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Episode 25
While kunj was talking to uv abt his decision Twinkle was looking at him with shock and fear by looking this kunj ask twinkle to calm down and he assures her that he is always with her and he always protect her from uv
T:but kunj (interupted by kun)
K: twinkle do u trust me ????

T: yeah kunj more than myself
K:den u just live ur life happily I will handle everything
Vinni is admiring their bond and says
V: bhabhi u r sooo lucky to have kunj Bhai as ur life partner
Both twinj looks at each other and smile

T: kunj if u go to studio I will be alone with that uv I can’t stay plzzz kunj I too come with u
K: no twinkle u don’t be scared and Vinni u be with twinkle all the time and don’t leave her alone OK I too try to come as early as possible OK
V: OK Bhai now bhabhi is my responsiblity I will take care of her
K: hugs Vinni and thank her and Vinni pulls twinkle also into hug and trio have some family time .
Uv comes to twinjs flat and kunj warns him to stay away from Twinkle
Uv: OK I will not trouble twinkle anymore and I will gain ur trust

K: dekte hai
Next day
Kunj leaves to studio leaving twinkle , Vinni and uv .He reaches his office in no time den he meets all his frnds den Maya comes der
M: kunj wen u r going to confess ur love to twinkle ( guys Maya knows everything abt twinj )
Kunj takes Maya to his cabin
K: Maya I want to confess but I don’t know wat twinkle feels abt me
M: u will come to know her feelings only wen u express ur feelings to her right den don’t delay
K: Maya it is easy to say but if she don’t love me den it would effect our frndship I don’t want to loose her

M: OK I have one idea and says her plan which is muted
Kunj hugs Maya and says tq sooo much Maya we will execute this plan from today itself
Kunj returns back home along with Maya and enters inside and saw uv and Vinni sitting in leaving room and chitchating as soon as Vinni saw kunj she comes to him with uv behind her
V: hi Bhai how was ur day
K: hi Vinni it was gud btw wer is twinkle
Before Vinni ans him uv tells that twinkle is in her room .Kunj looks at him angrily and goes to his room
V: hi Maya di how r u

M: I am fyn wau
V: bindas di
M: Vinni I need one help from u
V: yeah di I can do anything for u
Maya takes Vinni aside and talks to her which is muted while uv was sitting all alone in the hall

Twinj room

Kunj enters the room and saw twinkle sitting on bed who is crying .Kunj was shocked to see twinkle crying and goes to her being worried nd keeps his hand on her shoulder……Looking at kunj twinkle hugs him as tight as she can nd she starts to cry more
K: twinkle …..Wat happens??? Y r u crying???? Did uv done smtng??? Tell me I will rip him by saying this he stands from his place with full anger nd was abt to go den twinkle stops him by holding his wrist nd nods her head in no
T: no kunj he haven’t done anything actually he didn’t speak a single word with me he was away from me .
K: den y u r crying ????

T : I want to see papa….bahut miss kar rahi Hun papa ko
K: twinkle u don’t worry u better go to Amritsar I will arrange the tickets for ur journey ..
T: no no kunj it’s OK I will go some other time I am OK now
K: but twinkle (interrupted by twinkle)
T: kunj now Vinni’s life is more important I can’t leave her with that uv I can’t trust him nd I too don’t want to leave u here all alone I can’t stay without u (not in her senses ) . Kunj looks at her with a big smile nd twinkle comes into her senses nd tries to cover the topic
K: wat u said twinkle

T: no ntng I am saying that ….Vo …I..Am before she completes her sentence they heard knocking sound nd there comes Maya nd Vinni
K: ha twinkle I forgot to say Maya will stay here for 2 days because uncle nd aunty went to Amritsar for some work so I told her to stay here
T: hi Maya goes nd hugs nd she says her her to stay here
V: wow Bhai we can enjoy a lot like before how we were enjoying
T( curiously): before????
V: ha bhabhi u know Maya bhabhi

T: bhabhi???? With o face
V : sry sry Maya di vo kya hai Na bhabhi I used to call Maya di as bhabhi y because I thought kunj Bhai loves Maya di nd Maya di was coming to this flat very frequently nd they were soo close too so by looking at them I thought they will get marry so I started calling her bhabhi
While all the time twinkle was watching kunj nd Maya with I will kill u look and kunj and Maya were standing soo close that kunj’s hand is on Maya’s shoulder and Maya’s hand around his waist
K: Vinni stop talking abt that now …. ntng will change by talking I can’t marry her Na kunj winks at Maya …

Saying this kunj looks at twinkle who is fuming in anger and jealous.nd continues and wat to do I got married to this jungliee billi (slips from his mouth)
Twinkle looks at him with anger while Vinni nd Maya was laughing at his statement.
T: hwww kunj wat did u say to me
K: sahi kaha Na Maine u r jungliee billi yad hai tuje how u use to behave with him at starting
T: ha but u were also behaving like that only so I too nd don’t call me again by that name says with anger

K: kyu … I will call u like that only jungliee billi ..Jungliee billi …Jungliee billi
T: kunj ab mei tuje chodungi nai…Saying this she starts running behind him with a pillow in her hand kunj ruk jao warna
K: warna kya twinkle

T: warna mai …Mai Na
K: mai ..Mai Na kya twinkle tum kya karogi bolo nd starts laughing while twinkle comes to him nd pours a jug full of water on kunj nd kunj makes o face nd Vinni nd Maya was laughing at their antics u poured water on me ha he goes to washroom nd brings a bucket full of water
T: no kunj no don’t pour that water no before she could say smtng she was totally drenched in water
Nd twinkle also gets water she tries to pour on kunj but kunj goes aside due to which twinkle splashes water on Vinni

V: ha bhabhi kya Kia apne by saying this she too splash water on twinkle like this they all start playing holi with water they dragged Maya also in that all the while uv was smiling at them
Screen freezes ………
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