Destiny’s play – A FF on YRKKH (Episode 21)

Episode 21

Birla hospital.
Kairav: papa I said right my best friend shravan Sharma?? He called me. I have a good news too. He called me suddenly now and asked about dadi. And we talked a little. He said he is coming to Udaipur tomorrow morning and asked me for our guest house. I too said ok.

Kartik: what is the big deal in this?? And say me the good news now.

Kairav: the thing is that the girl who parth love is non other than Shravan’s sister Shefali. And she is going to be the devrani of akshu and jethrani of aru. Just now only I got to know about it. When he heard about the bride’s family he immediately called me.

Naksh: that’s a indeed a great news kairav. Let it be a surprise for your sisters and Birlas. Is it ok for everyone??

All: yes.

Akshu’s cabin.
Abhi: May I come in Dr. Akshara Goenka??

Akshu: is this a question to ask?? You could have come in right.

Abhi: I thought you would be busy. I came here to take you along with me to meet the interns. Parth and Neil have came. Today we have to be with the interns and train them. We also need to alot the field work for them by today so come with me immediately.

Akshu: arrey my stupid surgeon I know that I am also one of the best doctor here so come immediately. And also I need to go and see mimmi so come.
With that she and abhi went to meet interns.

Conference hall.

Abhi: hello everyone. Today here with me is Dr. Akshara Goenka cardiac surgeon. She is also one of the best doctor in this hospital and also she is my would be wife. Among you all the interns Dr. Aarohi Goenka knows her. Because they both are sisters. And also Dr. Aarohi Goenka is the would be wife of Dr. Neil Birla my younger brother. So from now on we will have three new best doctors with us in this team. That Dr. Akshara Goenka, Dr. Neil Birla and Dr. Parth Birla. You all know Dr. Parth already. So let us quickly start with today’s work. Let me hand over the session to Dr. Akshara Goenka. Dr. Akshara now the session is yours.

Akshu: thank you Dr. Abhimanyu for the introduction and now I won’t waste your time by giving you all a boring lecture. Today you have duty in general OP department and you all will be there in OP department. So today morning you will have your duty in OPs and afternoon after the lunch you all will assemble here for the next meeting. If you have any doubt you are most welcome to get it clarified. Thank you.

Parth: bhabhi badi dadi is fine now but she need to be observed for few days. And regular health checkup is needed and also proper medications are required bhabhi. Just make sure that she is having her medicines or not. The sudden heart attack is possible only if the person skips his or her medicines.

Akshu: thank you parth. And I will make sure mimmi has her medicines correctly. Abhi, I am going out for sometime now please make sure that mimmi is fine.

Abhi: ok. Take care. Bye.

Akshu: sure. Aru just make sure that everyone here with mimmi has their lunch. They had their breakfast. So please take care. Just take care.

  1. Where is akshu going?? This episode was too good..

  2. GoldenEye

    Episode was nice but we want some more AbhiRa scenes nd somewhat (twists) now don’t give a big one lol

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