are you doing and how are in the family.

Akshu: everyone are fine. Bhabhi I came here to say something very important to you. That is mine and aru’s engagement. It is on coming Thursday. Guess what?? Like how I am your nanad you are our nanad.

Anisha: I didn’t get you akshu. Tell me clearly.

Akshu: bhabhi we are getting engaged to your brothers only me and abhi and Neil and aru.

Anisha: what?? How did my family accept??

Akshu: because of our profession as doctor. And also parth is also getting engaged to his girlfriend Shefali Sharma a journalist.

Anisha: that’s great. Shefali Sharma is none other than kairav’s best friend Shravan’s sister.

Akshu: what?? Bhaiya never told me about it. It’s ok. First have the food. I will have the food with Birla brothers and aru. And bhabhi please come back home kairav bhaiya is missing you a lot. He is not showing it out to anyone because he doesn’t want anyone to be sad because of him. When the talk of our marriage came that night I went to bhaiya’s room to talk to him. But he was seeing your photo which he have drawn you in your engagement day. And was yearning to meet you and was missing you badly bhabhi. Birla brothers are also missing you but they are not showing it because the elders will be worried about it.

Anisha: I can understand that akshu. By after that incident I am really scared to go in front of them. And my face. If kairav and and my family see me like this they will be shattered completely. I don’t want that.

A voice: really Ani??

Anisha: Kairav??

Akshu: I only called bhaiya here. I am so sorry bhabhi. Other than this I had no choice. I can’t able to see the pain of my brother. That’s why I did this.

Kairav: why Ani? Do you think I will leave you in like this. Do you know along with you we all lost Akshu too. Do you know abhi became rough and tough and forgot his smile and he never laughed in this 4 years. And me?? I started to act normal so that my family won’t be sad. I tried to hide my pain for 4 years but somehow akshu found out. Do you know who said me about you to me and akshu?? Shravan ne bataya. Then akshu said she will speak with you and then I will come to you. I agreed. One second. Shravan get in.

Shravan: Ani why are you hiding now also?? Just come to your home your sarural or your maika??

Anisha: I can’t do that shravan. Kairav try to understand.

Akshu: I will speak with everyone. First I will immediately talk to abhi. Shravan bhaiya let’s go. Let them alone for sometime and sought out their differences.
With that they both left.

Birla hospital.

Akshu enters abhi’s cabin.

Abhi: where were you??

Akshu: I will tell you that later. First call Neil parth and aru here. Immediately. It’s emergency.

He called them and asked them to come to his cabin.

Neil: what happened bhabhi that you have called all of us here.

Akshu: guys if you see Anisha bhabhi now how will you feel??

Abhi: don’t joke akshu. Just tell me the matter.

Aru: akshu don’t play with everyone’s feelings. Especially kairav bhaiya’s.

Akshu: I am not playing with anyone’s feelings. I am just saying the truth. Yes. Anisha bhabhi is alive.

All: what?? How??

Akshu: I don’t know how and all shravan bhaiya saw bhabhi and informed kairav bhaiya then I and Bhaiya along with shravan bhaiya went and met Anisha bhabhi. Her face is completely damaged. We have to do something to bring her back. If you want to meet her you can go Lake view apartments. House number T-3.

All: what??

  1. Great episode but you uploaded very late

    1. Prana

      Thank you yaar. And I am so sorry for uploading it late. Because I have stuck with my studies and also I have came back to my college so I couldn’t able to update will try to post regularly.

    2. No worries… Studies come first

  2. Entry of Anisha was gud

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