Destiny made us together (Ragsan)-25 by suma

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Destiny made us together (Ragsan)-24 by suma


Heyaaa last part of DESTINY MADE US TOGETHER
Without epilogue ???
I was really happy that I completed this as I wanted end this at 20 parts but don’t know how and what to write I extended and spoiled the story ? so I thought not to spoil more so ending like this ?

Sanskar was rolling on bed and suddenly fell on floor.
Soon he saw he didnt wear anything?? He covered with blanket and shouted “Ragini”
“Ragini…where are you?”
He searched every where! But she is nowhere found .
Then he received a message

“Searching for me?
He replied
“Dying to see you now”
“??I will be there in 1hour”
“?? 1hour is too late baby, come soon”
“Sure sanskar coming in 10min”
“Love You baby”
He waited for the reply
But he didnt got reply
He went to washroom and got fresh and rechecked his mobile but he didn’t got any Message or call from Ragini

He came out to meet her, then his mobile started to ring and he happily attended it as it’s from Ragini

” How much time I have to wait baby”

But he got no response from her

” Ragu…” He called

” If you want her alive meet me at xxx godown at city outskirts in 15min” he heard one male voice

” Hey!! Who are you??? Where is my Ragini??”

” She is mine…only Mine blo*dy bastard “

” Sa…sahil.” sanskar was shocked

” Check mate !!!!, if you didn’t come in 15min I will marry Ragini”

” No…You are not going to do that Sahil”

” Let’s talk directly in 12min Sanskar” Sahil said looking at his watch and then Ragini

Ragini is shown tied to chair
Sahil disconnected the call and knelt down near Ragini

” Daily I’m thinking about how to love you more and searching for things which makes you happy….but you….what about you…you learning how to love new person??”

” He is my husband ! Sahil”

This is shocking to Sahil

” What!!! how Do you remember ” he questioned

” Yes! I got my memory back Sahil and you ….you separated me from my husband and my family” pain in her eyes were clearly sensed by Sahil

” Kya Karu….pyaar Kiya tha…pyaar Kiya mein”

Sanskar entered into godown.
He saw Sahil  talking to ragini
And he ran towards Ragini and tried to untie, but Sahil beat him with rod and with help of goons he tied sanskar to one chair

” Hmmmm….Dekha Ragini….tume paane keliye kya kya Karna padtha hai…u know what Ragini…I even murdered one doctor because of you”
Ragini was shocked but sanskar wasn’t

” It’s the mistake you did Sahil”

” Ahhhh…let’s not discuss about my mistakes for sometime ..tell me…how you remember your past or like boom???memory back…. kaiseeee….how???” He asked sanskar

Hmmmm , Sanskar looked at Ragini..

Sanskar pov

” I was in bed for 2months …but my family never been happy around me….i heard my brother laksh saying something to Swara about Ragini …that day I don’t know what happened it’s like I felt I was missing something precious in my life and then I searched everywhere for clues as if my family won’t reveal anything when I ask them….Then I got a call from Nikhil my friend(remember guys he is the one in Mangalore helped Sanskar join in hospital)
Then I asked about him and he told the missing part of mine and it’s my life Ragini whom I loved moon and back ♥️ I cursed myself that how could I be idle for 2months without knowing about her …then Nikhil helped me in search of You and Ragini and enquired about accident cases and then one police informed that ” he got a call 2months back from a hospital and he heard name Ragini but he didn’t got any information ” then we learnt that Doctor is been murdered and then we tracked about you and came to know that you are in Hyderabad and then my journey to you began”

” So….you remembered everything and roamed with Ragini”

” Exactly” sanskar looked at Ragini

” You know whenever Iam with you that feeling not touching you…not hugging you …not holding you in my embrace is killing me…and the first day I saw you, really I wanted to tell you everything and hug you ..but stopped as it may hurt you remembering and Anyway we don’t have a proper love story …so I wanted to make one ”
She smiled looking at him

” Stop!!!! I hate that smile on you Ragini when it’s not because of me”  Sahil shouted

She stopped smiling seeing his anger

” dont say that you got your memory back before like sanskar ?” sahil asked ragini

“i remembered everything two days back …in hospital ” she said

“ohh!!!! thats why you ran away from me….Now i understood how you fooled me “

“for your deeds you will  get punished badly sahil”

“first you both should get out from here right??” saying this he opened a small box which has mangalsutra and vermillion and moved towards Ragini

“sahil…dare you do that”

ragini started to cry

” Ragini….stop crying ” sanskar said

” He is going to marry me and your saying not to cry” she said while crying

” He is not going to marry you baby…You trust me right?”

She nodded

” Hey!!! What’s this drama??” Sahil said being irritated

” Drama??? Humara pyaar tumhe drama lagraeho??” Sanskar said making faces

” Stop the nonsense sanskar??” Sahil said and turned to Ragini just then he heard gun shot

He turned to see there are police force standing holding guns

Police arrested everyone including Sahil and untied RagSan …
Ragini went near Sahil and slapped him
” This is not for marrying me or making my family away from me …this is for what you did with aditi, that day “

She moved to sanskar and hugged him
” Ragini sirf aur sirf sanskar Ka hai…sanskar Ka hi rahega” she said to Sahil
And police took them.

” Hmmm, wifey!!! Bahut drama hogaya…ab romance Ka time , Room chale ??”
Sanskar asked holding her waist joining his forehead to hers
She blushed.

Both went back to their home and met their family
All are happy that their family is complete now

RagSan room

” Ragini ” he dragged her holding her waist, she hit her front to his front

” Kya ?”

” Kiss…dona” he asked
She kissed him on cheek

” Cheeee, who tell this is kiss??”

” Everyone”

” Oye hello!!! I don’t want any kisses on cheeks ” ??

She kissed on forehead

” I don’t want on forehead” ?

She kissed on his Nose

” You are bad kisser ” ?

She slowly moved to kiss on his lips

*Knock knock*

” Everything may change but disturbing my romance with my wife will not change” ??????
See I guess it’s laksh

Ragini opened the door and spotted laksh on door and she smiled looking at him
” What happened Ragini?? Why are you smiling??”
Laksh asked her

” You don’t understand laksh, if you have been far away from your wife for months, then you will understand my problem “

” Hmmm…there is no difference btwn us Bhai…my wife didn’t let me touch her till she got her sister back , Mahaaan wife ??????”

Both RagSan  chuckled listening Mahaan by then Swara came from back and held laksh ear and dragged to their room.

” Hmmm , Now I have noone to disturb my romance, so let’s start our romance baby,which I missed these months, you have to cover all the syllabus which u left from months ” saying this he locked the door and then  Ragini lips.

Both fell on bed
” Hmm baby , you know what ?”

” What ?”

” Our journey is quite different and I tolerated you ?” she glared at him
” Okay, you tolerated me? I came here from abroad by mom force, and fell in love with Swara and ready to marry her and see destiny made me to marry you!!! And then our fights , misunderstanding, pain , sad, happy , love and mainly jealousy which I felt with that kiddo and  seeking for your attention and finally when I realised you don’t hate me, then entered  pooja and again misunderstanding in our lives and my surprise date which you tried to spoil but I made it success ? again accident and all over again you fell for me second time and Sahil ?? To get you in my life, I did these adventures ????” he said with loud huff
“And finally I’m here in your arms” she hugged him tightly ♥️

****And then they lived happily ever after
With lots of happiness and loads of love ♥️♥️♥️ ***

This is the worst ending I have never thought I will write , but I don’t know what to write so ended badly like this
Sorry to all

And A BIG HUG AND LOTS OF KISSES. To all the lovely people who loved this Story a lot…

Thanks for loving this story this much and supporting me

I wanted to thank each and everyone, who voted and commented and silently read

Thanks a lot ♥️♥️
Lots of love to you guys
With love
Suma ♥️

****Season 2 is coming soon****

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