Destiny- pre-planned journey by God – Chapter 2

Chapter 2

recap- khushi came to know that the person with whom she is chatting is not Deepika’s boyfriend.

khushi was in shock. After school she went online. She cross questioned the guy. Ani said he wanted to do frndship with that’s why he lied.

She was very angry. From that day she stopped talking to him. Ani used to message her everyday. He wanted to have friendship with her. Khushi had one more childhood friend Tamana. She also used to come for chatting with her everyday.

ani started irritating Tamana asking her to tell khushi to chat with him. Tamana got irritated n asked khushi to chat with him. As he was irritating Tamana , she agreed to do frndship with him.

Thet used to chat everyday. They started having phone calls too. Khushi didn’t had phone. She used to call him from pco.

days passed and they became best friends .. Ani was in love with her. But khushi didn’t believe in love. She had a strong boundary around her. He once asked her does she love anyone.. she said angrily that she has no place for love in her life. Ani got upset. Days passed.

Ani used to care for khushi. Khushi never used to talk to her parents. As soon as her dad comes home she sits in room

Ani motivated her to talk to her parents. To believe in God. Khushi wanted to go drawing and computer classes. But her parents never supported. She was shattered. She stopped believing God.ani made her believe in his again.

They got close to each other. It was difficult for khushi to stay without sharing with Ani anything.

One day khushis hapinnes got vanished. Ani stopped coming online. His number was out of service.

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