Destiny- pre-planned journey by God – Chapter 3

chapter 3

days passed,there was no news abt Ani..

khushi was missing him badly. She used to cry every night. She begged God to send him back. It was strange how can someone be close to someone whom u have never seen or met .


they both were from different cities. They were far but they had close bonding. In today’s world where ppl staying together are not able to bond or trust each other but these two hearts had special bonding.

25 April it was her birthday, her parents celebrated her birthday. She was very very happy . At night her friend Nikita’s friend Sanjana mom called at her landline and started scolding her.

She has never met or spoke or seen Sanjana. Sanjanas mother was non stop screwing her. Her bday spoiled. Her parents came to know abt it. Sanjana had an affair with a guy who was Nikita’s friend. Nikita has put all the blame on khushi that she made the guy befriend her.

How could someone be so selfish. She was khushis best friend still she has put her in so much trouble. Her parents didn’t trust her. She got slaps and scoldings. Her trust broke.

Khushi always used  to get in to trouble in which she is not at all involved. She missed Ani a lot . She started hating her bday.

She started living with fact that Ani will never come back. But somewhere in heart she still waited for him.she sent him mail every day pleading him to come back.

She passed 12 and joined college there she made good day ; when she went online she got Ani message. She was so so so happy .

Again they started to chat. She asked Ani why he didn’t come online. He didn’t miss her. He said his parents has cut down net and took his mobile because he was getting diverted from his studies .

he informed her that he has come to pune for ug studies. They used to chat everyday.

this 6 month separation got them more closer. Ani proposed her through mail but the mail went to spam.

After not getting reply from he asked her to listen a song by closing her eyes. She asked y . He said just listen. The song was JIS DIN TERI MERI BAAT NAHI HOTI. She got hint that he loves her. But she didn’t ask him further.

one day he said her ❤❤He loves his best friend ❤❤She knew it was her. But she never accepted. She didn’t speak to him one full day .

She couldn’t control her heart and accepted proposal.

a different love story it was . They never saw each other; never met each other, but badly loved each other.

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