~Destiny – Happy or Sad?~ |Part 2|

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I am really happy with the comments I received, so I am updating it today itself!

He was getting panicked, as she was not getting up. He was losing his sense as each moment passes. As soon as they reach the hospital, he runs to the doctor and luckily, for him, the doctor was not busy that day.

As the doctor was checking her, Shivaay got a call from the maintenance man. He was about to shout at the poor man, when the man immediately said, “Sir, someone has switched off the main switch, when I had my break. I didn’t do anything to Annika Mam.” Shivaay was confused, who is there in his office trying to kill her. He immediately called Khanna to send him the CCTV footage of that time period.

As the call ended, the doctor who was checking her, came out of the room. Shivaay went to him, and as usual, bombarded him with his questions, “How is she? Is she fine? Any problem?..” Doctor smiled at him and said, “Calm down. She is fine. It’s that she fainted due to fear and suffocation. I have sedated her. Also, I have noticed that she is a bit weak in health. Try to improve her diet. Anyway, you can see her now.”

Shivaay goes inside. He took her in his arms and carried her back home. He laid her on the bed and was about to close the door, when he saw Pinky and Jhanvi(Tej’s wife) looking at them being tensed about the situation.

Pinky asked him, “What happened to her? She was perfectly fine right, this morning. Then suddenly what happened? How is she, now?”

Shivaay replied, “She got stuck in the lift. Anyway, she is fine. Doctor has sedated her and told her to take rest.”

Jhanvi then says, “Shivaay, we both are going out for a walk. Will come back after sometime.”

Meanwhile, Khanna has already send the CCTV footage which Shivaay asked for. He was shocked to see Tia do it. He was about to call her when he hears Annika’s voice.

Annika tries to get up, when she noticed the change in the place. She remembered herself stuck in the lift and then she called him. Afterwards, she didn’t know what happened. She looks around and sees him.

She calls out for him, “Shivaay..”. The moment he heard her calling him, he immediately kept the phone on the table and sat beside her. He then cups her face and said, “Are you feeling good now? Any suffocation, fear or dizziness?”

Annika was touched by his care for her and said, “I am fine, Shivaay. But what happened?”. He looks at her and said, “Nothing. It’s that you fainted inside the lift. Do you have any fear for lifts?” She nods.

His expression changed and he said in a harsh but caring voice, “If you are scared of lifts then why did you enter it? What if something happens to you? You could have used the stairs, right?”

She replies, “I thought of getting rid of my fear. Usually, I don’t go near it, but when I saw most of your office buildings were having lifts, I thought I have to get used to it. So, to get rid of the fear..”

He again shouts at her, “Then what about your food? Any other excuse? You are my responsibility, I have to take care of you. If something happens to you, then..” Annika cuts off him, “What will happen if something happens to me? Nothing! Anyway, you will be freed from this burden. That’s it.”

Shivaay gets enraged hearing her words, here he was getting mad knowing when he saw her like this and she is proclaiming herself as a burden. He shouted back, “You are a burden, right? Okay, then go die. You were a burden, because you got married to me. You are a big burden on me. You want to hear more.????”

Annika looked at him with teary eyes and then runs to the bathroom. She locks the door from inside and started crying. Shivaay could hear sobs from the bathroom. Somewhere it hurts him crying, but she has no right to say like that. Everyone loves her, even he….does he have? Maybe yes or maybe no.

He bangs at the door and shouts, “Annika…Annika…just open the door. I said that in anger. You were saying something which was irrelevant. I don’t know why I couldn’t bear it, when you said you were a burden. I don’t know why. You are not a burden. We fight and then we become normal. Annika, please open the door.”

Annika was not in a state to move out, she was emotionally down. She then replies, “I won’t open.”

He was literally confused, how can he make her get out of the bathroom. Suddenly, he gets an idea. He hits the bathroom door very hardly and screams in pain, “Aah..”

Out of a sudden she gets out of the bathroom and runs to him. She checks his hand and finds out he was acting. She turns to go back but he catches her and said, “Annika….don’t think like this. See, I don’t know why I felt bad when you said. I shouldn’t be getting affected by you, but I didn’t know that I am getting affected by you. I am sorry.”

She looks at him, “It’s okay.” Even though, it literally pained her a lot when he said that, she knew something is going inside him too. Even he couldn’t express it well.

She never expected people to take care or think good of her. It was a surprise for her when even Om called her and their friends group joined after a long time. She is very sensitive, since childhood. So, she always make sure that she never expect anything.

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    You are giving a little more detailing to the story.. And that is so good.. Will be waiting for the next.. Till then take care..

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    It is lovely

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