Destiny Has It – Chapter 13

Author’s note: I wrote an OS where Riddhima is an obsessive lover and there is no happy ending there. If you guys want to read that I will publish it. Otherwise K won’t.Guys after rereading the last chapter I found out many grammatical mistakes. I wonder how can a person make so many spelling mistakes in a single article 😅😅😅 I am extremely sorry for the spelling mistakes. 

In the Kitchen :

Sejal: Ridhu, what happened?

Ridhu shows her burnt hand.

Anurag: How can you be so careless Ridhu?

Zoya: You should have been careful.

Prerna: You guys scold her later. Sejal, you go and bring cool water in a bowl.

Sejal goes and brings it.

Zoya: You keep your hand in this. You will feel better.

Riddhima keeps her hand in the bowl and after sometime she takes out her hand away from it. Vansh/Vihaan and Sejal bandages her hand.

Ishani: How did this accident happen?

Riddhima: Actually I was feeling a little exhausted. I wanted to have some black coffee. While pouring the hot water my the flask slipped from my hand and you all know what happened after that.

Sejal’s POV:I don’t know why but I am feeling something strange. This type of accident never occurred before. Maybe I  am over thinking.

Riddhima’s POV : Thank god!  I had listened their conversation. Otherwise Sejal would have known that I want to destroy Vansh. Seeing Sejal’s reaction,  Vansh would have been sure that Sejal knows AR.

Ayan’s POV: Something is fishy. I need to ask her.

Vansh/Vihaan:This black coffee became the reason of your pain at las

Riddhima: I am in no mood of joke now.

Zoya: Riddhima, you should take rest now. Guys it is becoming late. We should go for our home now or else we will be late.

Prerna: You are right now.

All of them started their journey for their home.

In a secret hideout

Aryan: This is the person you need to shoot. And be careful this person is not any ordinary person. Whatever you have to do, you have to do it quickly. If you get caught by mistake or if that person is alive then that day is going to be your last day.

Person : Don’t worry I am going to kill her tomorrow.

After a few hours

In Sejal and Riddhima’s residence

It was late at night. Sejal was sleeping.  Riddhima and Ayan were in the living room.

Ayan: I knew it you did it deliberately.

Riddhima: Sometimes to protect oneself from big problems, one has to et small wounds.

Ayan: Is it hurting?

Riddhima: Such small wounds doesn’t give pain anymore.

Ayan: Sweetheart, I have got information that Raj uncle has decided that you would be the one to lead for the Switzerland project.  I have heard that he had some argument with Aryan regarding it.

Riddhima: That good for nothing Aryan is only good at arguments.

Ayan: Don’t underestimate anyone. You can’t say clearly who can backstab you anytime.

Riddhima: AR has no time for such weak people.  Vhai, you should sleep now. You  woke up at 4 am and now it’s 2 am.

Ayan: I think I better sleep now. We will discuss about this topic later on. (Saying this he goes away from there)

After Ayan goes away from there, Riddhima goes and brings a knife from the kitchen. She starts removing the blisters with the knife. Blood was coming out frim her hand but it looks like she is feeling no pain. 

Riddhima’s POV : Vansh Raisinghania,  I can bear 1000  times more pain like this only for taking my revenge.  If I can  bear such pain then imagine how much pain I can give you.

She takes few pictures and puts in front in front of her and starts stabbing the pictures without any break with the knife which had blood drops.

Riddhima’s POV: Be ready Vansh Raisinghania. Your biggest nightmare is nightmare is coming.

In Raisinghania mansion

Vansh was standing near the window. He was thinking about something deeply about something. Just then a notification comes in his phone.  The message was from a private number.

The conversation :

AR: Hi Mr.Coward Raisinghania!

Vansh: So for the first time AR is sending messages from own number.

AR: It’s a private number. You won’t be able to track it easily. It will take a lot of time.

Vansh: How is the preparations for my birthday gift going?  I am having high expectations from you.

AR: Don’t worry the gift is more shocking than you are expecting it to be.

Vansh: I love things which are more than my expectations.

AR: Then I must say it will be the best gift an enemy could give to his enemy. By the way,  don’t you think you are living  too much simple life? Am I right, Vihaan?

Vansh: So your spies are doing a great job.

AR: Don’t worry I won’t attack you in front of them. But my attack will break you down completely.

Vansh: Then I will be happy to break down.

AR: We will see. Now you should go to sleep and dream about your defeat.  Au revoir!

Vansh: Adiós!

Vansh’s POV: After a long time I am enjoying this run and chase.

The next day

In Riddhima and Sejal’s residence

Sejal: Ridhu, let me change your bandage.

Riddhima: No need to do it Sejal.

Sejal: There is need indeed.

Riddhima: I can manage on my own. Sejal, do me one favour.

Sejal: What?

Riddhima: Feed me with your own hands.

Sejal: Is this even a favour? Sometimes you just behave like a stranger.

Riddhima: I like to be pampered sometimes.

Sejal: Okay! My angry bird.

Riddhima: Don’t call me by that name.

Sejal: So only Vihaan can call you by that name.

Riddhima then gives her a stern look.

Sejal: I was just joking.

Riddhima: Now feed me.

Sejal was feeding Riddhima and listening to songs using headphones at the same time.

Sejal(singing) : Mujhse jo nazre churane lage ho, lagta hai koi aur gali jaane lage ho.

Hearing these two lines, Riddhima chokes.

Sejal: Riddhima, are you okay?

Riddhima: Yeah! I am okay. Did you have to sing these two lines out of the whole song?

Sejal:  Why Ridhu? Is there anything wrong?

Riddhima: Nothing

In the University

Vansh/Vihaan: Ridhu, how is your hand now?

Prerna: Is it still paining?

Zoya: You should have taken rest today.

Riddhima : I am totally fine now. I don’t want to stay at home.

Vansh/Vihaan: You can speak the truth.

Riddhima: What?

Vansh/Vihaan: That you can’t spend the day without seeing me.

Riddhima: I think you should get yourself treated by some psychiatrist.

Vansh/Vihaan: Then you should also accompany me.

Aditya: Let’s go to the cafe now.

Prerna: You are right.

Person(over phone): Sir, I have got a perfect chance to shoot her. I will you after shooting her.

Aryan(over phone): Do it without any mistake.

Person(over phone): Okay boss.

Precap:’ Riddhimaaaa!!!!!!!!’ Someone shouts.The condition of the patient is___________

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