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Hi guys how are u all
Guys I am really disappointed with ur response if u don’t want this ff plzzzz do tell me I will stop writing enough is enough I will not beg u for comments anymore if anyone want this ff u can ask me through WhatsApp I will send the link there.
Today I just came here to ask u ppl that how many of u want this ff that’s all. I want gud response den only I will write .

U ppl may think that because of comments I am doing all this but u too must understand our hard work I will spend so much time to entertaining u ppl but u ppl r impossible .Wat will happen to u to comment a single word if u ppl can spend time to read ff’s but y will not spend to comment it takes hardly 2 mins to comment .
Can’t u ppl spend that 2 mins .
Bujji ,baby , ammu ,kiya, ayesha I thought to continue my ff for u my dears but looking at the response I am disappointed dears .

I know I am bad writer I can’t write well like u ppl I should not blame u y because it is my blender mistake to start my ff .
Nd silent readers plzzzz open up Nd encourage writers
If it continues like this one fine day there will be no twinj page in keep this in mind
Sry for being rude but it’s true
Nd others will comment on one ff Nd not for other plzzzz if u don’t want to read inform to that particular writer to stop writing y because they spend time to entertain u ppl .They also have their own life ,they too r busy in their school ,clg stuffs but they takes some time to write for u ppl plzzzz encourage all of them .
Nd preshu posted her ff even though she is sad to entertain u ppl but she got only 13 comments she is gud writer don’t loose her .

Sry guys plzzzz do tell me how many of u want this ff .
If I get 20 + then only I will post but one more thing number of comments should increase or should remain same but it should not decrease in further episodes . U ppl keep in mind Nd comment .The ppl who will comment for further episodes only should comment y because if I say I will stop writing then I will get 20+ comments but after 1 to 2 episodes same I will get only 10 to 15 not more than that .Wats this ,so if I say that I will stop writing u ppl will comment y ??????
Sry if I had hurt anyone of u here

Here we go

Both twinj were shocked to see uv in front of them . Twinkle stands behind kunj and clutches kunj’s shirt with fear in her eyes kunj looks at her and goes to uv and holds his color
K: how dare u to come here and y did u come here if u don’t go from here I will kill u uv
Uv: kunj I know u r angry at me but I am sry plzzz forgive I just came here to apologize twinkle for my past deeds and he starts moving towards twinkle but kunj comes in between them before uv reach Twinkle
K: uv don’t u dare to go near my twinkle u got it she is my life my wife she is my everything so stay away from her says this and pushes while kunj was saying this twinkle was looking at kunj with love

U: I know kunj but plzzz give me second chance I did very big sin with twinkle and I too know that it is very difficult to forgive a person like me but really I have changed this is only because of Vinni my love my life
Kunj gets angry by listening this and again he holds his color and he warns him not to speak abt Vinni and he can’t tolerate that and he is abt to hit him but Vinni and twinkle comes to kunj and holds to control his anger
V: Bhai plzzz calm down and he have changed really I can sense it Bhai plzzz forgive him
K: Vinni u don’t know abt him he don’t to respect women he just disgusting person and he don’t love u in fact he is using u for his revenge and for his lust so u plzzz stay away from him
V: Bhai ..(she is interrupted by kunj)

K: no more arguments Vinni u just stay away from him and u just be quite (lightly shouts at her)
U: plzzz don’t shout at her because of me I can’t see her tears
K: u don’t interfere in our matter u just get lost from y sight by saying he holds his collar and throws him out of his flat and shuts the door on his face and comes to Vinni
V: Bhai I know u can’t forgive him after wat he did with bahbi (looking at twinkle who is crying ) but really he have changed Bhai and she narrates everything abt wat had happened in park and Bhai I can’t leave without him plzzz Bhai I love him
K: but Vinni I can’t see u in wat I saw in case of twinkle I can’t bare it I was totally broken wen I saw twinkle in that state saying this he goes and sits beside twinkle and holds her hand twinkle saw twinkle and hugs kunj tightly and cries her heart out and kunj consoles her by rubbing her back

V: but Bhai I can’t imagine my life without him ok Bhai u do onething u just observe him for some days if u find that he haven’t changed I will listen to ur words Bhai I will do wat evr u say but plzzz give him one chance for me Bhai plzzz saying this she goes to kunj sits beside him
By looking at her state he said yes for her condition . Vinni felts very happy and calls uv and says everything abt it but kunj snatches phone from her speaks
K: uv don’t think that I have forgiven u still I don’t have any trust but I am doing all this for my sis u got if u do anything wrong with Vinni I swear I will see ur end Mr uv and ha u shud come and stay with us so that I can judge u .
Uv felt very happy and agrees for this condition .
Screen freezes

So guys if u want me to continue with further episode I need 20+ comments or else I will end it in middle I am not blackmailing u but it’s true
And ha I thought to give many twists but it depends on ur comments
I want comments not only for this but for further episodes also I need atleast 18+ comments if I get less than that I won’t continue
U can think abt it nd ignore grammatical mistakes if any
Loads of love

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  1. Simiyy

    Nisha Di please don’t be upset with the comments you get.
    These days the TEI page has a few posts in a day compared to before.
    Anyway this part was very interesting
    Please post soon and don’t be upset
    Loads of love

  2. Yrrr nishu plzzzzz aesa mat bol yrr me jaanti hu Jo tu bol rahi h sahi h pr hamare liye to post kr dear plZzzzzzzzz
    Aur apne aap ko ye Barr Barr bad writer mat bola kr samjhi

    Plzzzzz guys silent reader plzzzz cmt. Karo aur itne karo ki nishuu to kya koi bhi tu quit karne ki baat na kare plzzzzzzzzzzzz guys plzzzzzzz

    Episode amazing superb
    Plzzz post soon
    Luv u dear

  3. Lama

    Nishuuuuu Diiiii….It was toooooooo goooooood episode….u just nailed it….loved it to the core….each nd every line was soooooo amazing….yr plz don’t stop writting….u know…we are blessed to read such an osmmmmm ff…..plzzz diii….nd u didn’t disappointed me at all….ur ff was above then my thoughts…it is very very very nice…..yr plzzzzzzz for me ????????????????????????????????????????????????……I really love this ff from the bottom of my heart…..plz diiiii plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..for me diii…..plzzzzzz… u tons ????❤❤❤❤????

  4. Fenil

    Excellent Authour note.Agree with you totally Nishu Dii.
    This chappy i read, its amazing.
    I didn’t read from start so don’t know what is the concept.
    Oky will try to read from here on.
    Can’t wIt for next.

  5. Kiya1234

    U r right di in ur place ???
    But plz don’t end this ff and who said you that u r not good writer …. plz don’t say this word it’s hurt ?
    U r amazing writer di???
    We all know this … those r not commenting it’s there problems not ur it doesn’t mean u r not gud… writer
    U r fabulous writer
    U got 20 + comments I wish
    Plz don’t end
    Post soon ur little sis is waiting for u and next episode ???

  6. Farwah fathima

    Do continue n post the next epi soon

  7. Presha

    Awesome dii…
    Loved it…

    Wont say anything as we have already discussed..

    Love u..
    Post soon.

  8. Loved the episode… Plz do cont?

  9. Akka you are right
    In your place so I don’t force you to do anything
    But think for once before taking a decision for me please because I know how great writer you are.
    And about episode it was so amazing
    Loved kunj protectiveness towards twinkle and Vinni
    Hope uv will change
    Love you keep smiling
    And don’t be sad

  10. Plz mat chod yaar
    This is one of my favourite ff plz …..
    Dont worry abt comments
    Post soon dear

  11. Jaya Darshini

    Hey I think I should continue. It’s a great story that you have.

  12. Awesome episode
    Plz continue
    Don’t quit.

  13. Sana785


  14. Sana785

    I know u r ryt at ur place…but plzz dont quit….. Its really amazing story….

  15. Ayesha51

    di ….abhi tak to maine epi para nahi….to sun lijiye aapko kam cmmnts nahi milte hain…..yaha sabko milta hain ….mujhe bhi sirf 12 cmnts hi mile …..bohot sare aise hain jo free ka enjoyment lete hain….wo sab dumbo hain……haan main bhi kabhi silent reader thi….but I broke my silence seeing ur passion for twinj…..& one warning if u leave TU ….then I’ll surely do what I said in insta….I’ve downloaded BLUE WHALE game….abhi 1st challenge start karungi….& I’ll complete all the challenges. …..upto level 50… after that what will happen u know…u know what happens to the person who plays the game… it’s ur decision u will write or u will lose ur one sis forever…..?????????

    1. Fenil

      Hwww Aayesha….so sad reading your comment. How can you say like this ….i toh don’t believe in that SO-CALLED Game ….we don’t want to loose you dare you say like this again warna This Bro will leave his coolness.
      I love my sisters.meri koi sister nahi hain real so i m emotional about sisters.

    2. Pitai lagau??? Ayesha a chappal will come at a speed of 1000km/hr to attack you…….don’t ever think of that stupid game.

    3. Presha

      Pagal h kya abhi uninstall kr warna maregii tu mere haath se game k 50 level cmplete hone se phele…samjhii

    4. Baby

      ayesha srsly too sad to knw dis m really angry on u how culd u say dis haan n wat BLUE WHALE hv u downloaded it how dare u haan u knw m jst soooooo hell angry ryt now mann kar rha hai thappad maarun mein tere sidhe matlab hadd hai sochaaa bhii kaisee tune voh game ko downlaod krne ka ya uska shakal dekhne ka i mean ayesha common babes u knw we all love u n den above all u hv ur parents by ur side…..u knw ryt dat game cant b uninstalled once downloaded how in d hell havn’t ppl still deleted dat game frm d site or where evr n how dare U even think about it hum log tereko tang 😉 krne ko kaafi nahi hai kya jo tu uss game ke paas jaa rhi hai u knw dat ayesha its ntgud seen sooo many vidoes seen sooo many news about dat game heard sooo much about it still u downlaoded it….
      really a disappointment sad m vry sad n itna angry hun na mein tujhse dont talk to me jab tak u dont take out a solution to delete dat game……..
      i love u sissy n tu hai ki 🙁 🙁 🙁

      1. Ayesha51

        are my sweetie dii…..otna bhi naa danto …..warna main ro dungi….?????????????…..aur wo game uninstall ho sakta hain Q ki maine use apne sd card me rakha tha & I’ve even uninstalled it….but waise bhi mujhe jine ki koi chahaat nahi hain…..mar to main kab ki jati sirf ap logo , mumma papa & sidmin ke liye zinda hun…..tang aagaya hun zindai se….for me LIFE=PAIN=HELL…..but agar koi bhul chuk hogayi hain to pls maaf kar dena….pa5a nahi KAL HO NA HO…..?????

    5. Ab to tu sach me pitegi samjhi aur uss nonsense aur useless game ka to naam bhi mat Lena samjhi

      Tu aesa bol bhi kaise sakti h bolna to alag baat tu aesa soch bhi kaise sakti h
      Aage se aesi koi bhi baat mat krna
      Ab tu soch rahi hogi me kitna bada speech de rahi hu ????
      Pr dear tu aesa next time mat bolna OK
      Luv u dear

    6. Nishuu

      Ayu don’t u dare to speak abt death samji ?????????
      I told u na I will not den
      If u repeat this kind of things again really I will not talk to u
      Ayu plzzzzz don’t talk like that from next time

    7. Baby

      ayesha asieee silly baatein nahi sochte bachaa sab loh tang aa chuke hote hain zindagi se sabki life mein problems hote hain mere mein kitne hain par death ke baare mein thodi sochenge hum death is something ki voh jab aati hai toh bhott darr lagta hai uske baare mein na hi socho toh better hai or fir aapki life hainaa itni achiii apne se neeche jo hain unki life dekho fir apni life khoobsurat lage gi appko jo khushiyaan mili hai jisko nhi mili unka dekho fir u ll see ur life to be amazing hum bhi aisee hi jee rahe hain 🙂
      aaj ke baad promsie me u will nvr think like dis LIFE=HAPPINESS=COLOURS=ENJOYMENT=YOURSELF(MYSELF)bas change the defination from today har cheez ko enjoy kar life mein maazaa aane lagega har cheez mein hasne ka smile krne ka rsn dhund ♥
      samjhii pyaari pyaari sis meri ♥
      love u ♥

  16. Cheena2001Cp

    Nisha dii… quitting….because of some uncultured people…..if it includes me even then don’t quit….☺☺..This was Awsome..?

  17. Shalini15

    Sorry Nishu my cutei gudiya ??????? I know you are hurt bcz of me too.. I also comment irregularly but I really don’t get time nd you can see on others ff that I do this there also.. please maaf kar do ???????
    Episode was awesome mind blowing fabulous superb. Love kunj’s behaviour towards twinkle. Loved it so much. Post next asap.
    Love you ? ? ? ? ?

  18. Twinj2000

    The episode was awesome ??
    Nd u r an amazing writer …talented n skilled writer ….apne aap pe confidence Rakho and plz don’t underestimate ur self
    I’m sorry I count comment on last episode …I was busy for last 2-3 days nd couldn’t comment on any ff’s
    Before that I have commented on every ff though I have started commenting recently
    Nd plz it’s request don’t end this ff …we live ur writing nd this ff

  19. Twinj2000

    Nd all the other writers Iam sorry I couldn’t comment fir the last 2-3 days on any of ur ff’s

  20. awesome episode!
    don’t leave yr ,u r an awesome writer so plz continue
    for them who r commenting! who luv ur writing ok
    keep writing
    post next soon

  21. The episode was a blast I love seeing jealous and protective kunj and about your authors note do it’s your choice to write or not but I would prefer u to start 10 more ffs as I love them

  22. Sameera

    Wow yaar Di amazing loveddddddd it sooo much and yeah u said right ….
    Post soon plz ?????…
    Don’t u think about leaving writing …

  23. Anusha

    Amazing n interesting plot dear..I love dis ff dear n dear abt author note plz continue ur ff for d people who love it don’t worry abt comments n dis who haven’t commented it hurts u I know bcoz u take time to entertain us n plz don’t stop I love each n every chap in dis

  24. Baby

    nishu diiii ♥
    u knw i luv u ryt 🙁
    i knw u said ryt now dat baby too doesnt want that thnks fr including me in dat list dida♥
    bt wat can dis bachaa do aapka bachaa bilkul u knw wats dat called berozgaar mayb or its like wat i meant to say is helpless hai 🙁
    mera bhottt dil krta hai mein cmnt karun or jaldii karun bt m jst sooo busy wid studies u knw its my 12th naa dida bt i promise u i will cmnt on ur post kuch bhi ho jaye aap mujhe bata dia karo ki aapne post kra hai or merko yyaa fir link bhej dia akro i ll read it as soon as i can ♥
    pakka wala plomish ♥
    dida i love u ♥
    plssss bas aap chodna mat ♥
    love u dida ♥

  25. Ananya_DSK

    Nishu di… Please forgive me for being unable to comment for this long. Trust me, you write really well and I always keep waiting for your episodes. I totally understand how you feel, but please don’t stop writing because your stories are the among the best ones I have read on tu.
    Coming to this episode… It was so amazing! I really love the way you make the story unpredictable. You always bring about unexpected turns in the story and never failed to keep me glued to your stories.
    Really loved the episode. Please post soon. I’ll be waiting… And please forgive me

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