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Back with the next shot. Thank You for all the love in previous shot. Loved them immensely. Now no stupid talks so let’s move on. Link for the previous part-
Shot 1

But soon everything changed. Everyone may consider to be God’s mercy or the tale of destiny. The great Pinky Singh Oberoi was guilty. She was crying and this time seriously they were not crocodile tears. She broke up. The doctor again visited them before entering the operation theater. “My daughter will be fine na?” Pinky spoke up keeping everyone in utter shock. Daughter,… is it that she reffered to Anika few moments back or everyone listened wrong. “Say na doctor my daughter my Anika will be fine na?” she again repeated in expectation of some positive answer. But the truth was bitter. “Mrs. Oberoi…. There are ninety percent chances of her dying but let’s hope for the remaining ten percent” doctor went inside after telling this much with heavy heart. Pinky fell down and sat in front of the OT door. Everyone was busy consoling Shivay but no one was there beside by her.

She gathered the required courage and walked up to Shivay who was surrounded by Om, Rudra, Gauri and others. “Please forgive me beta” she folded her hands and pleaded to Shivay. Shivay understood nothing as he was in dark still. But he soon realized there is some connection between this apology of his mum to the truth that he wanted to know. “What did you do maa?” he asked like a small child holding hid mum’s hands. “Please forgive me….. I can’t bear hatred for me in your eyes please forgive me” she was repeating the same words while Shivay was waiting for the truth. He did not force his mum to say the truth neither no one interrupted in between but Gauri came beside Pinky and requested her “Choti Maa… please say the truth to him, please I am requesting”. Pinky thought nothing after that and broke the truth in front of Shivay. She was done with the truth part and was looking down. The hold on her hand of Shivay loosened not after listening that he is illegitimate but after listening that his mum forced his Anika to go away. “Till how many days will you keep on believing this lie Pinky” Shakti shouted as if this was a rift between the two from ages. “I have made me clear immense times that Shivay and Mahi are our sons but why don’t you believe me?” Pinky got up and walked to Shakti. “Shakti ji, enough you also know and me too that it’s a lie and if its not then why you always ignore when I ask what happened that night?” this was the last string to get broken down. “That night, that night when you delivered two babies you were in critical condition and doctors have said you may die. I was helpless and then came Kamini, she supported me. I hugged her and sobbed because I always respected her as my friend. She took advantage and convinced me to give away a child to her as she can never become mother. I gave away Mahi. But soon I realized my mistake and forced her to give my child back to me but she had some manipulated pictures of us which she sent to you and threated me to send to media as well. I was afraid that this might affect our reputation very badly. Moreover she threated me of killing Mahi. I stopped meeting him due to her threats and was forced to tell you lie days after days.” The truth that Shivay wanted to hear from past some days was in front of him now. Everyone expected him to get up and howl at Pinky but to everyone’s surprise he spoke such words which no one was expecting “my Anika will get fine na? Om…Ru tell me she will be fine right? She can’t live me like this, i…I can’t stay without her. Please pray to God please do something to bring her back”

The light of OT got switched off signaling that the operation is done. The doctor came out. Everyone surrounded him again.
“She is being shifted to ICU. You all can visit her after two hours. She might gain consciousness but that doesn’t mean she is out of danger.” He exclaimed and was about to move his leg forward but felt a tug in his leg. He looked down to find Shivay holding his leg and crying “please……. Please doctor save her. She was my life please doctor she can’t live me like that. I need to tell her that…that I love her please she can’t live me like that. She was the only woman who taught me the value of love now how can she live me. Do whatever you wan’t to but please save her.” The doctor was in utter shock. He has never seen such broken such helpless Shivay Singh Oberoi. Why only him no one has seen such Shivay Singh Oberoi in their life. Doctor did not give him false hopes “Shivay… do you have believe in your love?” he questioned to which Shivay nodded like a kid folding his hands in front of the doctor. “God never separates two lovers, if you love her enough to hold her back then death cannot separate you two” his words were like suger coated but that was the truth.

Two hours passed and to god’s grace she regained her consciousness. Nurse strictly warned them not to say something which may make her excited as that can make the situation worse. Shivay did not have any courage to face her so at first Shakti and Pinky went inside. Anika slowly opened her eyes with the hope of looking her Shivay in front of her but when she found Pinky and Shakti in tears she got panick strikened “Pinky aunty… Shivay, Shivay is fine na? The bullet did not hit him right….. where where is he plese take him here, I want to see him please” she was pleading. Her eyes full of water. Her voice was dry and her face was pale. Pinky realized what she did to a girl who loved her son immense to leave him. She again realized her mistake and her heart quivered. Soon she left the place and OmRu entered the next. Again the same fear was visible in Anika’s eyes. “Om….Ru Shivay where where is he? Please bring him…. I want to see him once please” OmRu promised their bhabhi that Shivay is fine and they are sending him inside. They soon got out.

Ten minutes passed and in these ten minutes every wrong thought crossed her mind. She didn’t even know she saved her Shivay again and the bullet had hit her not Shivay. Her love was more than strong to make her forget about her pain. Shivay entered, fear striken and afraid to face this Anika who was then supported with machine to survive for at least some hours. He came and sat silently beside her holding her hands. She opened her eyes as soon she felt Shivay around her. She opened her eyes and peace covered her heart and mind when she saw her Shivay sitting right infront of him safe. She felt relieved to see her Shivay looking at her lovingly after almost ages as if she considers each day to be a decade. Shivay was holding her hand and was looking to her lovingly. He was busy analyzing her condition and setting up his mind what to say next. He was thinking from where to start but Anika started breathing heavily. He soon called the doctors and nurses but she again got unconscious. “If she does not regain her consciousness in next twenty four hours then she will die or if not then she might get into coma” doctor killed the last hope. Shivay who was lighting a light of hope in him just went to dark again. Doctor came to his side “Shivay miracles do happen and just wait for that miracle to happen and believe me destiny never separated two soul lovers.” He said and went away lighting the last ray of hope in Shivay.

Done people. And I will be poting the next at Friday Evening as I am going somewhere. Please do pardon me for this super late but next shot will be a nice one I promise. And yup don’t forget to comment. LOVE YOU -NILASH

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    Superb update

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    Loved it to the core.
    Can’t wait for next.

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    As usual you rocked ash , loved it

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    Omg I have never seen shivaay in thus condition. Waiting for the next update.

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  12. Amazing Update ❤
    So full of Emotions & beautifully written!!!
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    as always amazing & loved this desparate shivaay & pinky accepting her every karma calling annika as her daughter. waiting for next shot. post soon.

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      And yaar sach me kaash Pinky last me aisi ho jaye nai to mar jaye.
      Love you so much


    Dear Nilash
    Pinky Accept Anika As Her Daughter??Shivay Break Down In Front Of Doctor??Waiting For Anika Recovery.The Shot Is Emotional And Heart Touching?♥

    Take Care And Stay Safe?

    1. Nilash

      Next one is posted dear and thanks a lot for all your constant support. Thank You

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