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Hi guys how r u all
Tq soo much for ur comments
Nd today is ramya’s bday my ammu’s bday so iam dedicating this episode to her
Ammu i think everyone wished u in english or other languages but iam wishing u in our mother tongue y because no matter how many languages we know but we shud not forget our mother language kyu ki sri krishnadevaraya said one line that ” DESHA BHASHALENDU TELUGU LESSA”
Ok enough of my bak bak let’s go with the episode

Like this 2 months have passed with twinj’s cute movements still der is 1 month for twinj’s divorce here kunj tried many times to confess his love to twinkle but back off by thinking that wether twinkle loves him or not nd twinkle is also waiting for kunj’s confession but they are unaware of the strom that is going to come in their life
Nd other side Alisha nd uv are planning to destroy twinj’s life nd uv is coming close to Vinni to take his revenge from twinj as well as to satisfy his lusty need from twinkle nd Vinni ( idiot uv ?????)
One day uv calls Vinni nd asks her to come to the park .Vinni goes to park on his insist

At park
V: Hi raj says this nd hugs him
U: Hi baby
V: wats up
U: Vinni i want to say something which is more important
V: raj r u speaking abt our marriage
U: no Vinni iam saying something else which is abt my past nd after listening to that u shud not leave me plzzzz
V: raj tell me wat u r going to tell
U: Vinni i know u won’t believe but I was womanizer nd i have fu***d many girls for my desire

Vinni was shocked to listen this whom she loved soo much is womanizer who looks girl as a thing to fulfill his needs for a second she was freezed
U: Vinni but now iam not that old uv i have changed totally only for u plzzzz trust me by saying he holds her hand
But Vinni jerks him nd gave a tight slap shocking uv
V: just shut up don’t u dare to touch me wat do u think of urself raj am i looking like fool to u ha
U: Vinni plzzzz iam saying na i have changed completely for u i didn’t love any one in this world like iam loving u now really u changed my life ,really u came like a sunshine in my dark ful life from my childhood i was carving for love y because I was orphan nd the place were i grown made me like this these days i thought girls are only for time pass ,but now I realized that girls are not meant for that but they r very precious nd every men shud have a women in their life.
I don’t have mother , sisters so I didn’t know abt girls value that’s y i lost my twinkle my love who loved me more than her life i lost her ( he starts crying kneeling on his kneels in front of Vinni)

Here Vinni got another greatest shock .
V: twinkle…..Means r u talking abt twinkle bhabi
U: yes Vinni i am talking abt her only ur bhabi loved me soo much but I lost her with my mistake nd he says abt their love story
V: so that means u r the same uv who misbehaved with my bhabi nd who is responsible for her suicide attempt ( she asked with shock nd anger)
U: wat did she committed suicide
V(with full anger): yeah because of u she committed suicide do u know how much tensed we were ( kunj nd Vinni ) how can u do this with her uv she is such a nice person how can u betray her ha she shouts at him
U: yeah Vinni it was all my fault i didn’t understand her value wen she is with me but iam regretting for that mistaken after loosing her
V: just shut up raj no sry mr. Yuvraj don’t u dare to speak abt my bhabi u don’t deserve her
U: plzzzz Vinni iam sry i did very big mistake but now I am regretting abt it i can’t loose u plzz forgive me
V: wat sry ,forgiveness wow uv don’t speak such a words from ur dir*y mouth that words are not meant to u do u get that

Just den Alisha comes to them
A: don’t u dare to speak at him like that samji
V: u just shut up u also mingled in his trap right
A: wat trap he is my bf
V: wow uv kitne ladkiyonki life barbad karoge tum ha don’t u have shame really u r a shameless creature that god has created nd says to Alisha see u leave him he is not a gud guy he is a cheater he is just using u for his lusty needs so don’t spoil ur life u just leave him
A: yeah I know abt this nd he already told abt this long time back
V: den y r u staying with him just leave him
A: who r u to say this to me ha mind ur own business
V: it’s just disgusting don’t u have shame to speak like this
By listening this Alisha was abt to slap Vinni in mean time uv holds her hands nd pushes her making her to fall on ground
U: don’t u dare to harm her Alisha she is my love ,my life i love her
A: wat uv are u gone mad u said that u love me right but now u r supporting this bl***y b***h
Uv slaps her very hard
U: don’t u dare to say any thing abt her yeah I said that I love u but it was just infatuation but I love her truly
V: no uv no i don’t love u nd don’t be in dream that I love u nd i trust u again now iam no one to u
Uv holds her legs nd begs her
U: plzzzz Vinni don’t do with Me like that I can’t live without u plzzzz i agree that I did blender mistakes that maaf karne ki layak bi nai hai but everyone shud get second chance na plzzzz give me a second chance to prove myself plzzzz i really love u wat u will say i will do that plzzzz he cries vigorously

By looking at his stage Vinni was feeling sad she was melting but twinkle face comes in front of her nd she jerks him by looking at this Alisha was in anger
V: apni natak band karo uv ab mei tumhari jaal me nai phasne vali hun samji u can’t change uv u can’t she cries
U: Vinni no plzzzz give me one chance to prove my love wat ever u say i will do that plzzzz
V: really sarcastically
Uv: yeah Vinni i will
V:she thinks for sometime nd looks at a truck coming in high speed far away nd says ok if u want to prove ur love then go nd stand in front of that truck let’s see how strong ur love is
U: Vinni r u kidding i know u must be joking right
V: oh I see this is ur love can’t u do this much for ur lover wow but u said that u will do wat ever i say den just go nd stand there kya dar lag raha hai if u r coward u should not have promised me. Iam saying u from now u r no one to me nd don’t come in front of me never ever got it gud bye
Screen freezes

So guys iam winding this episode
So do u think uv can do this ? Do u ppl think that uv has been changed ????? Reply me ur ans in comment box below hope i reached ur expectations
Plzzzz ignore grammatical errors if any
LOVE U SOOOOO MUCH AMMU ???????????????????????????????????????????
Love u guys ????????
Keep smiling

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  1. Nishuu

    Ammu actually thondaraga post ayindi so happy bday ammu in advance

  2. Kiya1234

    Superb episode nishu di
    Loved ❤️It
    U can’t change but I m sure he do this because y jeshe log kisho harm karne ke liye kuch bhi karshakte hai even aapne aap ko bhi danger me dal shakte hai
    I hope twinj separate na ho bas
    Post soon

  3. Twinj2000

    Nice episode but no twinj scenes ?
    This must be Alisha’s and Uvs gameplan
    Hope twinj unite soon
    Keep posting

  4. Lama

    Awesome episode bt no twinj scenes were there in today’s epi….
    Btw u didn’t answered thaht y u were asking about my full name ??

  5. Sameera

    Wow yaar Nishu di loveddddddd it …
    Don’t know yuvi changed or not let’s see …
    Hey Ramya happy birthday ??iss Baar sachi wala.hai na ?? ???..
    Post soon ..

    1. Thank you Sam

  6. SidMin23

    Happy birthday ammu and love this part post soon.

    1. Thank you arati

  7. Presha

    Awesome …
    Loved it ..

    Yuvi wont change…
    Loved it..
    Love u..
    Post soon

  8. Supriya18d

    awsm Nishu…..
    missed u …
    luv u

  9. Nice episode

  10. Shalini15

    Awesome amazing fabulous superb episode my Gudiya ???? no twinj scene ?????? but it’s ok. Nd don’t know uv is changed or not ye toh tumhein pata hoga na? ????????? so post soon.
    Love you ? ? ? ?
    Nd HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAMYA ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  11. Ayesha51

    awww….my mimosa nishuu dii

    awsm amzng fab epi dii

    just loved twinj scenes

    hope vinni will not trapped in uv’s plan

    & yah uv can’t change

    plz plz plz POST ASAP

    love u di sooooooooo much ♡♡♡♡

  12. Sabse pehle Wish U Very Very Happy Birthday ramya Have a great day and a great year ahead..???????????????????????????????????????????
    Luv u ramya????

    Episode was awesome nishuuu
    Mujhe nahi lagta h dear ye yuvi change ho gaya h aur to tumko pta hoga na to ab jaldi jaldi bta dena plzzzzz
    Post soon
    Luv u

    1. Thank you mahi

  13. Awesome epi post soon dear

  14. nice episode! I think it’s a game plan of uv &alisha!
    keep writing
    post next soon

  15. Awwwwwwwwwee akka
    You made me speechless
    What should I say
    I can’t even thank you.
    Thank you so much for for sending such Angel in my life.
    But Akka my Telugu is not that so good so I’m replying in English
    Love you aoooooooo muuuuiiuchhhhhh

    And episode was amazing
    Do really uv got changed?

    Awesome episode

    I’m feeling so happy to see such a lovely wishes
    Love you Akka
    Keep smiling

    1. Aamna_2690

      Happy birthday Ramu ??
      Sorry for being late ??
      Was busy with my college and House shifting ??
      Sorry Yaar ?
      Well It birthday gift is on the way??
      Love U dear???

      1. Thank you so much aanu
        And please don’t be sorry
        Love you

  16. amazingg

  17. fabulous

  18. gud…
    post soon

  19. Aamna_2690

    Nishu di ??
    Amazing Episode ???
    Love the Episode ???
    Hope Vinni don’t believe Uv ??
    And this Uv and Alisha ???
    Wanna kill them ???
    Love U So Much di??????
    Post Soon ??

  20. Anusha

    Superb episode dear
    yuvi cant change
    may be it is alisha n uv’s game plan

  21. Farwah fathima

    Nice epi
    Post the next one soon

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